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The hide rugs are very popular and in high demand these days. Over the last few years, these rugs are being used more in homes and offices. The warmth and the richness these rugs provide are appreciated by everyone nowadays. These are cleaned using the chrome tanning method. This method results in preparing a soft durable rug that retains the unique markings of the animals. These hides could be re-dyed as well to create new exotic styles.

How are the hide rugs made?

The hides selected for the rugs are chosen for their pattern. They should be well conditioned and shouldn’t be old. They are cured so they do not molt or leave any unpleasant smell. The cure involves salting and washing of hides and takes about two weeks. After the cure, the hide is tanned. There are generally two types of tanning involved in the process: chrome tanning and vegetable tanning. Vegetable tanning uses tannic acid extracted from the tree bark and takes about six months. Chrome tanning, on the other hand, is a much faster process. It uses a solution of chemicals, acids, and salts including chromium sulfate. It's a very quick process, taking about a day to produce a piece of tanned hide.

Where to place hide rug

Hide rugs are very attractive and instantly likable. They have a vast variety of unique patterns and colors. One can buy the rug with its natural color patterns or can choose a rug specifically to augment an existing pattern. Hide rugs are used to being a center of attraction in any room they are placed, especially when the colors are complementary. They also add coziness and warmth to your rooms. Their curved lines can be used to soften the sharpness of a straight-sided room. The hide rugs are very durable and because of their durability, they can even be used in areas of heavy traffic, such as hallways, living rooms, and lobby.

How to keep your hide rug clean?

The hide rugs are not very hard to maintain. They can be easily cleaned by light vacuuming, in the direction of the grain. It's not a very tedious task but it’s recommended that you clean it regularly. You can also use the light steam cleaning method to clean the hide rugs, but the rugs should never completely be drenched in water. Alternatively, you can opt to take the rug outdoors and give it a good shake or traditional rug beating.

Spills are best cleaned as soon as possible: Soak up the possible excess liquid and then use a wet cloth with a little gentle soap or regular shampoo. Apply a little vinegar after the cleaning and this should prevent the stain from reappearing. Grease stains can be removed by the use of Eucalyptus oil.

Benefits of Hide rugs

A hide rug provides an exclusive class that depicts the choice for a simple yet modern way of living. It's a natural byproduct and adds nature's beauty to your décor. People love these rugs because of their natural beauty, versatility, hypo-allergenic characteristics, easy maintenance, and durability. Here are few benefits of hide rugs explained briefly:


The hide rugs bring a more organic look to the décor. Hide rugs can be as unique as the style of the person who owns them. No two rugs can ever be the same, and this makes them very appealing. Every rug will have a different pattern, marks, style, and colors. Hide rugs are perfect for those who are willing to add a touch of natural beauty to their homes.


The hide rugs are well known for their suitability on all types of floors and décors. They are also used on the walls if well placed with the décor. The rugs come in a numerous range of colors and patterns, and you can surely match them with your décors.

Easy to maintain

The hide rugs are easy to maintain and can be easily cleaned. You can choose to take the rug outdoors and brush it with a hard plastic brush. You can also give it a good shaking or traditional rug beating.


The hide rugs are mostly hypoallergenic and odor-free. You should be carefree for not constantly vacuuming or cleaning the air of the room where your rug is placed.


These rugs last longer than other rugs. They are extremely durable since they are made of leather. These rugs are comfortable throughout their lifespan and give complete satisfaction to the owners and their guests.

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