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Hand-tufted Rugs Guide

Our collection of hand-tufted rugs gives more reasons than just being cost-effective. The countenance due to the unique design, print, texture, and an apt mix of colour sets them ahead of their so-called superior counterparts.

Careful tufting and high precision of the skilled weavers enable us to stand out in the world of highly competitive tufted carpets. They usually make to the list of décor enthusiasts who are tight on their budget. However, at Mat Living India, you will not have to compromise on the quality of tufted rugs just for the sake of running short on your budget.

Read on to explore what makes leather area rugs so desirous and things you must be aware of before you can buy one.

Hand-tufted Rugs – A worthy adaptation of the 1930s

Evolved in 1930, the hand tufting technique could be called a revolution in the world of carpet making that mechanized weaving which in turn availed us a cheaper alternative for carpeting which otherwise would cost a hefty amount. are expanding in variety owing to numerous modern designs, patterns, colour, and texture.

Hand-tufted rugs with low piles can be adorned in high-traffic areas. 

Material Options

The hand-tufting technique found plenty of material options to produce rugs in lesser time and yet be soothing in comfort uncompromised in visual appeal. At Mat Living India, experimenting with materials has become our hobby. We have varieties explored in terms of materials that ensure quality and purity:

  • Wool - superior quality wool helps us keep a class apart in the quality and longevity of our hand-tufted rugs.
  • Cotton - Premium cotton fabrics are segregated to weave hand-tufted rugs that reflect quality.
  • Linen – Usage of the linen lends hand-tufted rugs the properties of being strong, and absorbent.
  • Viscose – Usage of viscose adds delicacy to the hand-tufted rugs.

Why must you buy a hand-tufted area rug?

Punching strands of fibers on a backing as in the case of hand-tufted rugs also requires a certain level of skills. In fact, we treat every rug that we make unbiased. Although hand-tufted area rugs rose in fame over the years owing to their property being cost-effective and comparatively affordable, they are valued for money. They offer a decent level of durability without having to compromise on appearance. They are put to use in various kinds of floor decoration. You may lay them in the bedroom, the living room, dining room, and other prominent places to enhance the aesthetics.

Also, we have them categorized as per style. They form a collection of contemporary, luxury, traditional, shaggy, and texture rugs. 

Why must you buy hand-tufted rugs at Mat Living India

We are thankful to have young weavers who have mastered the technique of hand tufting. This enabled us for years to keep abreast with rising demands for promising, authentic hand-tufted rugs at competitive prices.

It is highly unlikely that you could refrain from owning one when you traverse through options of colour, size, and shape. At Mat Living India, we have them categorized to narrow down your search and save you from hectic browsing.

We house hand-tufted rugs differentiated in patterns, colours, styles, and sizes. Also, we love counseling our customers for concerns that may come when they are willing to make a purchase. Further, we have best-in-class shipping and delivery services to keep away from inconvenience.


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