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Solid rugs are the area rugs that don’t have any design or texture over them. Whenever a rug or a carpet is said to be solid, it means that the complete rug is made up of one single color. You may wonder why anyone would choose a solid rug over rugs with a variety of colors and designs. Solid rugs are not just simple rugs with a single dull color, they are more than that. Solid rugs come in a lot of different colors, shades, and tones to make them far from basic. The best thing about solid rugs is that they contrast well with the décor and furniture of the room. The solid rugs, due to their single color or tone, can spotlight anything in your room. It could be a beautiful painting, a small showpiece, or stylish furniture, the solid rugs act as a blank canvas to design the room around.

Types of solid rugs

Light color solid rugs

The neutral color solid rug is basically of solid light brown color. It may come in different shades of light brown like ivory, cream, white, light grey, fawn, bone, or beige. The light-neutral colors of the rug can add a sense of calmness to your rooms. These are compatible with the room with the darker contrast walls and furniture. On the other hand, the rooms with light-colored walls should have darker-toned rugs like light grey solid rugs.

Shag solid rugs

The shag-style solid rugs are one of the most popular rugs that bring lavishness to your home. They are extremely soft. Shags with high piles look highly luxurious. The shag solid rugs are mostly used for smaller areas or rooms. They add coziness to your space and make everyone feel comfortable.

Natural solid rugs

Natural rugs are some of the truly unique rugs available. They are natural in color, with a look of earthly material colors. Their shade brings earthly-style vibrations to your home.

Bright color solid rugs

The bright color solid rugs are the rugs with the brighter shades and can make your room look more cheerful. These rugs can be of any solid color that complements your wall or décor. These rugs help you styling a room with a minimum requirement of décor or furniture. These can also go with the combination of many other types of rugs. The fusion could be with floral, abstract, or striped rugs. However, solid rugs go well with both fusion and non-fusion styles.

Hand-knotted solid rugs

The hand-knotted solid rugs are made with an extremely time-consuming and hard-worked process. The technique is typically used to create fine oriental rugs using cotton, pile knots of wool, or silk fibers. The hand-knotted solid rugs can give a good natural look to your rooms.

Hand-tufted solid rugs

The process of preparing the hand-tufted solid rugs is not as complex as knotting, yet it requires effective work for an impressive weave. The tufted designs give the luxurious effect and at the same time are not as expensive as hand-knotted solid rugs.

Low pile solid rugs

Low pile rugs are very fashionable these days. The fiber they are made up of gives them a thin shape and a lighter weight. This is appealing to the people who want the rugs to appear less full and still be impactful. They can bring the minimalist, contemporary, and bohemian look at the same time, to your home. These rugs are durable because of their material, like natural fibers or wool. They can be easily cleaned because of their lighter weight. These are high in demand as everybody nowadays is preferring a minimal look for their home decoration.

How to decorate with solid rugs?

Keep them minimal, as they are meant to be

As the solid rugs solve the purpose of keeping your home decoration to minimal and classic at the same time, don't place them anywhere and everywhere. They should be used smartly and the minimal placement can add good style to your home décor.

Choose the appropriate color scheme

Choosing the right colored rug for your home is a bit tricky task. The basic thing to know is that the color of the rug should complement your walls and furniture. The light-colored rugs will go well with the dark walls and the slightly dark shade will be suitable for a lighter color wall.

Explore the organic rugs

The solid rugs are made of natural fibers like wool, jute, sisal, etc. Find the rugs of the choice of your material. Find the style that matches your furniture. Mostly these organic material rugs go well with your dark brown furniture.

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