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One of the designs that appeal even in the first look is the rugs with borders. The borders on the rugs can be part of the design or the carved outsides, like in solid area rugs. The border can be in a variety of colors, especially if you want to customize your rug. The border rugs can be different from the rest of the rug, can complement the major part of the rug, or be the same color as the design. Bordered rugs are versatile as they go well with any space and room, especially the areas where you’re able to see the edges of the rug.

Border rugs design consists of an inner field and a border. The inner field has a pattern in the center of the rug. The border on a rug serves as beading on the furniture or a frame on the art rug, to make a rug look better. Whether it’s a basic, single-colored design or an intricate one, a border is like a frame on a picture that ties everything together and creates a complete picture. The inner pattern and the border mostly have a similar color scheme, yet appear distinctly.

The border could be divided into three parts:

  • The main band, which differs in width according to the size of the rug
  • The inner pattern, the inner/outer outline stripes
  • The subordinate bands on either side of the main band

    The decoration of border rugs for the field is mostly an allover pattern, a panel composition, or a medallion system. The allover pattern could be of identical repeats. All over pattern is a layout in which motifs are fairly close and evenly distributed as opposed to stripes, borders, plaids, and engineered designs. Either placed closely or evenly spaced, it may be of varied motifs in a combination. For instance, different types of flowers are shaped together in the same size, but even this freestyle type of design almost invariably includes bilaterally balanced repetitions. These variable motifs type of design is found most typically in carpets with garden designs. It's a formal way of representing the parks or woods that were a feature of Persian palace grounds.

    Types of border rugs available at our store

    The border area rugs are made with dedicated time and care, combining a variety of weaves and techniques to make each piece truly unique. The border rug design is truly versatile. These rugs can be used in all types of rooms and areas of your home. They are also used in offices and lounges nowadays.

    These are the popular border rugs, available in our store:

    Textured Loom Knot Performance Driveway Border Indoor/Outdoor Rug Carpet

    Loom knot border indoor/outdoor performance area rug features a pile and loop texture, brings a shimmering shiny look. It is perfect for adding this distressed look that is so popular at the moment. You should remember to retain perfection using 100% pet yarn, which impacts the world by choosing sustainability. This fine range delivers versatility, long life, smoothness, and easy maintenance. Here are a few examples of loom knot performance indoor/outdoor rugs.

    • Textured Loom Knot Performance Driveway Border Indoor/Outdoor Graphite Rug Carpet
    • Textured Loom Knot Performance Driveway Border Indoor/Outdoor Grey Rug Carpet
    • Textured Loom Knot Performance Driveway Border Indoor/Outdoor White Rug Carpet

    Hand-Tufted Chevron Pattern Vinson Portland Area Rug Carpet

    If your choice is of the rugs that give more of a natural look, get yourself a stylish chevron patterned rug that is hand-tufted with pure new wool to add to your décor. A hand-tufted rug is 90% wool and 10% cotton. Preparing the hand-tufted rugs is not as complex as loom-knotting but still requires effective work for impressive designs. The tufted designs give the luxurious effect and at the same time are not as expensive as loom-knotted. Here are some of the examples of hand-tufted that we have on our online store

    • Hand-Tufted Chevron Pattern Vinson Portland White Area Rug Carpet
    • Hand-Tufted Chevron Pattern Vinson Portland Grey Area Rug Carpet
    • Hand-Tufted Chevron Pattern Vinson Portland Brown Area Rug Carpet

    Buy border rugs from Mat Living online store

    The loom knot or the tufted border rugs are one of the easiest ways to transform and brighten up your space. It could be your home or an office, a border rug will help elevate the look of the room. Our border area rugs come in a huge variation to fit all of your requirements. Be it solid, intricated, or luxury style shaggy rugs, at Mat Living, you can find the true expression of your aesthetic fondness.

    Along with style, luxury, and durability, Mat Living brings a good variety of border rugs for you. Every rug of our online store has set an example of a distinct high class. They add value to your space and are available for all types of décors or furnishings.

    Buy border rugs online from the multitude of rugs from Mat Living. With an appealing design and wide range of colors, they are certain to be a winner in your home. Explore the full range of rugs at Mat Living.

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