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Each of us is fond of a certain style. Styles that we believe are better than the others. We are happy to house a collection of styles for everyone. The style range at Mat Living India include:


People fond of modern style that maintains itself with the trend could get along contemporary rugs. Features that usually define contemporary rug style are –

  1. They are modern
  2. They have a bold and lively theme
  3. They usually come painted in bold colours
  4. May have an artistic flair


Hide makes an unusual choice in rugs that stand out to offer elegance and durability. The prominent feature that distinguishes it is the pattern. And to count on the advantages over other styles of rugs, they are resilient to ripping and staining.


This style can be a no-brainer where you can go with any piece into this category and be sure to add a luxurious touch to the décor in place.

What constitute a luxury collection at Mat Living India?

Material: Raw materials (yarn) are carefully chosen and care is taken to approve fabrics of premium quality only with attributes mirroring to reflect luxury upon converting into finished products.

Weave: To diversify our collection and owing to the demand for different types of weaves, carpet making is undertaken in numerous techniques of weaving, hand-knotting, loom-knotting, tufting, etc, being the most popular ones.


We, at Mat Living India, decided to take the responsibility of enhancing kids’ experience, keeping in mind what mattered to kids, their likeness. Hence, our “kids collection” is well thought for vibrant colours and exciting caricature that they would find fascination and fall in love with.


Longer pile length, soft and soothing touch define shag rugs. This style makes a perfect choice when one prefers comfort over other considerations. Our collection of shag rugs is diversified for all attributes that an ideal shag rug must bear.


We are firm believers of traditional inheritance and are always up at passing the same to generations ahead. We take sheer joy in offering to contribute to sharing what our ancestors have crafted. We have built a warehouse of traditionally weaved rugs, each one carefully thought and precisely crafted.


Hand weaved by craftsmen, performance rugs could be made using multiple techniques. Our collection of performance rugs is hand-weaved on a loom frame by experienced artisans in a traditional fashion.


Textured rugs are known to add variety based on how the yarn is treated. While in some cases, yarn may be twisted, thick, looped, or may bear cut pile.

Why must you buy shaggy rugs at Mat Living India?

Our collections of rugs are elements of appreciation for home décor enthusiasts over the years. Keeping abreast with demands in the rug market stands as our priority.

Our unique styles have received appreciation and can steer you in their direction for good. At Mat Living India, we have them categorized to ensure you are lured for good while you navigate through the patterns and colour of the fabric. Apart from style, we accommodate a plethora of patterns, colours, and sizes to choose from. Our best-in-class shipping and delivery services have saved the time and effort of our customers keeping them away from inconvenience.

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