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Traditional Area Rugs

When you hunt for a traditional area rug, you probably are looking for the style that flourished when carpet-making evolved. So, how were carpets painted in the era of their evolution? Well, carpet making is known to be introduced with an artistic touch in the 16th century in Persia and Turkey.

Material Options

Material options available to the nomad tribes who happen to be the real inventors of carpets several thousand years ago were the fabrics from the sheepskin coverings. The same had been followed in the civilized setting. Hence, the most prominent material options in our collection include wool. Other materials that found their place in the making of traditional carpets include silk, cotton, and jute.

Decorating with traditional carpets

When decorating a home with elements of traditional touch, a traditional carpet must make to the top of your list. In India, flatweave durries are most widely used and are most popular as traditional carpets. However, you may choose from more exhilarating options in knotted rugs weaved on a frame loom, having nomadic motifs that picture the time of evolution of carpet making in Turkey and Persia.

Traditional area rugs at Mat Living India

We are firm believers of traditional inheritance and are always up at passing the same to generations ahead. We take sheer joy in offering to contribute to sharing what our ancestors have crafted. At Mat Living India, we have built a warehouse of traditionally weaved rugs, each one carefully thought and precisely crafted. Also, we have them categorized to narrow down your search and save you from hectic browsing.

Chances of making mistake in choosing one from plenty of options could be confusing, but trust us you’ll never regret it. Besides, people at Mat Living India will only guide you right to help make that selection less confusing.

We house a plethora of rugs in different patterns, colors, styles, and sizes. Further, we have best-in-class shipping and delivery services to keep away from inconvenience. Our expert guides ensure you make no mistake while browsing through varieties, matching your need and home décor in place.

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