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Gabbeh style carpet crafted from the finest quality
Loom Knot with 100% wool that suits any décor.

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Get a silky-smooth feel underneath your feet with a contemporary styled area rug.



Floral tufted area rug gives a soft and comfortable touch to your toes and adds an elegant look to your home décor

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"What do you want as your decoratives?" is one of the most common questions that any interior designer asks. And while many might overlook things that go on the floors, they are vital to improving the overall design of the house. The sitting room carpets, or bathroom rugs, and other options are very useful to keep your house and feet clean.

But finding shaggy rugs online or an abstract carpet online in India is very difficult. And it's a lot harder to find rugs that match your aura, your design, and the quality you are seeking.

Not to worry, the solution is here!

Getting the abstract carpet online in India that beautifies the living rooms of your house is now simple. MatLiving has made shopping for shaggy rugs online effortless with easy buying and filtered search options to buy carpet online, India.

At MatLiving, we provide you a vast range of carpets collection to embellish your home floors. Our exclusive range of carpets includes all types and sizes. Our carpets collection is large in number and available for all types of decors. Whether you want to Buy Carpet for Living Room, buy carpet for bedroom or for any other room.

“Everyone deserves to be happy; don't give up to anyone else.” Check out our online carpets for sale section and grab the shaggy rugs online of your choice at huge discounts.

MatLiving is a treasure trove of abstract carpets online in India. The more you explore our website, the more options you get here from our carpets collection to buy Carpet Online India. We have all the sizes and designs of shaggy rugs online for all types of room settings. Whether it's your study room, bedroom, dining, or living room, our carpets collection is compatible for all. Keeping up with the needs of modern apartments, we design stylish and eye-catching carpets. Buy carpet for bedroom, living room, or any other room, to uplift the grace of your house.

At MatLiving, we design and launch abstract carpets online that complement your homes, and make them look sophisticated. Our highly experienced team regularly updates our carpets collection with the new designs. We follow industry trends while maintaining a conventional look, making us one of the most popular brands to buy carpet online, India.

Our online store facilitates you to have all the categories of carpets in a few steps. You get all the details of our abstract carpets online on our site. This includes images, sizes, the material used, and the name of the design. The product description comes along with the highdefinition images that help you in the selection process.

Our online carpet collection has all the facilities that give a good user experience to our customers who wants to buy carpet online in India. In our online store, you have the options like free shipping, test before buying, easy returns, and a wide range of discounts from time to time. So, you are just a few steps away to get your abstract carpet online in India.

We also have an option of custom rug service. It's an option where you can share your carpet design with our experts. Buy carpet for living room or your bedroom according to their design. You can also let us help you to create your dream rug with our custom rug services. MatLiving is focused to create customized rugs that are high in quality and durable. Rug customization can be in material, color, size, and shape.

Keep up to date with our shaggy rugs online launches and receive exclusive offers on our Facebook and Twitter pages and our customer support is available by live chat, phone call, to discuss your requirements and offer help and advice on choosing the right shaggy rug online for your home.

A vast range of carpets collection for your home

MatLiving is the hub of a wide variety of carpet collections to buy carpet online in India. When you choose our abstract carpets and shaggy rugs online for your home, you prefer buying the design that signifies your personality. We have plenty of abstract carpet online, India to match the decoration of your new house or any refurbishment of your present property.

MatLiving gives you ample options to choose from our carpets collection of the best handmade rugs. You will find eye-catching shaggy rugs online and you can differentiate them based on their color, style, and designer.

But don't assume that our abundance of carpets collection comes at the expense of quality. We at Matlive make no compromise with the quality as we select the best designers from all over the world to work with us. And, therefore it becomes very easy for us to provide you with such wide variety of carpets collection that completely change the look of your house. Don't hesitate to look at our online carpet for sale section to find great deals on our carpets collection.

We have an exclusive range of shaggy rugs online that will your style and redefine your image in the eyes of the visitors of your house. Our variety, based on their style includes:

You can find all the types of rugs according to the style and theme of your space from our online store of carpets collection. Our carpets come with a wide range of colour choices in addition to the design. Beige/brown, Greys, Natural, Black/charcoal, Indigo, Red/Rust, Emerald, Mauve, White/Off-white, Gold, and various multi-color choices are among the colours available.

Depending on the design specifications, we use various fabrics such as wool, leather, viscose, and polyester to make carpets using various techniques such as hand-knotting, hand-tufting, hand-weaving, and loom-knotting.

We also give you the option of customising not only the layout, fabric, and shade of your rug, but also its style. Our custom rugs are a creation of a fusion between your greatest ideas and our unmatched artistry.

Depending on the requirements of the customers, our carpet makers use different products, techniques, and sizes to fulfil their needs. Making products customizable by design, colour, or size is how MatLiving keeps you (our customers) happy.

Not just that, but in our online carpet for sale category too, we have a wide selection of shaggy rugs.

Thus, be ready to make your homes look well-kept and designed while we create the best carpets for you that match the recent trends.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Carpet

It is very difficult to spot a suitable rug or abstract carpet online in India. But don't worry as MatLiving is here to help. With us to help you, you don't need to worry about finding shaggy rugs online for the living room or a mat for your bathroom.

Before you buy any rug from our carpets collection, you have to select it according to the room or a space you would use it in. You choose your design to give a theme to a particular room. Here are few things to keep in mind before selecting your rug.

Room: Every room of your house has a different feel and vibe. Every room can make you feel different based on its location, temperature, and preoccupied things. Whether it's a living room or a bedroom, your rug choice should match its design and theme.

Before you buy shaggy rugs online for your home, you must first know what you want to use it for. The use of a carpet, for example, is often highlighted in the interior. The carpet can be very vivid and catchy to draw attention whether the room is finished in cream, pastel, silent, or dark shades. It is also possible to concentrate on different aspects of the interior by mixing the carpet with other colour and design subjects such as curtains, couch cushions, and a number of decorative pieces.

Color: You should opt for the rug colors that compliment your space. Many people face the problem of selecting the right color. Our experts are there to help you with a better selection of colors according to your space.

You may decorate a room for guests with crafted fabrics, patterned or painted with a number of abstract paintings, while keeping in mind the overall colour scheme. For example, if you stick to black and white, you can buy square-printed carpets for the living room.

If the living room's interior can be described as neutral, a bright spot would be an excellent buy. Stilted environments necessitate products of horizontal thin stripes in dark colours. Thanks to the coloured stripes on the mats from matliving’s carpet collection, these models will optically increase a too small area, making the room feel more optimistic, vibrant, and vivid.

Size: If you are renovating a room with our rugs, it is beneficial to take into consideration the size and the area a carpet will occupy. The correct rug size will make it look sophisticated, and does not hide the default decorations of the room.

The living room, unlike the bedroom, kitchen, or even the entry, is normally one of the larger rooms in the home. As a result, all the nonsense about the size of the perfect carpet can be afforded. It's then up to you to decide where it can go in the living room. Note that in small spaces, it is best to place a small model in the centre of the room, as the extra large model can cause your living room to shrink. At Matliving, there are a plethora of sleek and trendy home carpets collection from which to choose. One of the many ways to build a feeling of warmth and relaxation in the living room is to properly vacuum up the carpet.

Carpets can be classified into several categories based on their size:

  • Rugs with a surface area of less than three square metres
  • Srednie is a square of three to six metres in size.
  • Big, with a surface area of more than six square metres.

Style: When you are opting to redesign your room with our shaggy rugs online, you will select a particular style and buy the rugs accordingly. Your style could be contemporary, luxurious, shaggy, traditional, etc. You have to decide whatever style you require and our experts will help you with the appropriate rug selection.

Shape: There are a variety of carpets available in our carpets collection, including round, rectangle, rectangular, and also harlequin, Berber, geometric, and other patterns. It is critical to consider the architectural theme of your room, fabrics, and colours when choosing the model that would best suit you.

Rationality: When buying a carpet for the living room, it is important to consider the convenience of the purchase. If there are animals and toddlers in the home, practicality should take precedence. For eg, the purity of a pattern-based product will last much longer than the purity of an illumination model, and will show even small flaws very quickly.

The above will help to support your home's general design concept. By selecting the appropriate carpet from our carpets collection, you will remove the sensation of being pressed for space and stuffy

Types of Carpets that are available at Mat Living India

MatLiving is committed to creating high-quality rugs that are appealing and at the same time give you a comfortable atmosphere. We produce various types of carpets using different materials like wool, leather, viscose, and polyester, using different techniques like handknotting, hand-tufting, hand-weaving, and loom-knotting, depending upon the design requirements.

Our customers have a huge variety of options from our carpets collection to compare before buying the rugs for their home. You can explore MatLiving’s ultimate collection of modern and shaggy rugs online to find a perfect indoor or outdoor area rug at the best prices. Choose the perfect rugs that enhance your living or working space, and we will provide the best options with our satisfactory services.

Types of carpets available at MatLiving

  • Carpets based on their pattern
  • Carpets based on their weave
  • Carpets based on their style
  • Carpets based on their colors
Why to Buy Carpets Online at Mat Living India

Although the carpet weavers might be slowly dying, they are not yet extinct and as a result, we've our share of competitors to compete with. And thus, it also brings up a question for the customers and that is, "Which carpet maker to choose?". And thus, to answer this question and erase all doubts and confusions from your mind here are some of the reasons why you should choose us to buy Carpet Online in India.

Our Carpet-Weavers: While the carpet-making industry is slowly accepting the arrival of machines there are still a few who haven't accepted the change and are still sticking to the older traditions and beliefs. While handmade carpet weaving might be slower than machines, it also gives a more considered approach, thereby resulting in better-made and higher quality carpets that are more durable. Giving it a personal touch and feel.

Our Unique design: Our mixture of traditional/old and new/trendy designs bring uniqueness to our works which when used with a variety of raw products such as wool, leather etc. provides us with a lot of variations to work with. With our trademarked Scandinavian designs, we work towards providing uniqueness to the market.

Our customization services: With our customization services you are free to design your rug for whatever area of the house you desire. Thereby giving every one of us the freedom to decorate our homes according to our taste. All you've to do is let us know the area of your room, the colour of the rug, and the design that you'd like to have on it and we'll provide the best handwoven material for you.

Our experience: Our well-experienced group of makers comes from different parts of the world and as a result, they bring decades of experience and the values of different cultures which after combining comes out as very different, yet great pieces of art.

In addition, we have a broad vision and treating our customers, artisans and workers with respect is one of the foremost parts of that vision. We are working on the mission to keep the carpet making industry alive.

Being our customers, never again will you've to look for alternatives such as machine-made carpets, or search for "Where is the best place to buy Rugs?".

So, help us save the art form and Industry of Handloom and hand-weavers while they are slowly fading out of existence, and in the meantime, we'll keep working on getting you products of the best quality with a personal touch.

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