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Shaggy Area Rug is a Softness Carpet which includes the comfort for any types of living & Bedroom. Shaggy Carpet is a high Pile carpet to add a Luxury and Monochromatic Touch.

A shaggy rug is prepared from a longer pile length, as compared to other rugs, and has a bushy surface. These rugs are suitable for all types of rooms including hall, living room, bedroom, playroom. The shaggy rugs are the most popular and are used by almost everyone at some point in time.

Shag rugs are in use since the 1970s. These rugs competed with other types and were displaced by them in the late 90s owing to lack of apt technology, but they have made a comeback now as an evergreen trend with improvement in techniques. They are being chosen by homes, hotels, theatres, auditoriums, etc.

Whether you are looking for carpet for the bedroom floor or fluffy carpets for the living room, the shaggy rugs are suitable for every room of your home.

Shaggy Rugs benefits

Shaggy rugs have good features and are beneficial in many ways.


If you know about shaggy rugs, you must be knowing about the comfort these rugs bring. A shaggy rug is so soft and cozy that you can feel the textures and the fibers while walking on it. Anyone who looks at these rugs wants to dig their feet into it.

People usually choose a shaggy rug for their living rooms as they have a soft texture, cushioned feel underfoot, and a relaxed lounge-like feel they create. A shag rug is for the pleasant feeling it provides. It is perfect for placing on a lounge floor, where your guests may rest their feet for a long period. People also use these rugs to lay down as it brings comfort to the whole body because of its fluffiness. If you and your friends just want to sit on the floor while sipping your evening coffee or just playing a UNO game, there is no better option than stretching your legs on a shaggy rug. You will usually find yourself sloping off the couch and relaxing on the floor just because of the comfort and coziness a shaggy rug provides.

Wool makes it better

Out of many materials used in shaggy rugs, wool is used to make it the best. The wool is good for many reasons, including its non-allergenic, non-staining, environmental-friendly, and fire-resistant qualities. The wool makes it look elegant, is of good quality, and is perfect for the home environment. Wool also helps in preventing any marks or stains from being absorbed, so any dirt that sits on the surface is easily removed


As the shag rugs are mainly made up of wool, the fibers are much like a coiled spring. This allows it to return to its natural shape after bending or pressing it, thus these rugs tend not to crease or wrinkle very easily.

Durable and Easy to maintain

The quality of the materials a shaggy rug uses makes it stronger as compared to the other types. Once placed in a living room, bedroom, or any other room, the shag rugs are going to last long. These are some of the most durable ranges of rugs. Wool is the main material for preparing these rugs and this makes them highly tough and long-lasting. 

Bring warmth to the flooring

Shaggy rugs help bring warmth to the floor of your rooms, especially during winters. Not only flooring but the entire room will be warmer because of the shag rugs. You can easily walk on your bedroom floor barefoot in the winter evenings.

Noise Reduction

Shaggy rugs are beneficial in making your rooms less noisy. These rugs will prevent the unwanted stomping sound made by the feet of the people. The shag rugs will create a soundproof zone that is useful for making the room quieter, calmer, and more relaxing place.

Wide Variety

Buy carpet online from our store that provides a wide variety of rugs. We have a vast range of shaggy rugs for all types of rooms and places. The shag rugs are very popular and there are many options available so that you can find one that is suitable for your room or the requirement. Our variety of shaggy rugs comes in different materials, designs, sizes, dimensions, and colors, so you can easily compare and be able to purchase one that suits your home and the room.

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