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Loom Knot Rugs Guide

Loom knot rugs are known to add countenance and unique touch to the floor they occupy. Weaved on a vertical frame loom, they are the outcome of perseverance that experienced craftsmen invest.  Skillful weavers have over time honed this crafting technique and have mastered the complex technique of making these rugs. They have been in demand among carpet buyers and continue to get adorned for the aesthetics that they bring.

Read on to explore what makes Loom knot rugs preferable over numerous other options and what must you know before you buy one.

Loom-Knot Rugs – The legacy carried forward

They are traditionally handwoven on a loom frame. While the vertical strands on the frame make the warps, the threads that are inserted by hands make the intersecting weft. While the weaving technique is certainly delightful to learn about, the carpets so formed are equally beautiful and worth appreciation.

Fortunately, loom knot rugs are extending from limited varieties to more new designs, patterns, colours, and textures.

Material Options

Synthetic materials like polyester, linen, and nylon are popularly utilized for making Loom knot rugs. However, at Mat Living India, materials that we put to us to ensure quality include:

  • Wool - Superior quality wool helps us keep a class apart in the quality and longevity of our loom knot rugs.
  • Cotton - Premium cotton fabrics are segregated for use in the making of loom knot rugs. They usually form vertical warps.
  • Linen – Usage of the linen lends our loom knot rugs the properties of being strong, and absorbent.
  • Viscose – Usage of viscose adds delicacy to the loom knot rugs.

Why must you buy a loom knot area rug?

Loom knot area rugs painted in volumes of color, numerous prints, and designs enhance the aesthetics when they occupy areas in the bedroom, the living room, dining room, and other prominent places. Loom knot rugs made from synthetic fibers like polyester, linen, and nylon are most suited for outdoor areas. Unlike machine-made rugs, they do not come with fringes.

Also, you may choose from a plethora of styles like contemporary, luxury, traditional, shaggy, and texture rugs from the list of collections on Mat Living India. 

Why must you buy Loom Knot rugs at Mat Living India?

At Mat Living India, we house all the three patterns of loom knot rugs – loop pile, cut pile, and combination of both. Thankfully, we have been able to train our weavers for perseverance that goes into the making of loom knot rugs and dedication that must be vested. This enables us to keep up with demands for our traditional hand-weaved loom knot rugs at competitive prices.

It’s time you cruise through options of colours, sizes, and shapes. At Mat Living India, you can browse through the category of loom knot rugs segregated keeping in mind likeness for a certain color, style, and shape, and need for varying sizes.

Also, we love counseling our customers for confusion regarding one or more aspects while choosing and other concerns that may come when they are willing to make a purchase. Further, we have best-in-class shipping and delivery services to keep away from inconvenience.

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