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A living room is the most engaging room, where the family members, guests, kids, and everyone visiting your home, has to settle down at some time. Because of this, the choice of flooring rug in the living room is more important than in any other room of the house.No other room of the house has as many people involved as a living room does. The 'carpet for bedroom', 'carpet for gallery', and 'carpet for dining room' do not necessarily require being very tough and shaggy. But the 'floor carpet for the living room' should be durable and at the same time comfortable for everyone.

Selecting the best carpet online is an essential factor for making your living room flooring perfect. Buy carpet online for the living room floor that is soft, comfortable, cozy, and long-lasting. MatLiving is the best place to buy carpets online. You can get the best quality carpet for the living room, from our online store.

Because of the high-traffic nature of the living room, the carpet should be tough and durable. Our carpets that are designed for the living room are weaved from thousands of rug filaments appended to strong and durable backing by modern machinery.

While shopping for the best carpet for the living room, you should test the quality by bending it in all directions. If it bends easily, the carpet is of low density and will not survive for a long time. A carpet's durability is measured by its density, face weight, and tuft twist.

Types of Carpet Fibers

Knowing what fibers are used for the carpet is a cardinal factor before buying the best quality carpet for the living room. It's imperative to explore the materials that are used to build the rug you're buying. Knowing about the fibers is important as it will affect how you keep up and care for the rug later on. The fiber that you choose for the living room carpet determines both the look and the durability. The fiber options include:

• Nylon
• Polypropylene
• Polyester
• Wool
• Cotton

Carpets and area rugs are both essential parts of making your house look decent and appealing, therefore making the indoor environment better. Carpets usually cover a large area of the floor or the entire floor. And if you prefer the coziness of carpets but that “wall-to-wall” look isn't your thing, an area rug might be suitable for the perfect design solution.

A carpet is a complete floor covering made up of synthetic fibers and filaments such as polypropylene, nylon, polyester, or wool. Carpets are often confused with the rugs, but rugs are typically considered to be smaller than a room area and not attached to the floor.

An area rug is a small size carpet, often much smaller than the area of a room. Unlike wall-to-wall carpeting, which stretches across the entire room, area rugs only are used to decorate the lesser area of the room. Area rugs mostly come in geometric shapes, often rectangular or circular. But nowadays few irregular, organic shapes are also trending.

Rugs from India and handmade carpets are the best options to upgrade your house decor. Our online carpet store has ample options that can fit your house's room theme.

Here are the reasons why you should have carpet and area rugs in your home:

• Brings comfort: The carpet and the area rugs are important for every room as it brings comfort to your feet. You can buy carpet online for your house and will find the comforting change it brings after covering the floor. Fluffy carpets for the living room are one of the best options.

• It contributes to style and luxury: Our online carpet store contributes to bringing style and luxury to your house. Our handmade carpets use the traditional style of weaving but they are of premium quality and designed according to market trends.

• Make your rooms quieter: Whether it's the luxury carpets for bedrooms and fluffy carpets for living room, they help in bringing a quieter environment for the rooms. The carpet for room absorbs the sound of footsteps or any stuff dropped.

• Protect floor damage: The carpets or the area carpets protect your floor from getting damaged from day to day carrying heavy items like suitcase or chair shifting etc.

• Warm-up your space: The handmade carpets are designed to bring warmth to your room. If your room temperature is low and you want to walk barefoot for any reason, the carpets are very helpful as they bring coziness to your feet.

The purpose of an area rug is to add beauty to the floor of the rooms in the home. Because of the large number of rug companies selling similar-looking rugs, finding the right brand and quality to purchase rugs online in India has become difficult.

MAT Living India is among the best rug industries for 78 years and supplies people with perfect area rugs for their home. MatLivings carpets collection is one of the most diversified ranges in the market. We have the trending design rugs and in all the standard sizes that are available in the market. We have all types of outdoor area rugs, living room rug, kitchen flooring, stairs runners, or bedroom area rug.

Our hand-woven area rugs provide grace to your floor and at the same time make it comfortable for your feet. Moreover, our carpets provide a better foothold and help in adhesive friction that lightly grabs the soles of the feet.

Now when you know about our vast range of area rugs, you need to know some factors before buying rugs from our online store.
Follow this criterion to choose an area rug for your house.

Take the measurement
Choosing the incorrect size of the rug is one of the common mistakes made by the buyers. The rug should be neither too small nor too big. You can consult with our experts regarding the size and positions of the rug.

For which room you are buying the rug
Every room of your house has standard rug placements. The size and position depending on the type of room you want the rug to be placed in. In your living room, the front legs of the furniture should fit onto a rug’s borders. In your dining room, the rug should be covering the entire table and chairs with a good outer margin, so that you can shift your chair back. In a bedroom, your bare feet should have a fluffy and soft landing, around the bed.

Selection of the material
Again, it is important to analyze whether the room has a lot of engagement of people like a living room, or a less crowded room like a bedroom. The living room rug material should be tougher and shaggier as compared to any other room.

Rug color and pattern
The color or the pattern of your rug should complement the colors of your room. The light-colored walls should have a darker color rug and vice versa.

Choosing an area rug for your house can be a tricky task. A high-quality area rug with an exquisite appearance makes a first impression that will have your guests embracing your home and its decor.


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