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Plastic has always been the concern and most talked about the matter worldwide, affecting most of our environment. But the concept of “SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT” has led to making a difference, and we from the textile world can bring a change. We here at Mat living India serve you with the perfect solution to the poisoned oceans, damaged seas, and large junkyards. The plastic thrown away from malls, houses, and different areas is reused to make PET yarns, and we make the best use of it by giving it a new color design and shape. This recovered thread has characteristics similar to virgin polyester. It is strong, resistant, and long-lasting and can always be recycled again.

An area rug is the base furnishing of a room that acts as the foundation for specific aesthetics or as the background that helps in setting the theme of the room. The rugs need to bear constant foot traffic, furniture weight, playing kids, the dirt of pets, etc. To perform such multifaceted tasks, a performance rug is one of the best options. They offer a perfect balance of structure and function, elegance and utility.

Benefits of performance rugs

Here are some of the benefits of performance rugs that suggests why buying them for your home decoration is a good option

They are beautiful and versatile

An area rug is a large piece of rug with some artistic touch that goes on your floor. The artistic element of an area rug is composed of the pattern, shape, color, texture, and even its size. These factors come together to contribute to the beauty of the décor of the room.

The performance rug with an attractive pattern can be used as the focal point of a room. From this focal point, the other items can also be adjusted based on their color, size, and shape. A smaller performance rug or the one with a less dramatic design defines a more intimate space, accentuating other elements in the room.

Moreover, a performance rug isn’t necessarily permanent, so you can change the look of your rooms by swapping it out at any time for a new or different rug whenever you want a new look.

They are Noise Absorbers

Like any textile in a room, a performance rug will naturally cut down and dampen sounds, absorbing echoes and noises both within a room and from the room below. The sounds of foot-tapping, heavy furniture shifting, kids playing, or pets jumping on the floor are common sounds that are prevented by the rugs.

Adding a carpet pad can further increase sound absorption.

They are comfortable

The tiles, marbles, or hardwood contribute to making your flooring look premium, but they can be a little tough on your feet. Placing a performance rug on your floors is a good way to soften the flooring, cushioning your feet, and reducing the fatigue of your legs. Performance Rugs can also act as a temperature barrier, adding a warmer surface for bare feet as well as creating an additional layer of insulation.

Make your floors safer 

The performance area rugs are safety providers. They provide a texture to the slippery floor and may help in preventing accidents. A finished hardwood or tile floor gives a nice shiny look, but it can become a common slippery place for kids and pets who frequently run through the house.

They are hypoallergenic

The performance area rugs, like many other area rugs, can act as a passive air filter. They trap a lot of dust and pollen that would float freely through the atmosphere of the room. The soaking, anti-moisture qualities of the fibers present in performance rugs prevent trapped allergens from resisting. These allergens can become harmful for kids and adults alike, and cause various types of allergies. Cleaning your performance rugs regularly removes the allergens.

They are easy to maintain

The performance rugs are stain-resistant. The fabrics and construction of a performance rug are completed to resist stains, so spills can be easily blotted out, and dirt can be brushed or vacuumed off. There are chances of deep stains not vanishing. In those cases, you might need some professional help. Otherwise, performance rugs are easy to maintain through regular cleaning or vacuuming. This prevents dirt and allergens from building up and keeps the colors bright and new.

They are durable

The performance rugs are more durable and long-lasting than other rugs or carpets. The colors of the performance rugs are also designed to resist fading. The natural fibers wear down and tend to fade over time when used in bright, sunny, and high-traffic areas. In the case of performance rugs, the colors stay for a longer period. The hues and the patterns will look just as great in many years after, as they did the day you placed the rug onto your floor.

They protect the floor

The performance rugs can help to protect your precious hardwood or marble floor, apart from looking beautiful. A performance rug prevents scratches and other damage that could be caused by chair and table legs. It will bear all the foot marks and spills without affecting your floors. Performance rug carries these features while maintaining its great looks for years.

Buy your favorite performance rugs from Mat Living

If you are looking for a quick floor renovation for your home, a performance area rug can be a great addition to your living space. Mat Living has a huge selection of performance area rugs that add comfort, warmth, and noise reduction. Explore the performance rug collection and find the best collections from Mat Living online store. At Mat Living, we prepare all types of colors and designed rugs that may fulfill your desired home decoration needs.

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