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If you look to experience the best of online shopping of carpets for your bare, you have found yourself at the right place. Mat Living India has been host to a wide range of carpets, poufs & pillows. Our online store of designer’s innovation brings you the latest in the carpet industry and led you to define your home décor statement with in-trend carpets and rugs.

Our Range Of carpets collection for your home

Mat Living India is the best online shopping site in India for carpets. Be it style, colour, material, or customization facility, we offer the best in the industry.

Style -

We have an exclusive range of shaggy rugs online that will your style and redefine your image in the eyes of the visitors of your house. Our variety, based on their style includes:

Colour -

Our carpets come with a wide range of colour choices in addition to the design. Beige/brown, Greys, Natural, Black/charcoal, Indigo, Red/Rust, Emerald, Mauve, White/Off-white, Gold, and various multi-color choices are among the colours available.

Material -

Depending on the design specifications, we use various fabrics such as wool, leather, viscose, and polyester to make carpets using various techniques such as hand-knotting, hand-tufting, hand-weaving, and loom-knotting.

Customization -

We also give you the option of customising not only the layout, fabric, and shade of your rug, but also its style. Our custom rugs are a creation of a fusion between your greatest ideas and our unmatched artistry.

Depending on the requirements of the customers, our carpet makers use different materials, techniques, and sizes to fulfil their needs. Making products customizable by design, colour, or size is how Mat Living keeps you (our customers) happy.

Thus, be ready to make your homes look well-kept and designed while we create the best carpets for you that match the recent trends.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Carpet

When you decide to buy a rug, you have to select it according to the room or space you would use it in. You choose your design to give a theme to a particular room. Here are a few things to keep in mind before selecting your rug.

Room: Every room of your house has a different feel and vibe. Every room can make you feel different based on location, temperature, and preoccupied things. Whether a living room or a bedroom, your rug choice should match its design and theme.

Color: You should opt for the rug colours that compliment your space. Many people face the problem of selecting the right colour. Our experts are here to help you with a better selection of colours made to paint your floor. You may decorate a room for guests with crafted fabrics, patterned or painted with several abstract paintings, while keeping in mind the overall colour scheme.

For instance, if the living room's interior can be described as neutral, a bright spot would be an excellent buy. Stilted environments necessitate products of horizontal thin stripes in dark colours. All these carpets will optically increase a too small area, making the room feel more optimistic, vibrant, and vivid.

Size: If you are renovating a room, it is good to take into account the size and the area a carpet is to occupy. The correct rug size will make it look beautiful and will not hide the default decorations of the room.

Style: Your hunting for carpets is sure to intersect with one of our treasures. With broader style categories like contemporary, luxurious, shaggy, traditional, etc., we are an ocean of styles that keep updating.

Shape: There are a variety of shapes available in our carpets collection, including round, rectangle, rectangular, irregular and others. It is critical to consider the architectural theme of your room, fabrics, and colours and accordingly select a shape when choosing a carpet that would best suit you.

Rationality: When buying a carpet, it is good to consider its practicality and usage. If there are animals and toddlers in the home, it should take precedence. E.g., the purity of a pattern-based product will last much longer than the purity of an illumination model and will show even minute flaws distinctively. The above will help to support your home's general design concept. By selecting the appropriate carpet from our carpets collection, you will remove the sensation of being pressed for space and stuffy.

Why Buy Carpets Online at Mat Living India

Although the carpet weavers are slowly dying, they are not yet extinct. As a result, we've our share of competitors to compete. And thus, it also brings up a question for the customers as to, "Which carpet maker to choose?". To answer this question and erase all doubts and confusions from your mind, here are some of the reasons why you should choose us to buy Carpet Online in India.

Our Carpet-Weavers: The carpet-making industry is slowly accepting the arrival of machines. However, there are still a few who prefer hand-made ones. While hand-made carpet weaving might be slower than machines, it also gives a more considered approach resulting in better-made and higher-quality carpets that are more durable. Mat Living India is a proud advocate of hand-made products to preserve the legacy of carpet making.

Our Unique design: A blend of traditional and trendy designs brings uniqueness to our works. And when used with a variety of products such as wool, leather, etc., they give a lot of variation. With our trademarked Scandinavian designs, we provide uniqueness to the market.

Our customization services: With our customization services, you are free to design your rug for whichever area of the house you desire. It gives you the freedom to decorate your homes according to your taste. All you've to do is let us know the area of your room, the colour of the rug, and the design you'd like to have on it. We'll provide the best handwoven carpet for you.

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