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With the increase in demand for high style home décor, the style and pattern of carpet design are also updating every day. Therefore, Mat Living’s designers took the initiative to make the rugs more artistic. The designer rug industry is constantly improving and learning new ways of improvising the artistic designs into the rugs. Through time, artists and craftsmen have honed their skills to create a new style of contemporary rugs that stay in tune with the latest interior design trends, implementing the abstract rugs.

The abstract rugs were introduced to fulfill this demand for artistic rugs. The idea for abstract rug patterns is similar to abstract painting. The abstract rugs have no definite form or design in the pattern. They form a uniqueness along with a great style statement for your room.

The abstract rugs are used to make your room colorful, trendy, and elegant. The abstract rugs can be used as area carpets, carpet for rooms, floor carpet for living room, or area rugs for all the rooms.

This is the style that requires plenty of work and patience. Many designers have failed to create successful abstract pattern. Our designers are both talented and well-trained to accomplish these hard tasks. They can also translate the finest of paintings into a form that can easily be converted into rugs.

Numerous colors woven into a high knot count are the only way to create a continuous flow of color, without the ‘blocky’ camouflage look of inferior counterparts. This is why hand-knotted rugs are ideal for high-color volume abstract rugs.

Abstract rugs in different colors can brighten up a subdued room and make it one of the most attractive rooms in the house. The uniqueness of the patterns can be a great means to use exciting colors to add to the good vibes of your house. The abstract rugs give you the choice to go with both the rugged and the traditionally beautiful look – each representing a form of art. Our online store is the best place to buy carpets in India, especially from the category of abstract rugs. A successful abstract rug is composed of a unique pattern and a comfortable material that gives you a pleasing feeling.

Mat Living is a treasure trove of abstract rugs and carpets. We have a wide range of abstract designs that is suitable for both Indian and International market. Our abstract rugs fit well in all types of houses. Our rugs are versatile and have been established in flats, houses, bungalows, and mansions. They are perfect for your homes – be they for living rooms, dining rooms, or bedrooms. The abstract rugs collection also adds appeal to foyers and entryways to make a grand statement. Whether your home décor is designed in a traditional or contemporary style, the Mat Living Rug will bring elegance to your space. Your guests are bound to notice the eye-catching appeal of abstract carpets.

Our carpets with abstract patterns are designed with high-quality fiber. With the multiple size options of our rugs, you can place them in any room, that is, bedroom, living room, dining room, lobby, etc. The Mat Living rugs are long-lasting, and features easy care instructions, giving you peace of mind even in high-traffic areas.

What to look for while buying an ideal abstract rug?

An ideal abstract rug should have the following characteristics:

1-: Colorful Pattern

An abstract rug should be filled with different colors. The more colors used in a rug, the more impactful design it will have. This doesn't mean that it should have unnecessary colors. This is why it becomes tricky for some designers to create these kinds of rugs.

2-: Sophisticated design with the intelligence

A successful abstract design is created with both, the manpower and the processing of the computer. Computer processing is required for the creation of these styles of rugs because it involves color management and details to be woven. This process requires a lot of patience and skills to work on the details of the rugs.

3-: High-quality material

A good abstract rug is composed of high-quality materials like lanolin, rich wools, and all the essential silk or fibers. The usage of artificial silk will lower the quality of the rug and it's even difficult to clean such material. Our rugs are made up of pure materials and are long-lasting.

4-: The natural-looking texture

The handmade abstract rugs are slightly irregular. Although this is one of the features of all hand-knotted rugs, this will be particularly true of those that are created from hand-carded and handspun yarns.

The abstract rug designs are easily compatible with modern interiors.

It's one of the great attractions of abstract carpets that they can be combined with any type of room of the house. Many of the house owners don't make their interiors very colorful. This is done to combine the rooms with colorful contemporary rugs. This theme of the room is possible with Mat Living abstract rugs, where you get waste variety of abstract rugs to fit in your rooms.

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