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Colour is the most dynamic aspect that needs an update every passing year. While one color may enjoy the limelight one year, the next year it may become a thing of the past. It is very important that one be wise enough to choose a collection that updates itself with colors that rule the present time and could be alive for a longer period.

Also, larger the collection, more the option. At Mat Living India, we keep up with forecasts in color to add those that are trending.

Our collection

Our collection of colors includes:

  1. Beige/Brown – a collection of beige/brown coloured rugs with uniform mix of varying pattern, texture and material.
  2. Black/Charcoal – Our collection essentially has something for every rug lover. Those fond of dark hues may choose from collection of black/charcoal housing both hand-made and machine made carpets.
  3. Emerald – Colour as precious as the emerald stone make the collection prominent and desirous in the first glance.
  4. Gold – Gold has always led the league of premium products. So was the case when products in this category was finalized.
  5. Greys – This collection constitute appropriate mix of sophisticated grey, and shades of black for every need.
  6. Indigo – For those who are critical of how dark or light should their blue-coloured belongings must look, we have carpets in this section specifically painted in indigo.
  7. Mauve – Pale purple make up the mauve collection. This collection house carpets in varying geometric patterns, textures, and prints.
  8. Multi – For one’s who resist settling for a single colour, we have this collection with carpets in multiple colour categorized.
  9. Natural – Natural collection carpets are made of natural materials with unaltered natural colour that they possess.
  10. Red/Rust – Slight variation from primary red, these red/rust coloured carpets are sure to stand out in an interior lending bright appearance.
  11. White/Off-White – Undoubtedly, white make to the list of apparel to many, so do they to a number of rug enthusiasts. Hence, this collection of white/off-white area rugs form a refreshing bright look.

How we keep abreast with trendy colours

Our selection of color is inspired by present-day trend in the world of textiles. We keep updating our colourful inventory with trendy colors that hold relevance in the present time. This has gained us appreciation for years. We are a colour enthusiast team of carpet makers that believe in keeping abreast with newness in the sphere of colours.

Our unique collection of mix of a wide range of colours is likely to excite everyone who decides to traverse through. In fact, a few colours can steer you in their direction even if you have already made up your mind regarding a certain colour option.

Why must you choose from color collection at Mat Living India

At Mat Living India, we have them categorized to ensure you are lured for good while you navigate through them. Besides, we accommodate a plethora of patterns, styles, and sizes that complement the color and enhance the beauty of it making it worth owning a piece of it. Also, we love guiding our customers for confusion regarding one or more aspects while choosing and other concerns that may come when they decide to make a purchase. Also, we offer best-in-class shipping and delivery services to keep away from inconvenience.

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