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Looking for a quick makeover of your home, a luxury area rug can be a great addition to your living space. Mat Living has a huge selection of plush luxury rugs that add warmth, comfort, and noise reduction. Explore the luxury carpet collection now.

Having luxury area rugs in your home not only adds a sense of comfort to your space but also lets you exhibit your style statement and character to everyone who visits your home. These rugs uplift your standard and showcase a class in your personality to every guest and family member alike.

A luxury area rug can add a high-class style to your living space. These rugs offer warmth and underfoot comfort as well as good color, texture, and pattern. These can be used to organize spaces, define a mood or simply display the art of tapestry across a floor. Whether you are looking forward to elaborating your hallway, living room, or your bedroom, our collection of luxury-style rugs facilitates bringing grace to your rooms.

Luxury rugs settings in different rooms

Before putting your luxury rugs into a particular room or area, you have to analyze these factors before choosing your favorite rug:

  • Size of the rug that is suitable for the area.
  • Style, color, or pattern that compliments the selected area.
  • Is it a low-traffic, medium-traffic, high-traffic, or very high-traffic area.
  • If it gets natural sunlight, and the duration, quality, and quantity of the same.


These rugs' arrangements vary as per the different types of rooms.

Dining Room

For the rugs used beneath a dining table, you have to measure the parameters of the table. Take a margin of around 4 feet to the length and the width of the table with chairs.


In a bedroom, add at least 2 feet of the margin to the area of the bed. It's the best feeling when in the morning, the first thing your feet touch is the softness of a quality luxury rug.

Living Room

In a living room, the rug is placed in the center of the furniture. The rug needs to be placed with the 4 feet space left from the sidewalls of the room.


The size of the rugs in the hallways should be subtracted by around 2 feet from the width and 4 feet from the length.

Different types of Luxury area rugs

  • Wool Rugs
  • Silk Rugs
  • Viscose Rugs
  • Long Pile Rugs
  • Short Pile Rugs
  • Hand-Knotted Rugs
  • Hand-Tufted Rugs


Wool Rugs

Wool rugs are very tough and durable rugs. These rugs, along with mohair and sheepskin, are beautiful and resilient. They can be very fluffy and springy and maintain a fresh look for years. Wool prevents the rug to get wrinkles as the fibers are much like a coiled spring. Moreover, wool is non-allergenic, non-staining, environmental-friendly, and fire-resistant.

Silk Rugs

The genuine silk rugs provide an incomparable attraction to your space. Their fibers are highly shiny and lustrous. Silk fibers are easy to dye and they boast the color of the rugs unlike any other.

Viscose Rugs

The viscose design rugs are beautiful and are sustainable too. They are resistant to pilling and are hypoallergenic.

Short Pile Rugs

The short pile rugs are long-lasting. They don't flatten easily under pressure. These designs have more intricate patterns in their short fibers. Short pile rugs attract less dust and hide cuts and scratch more than long pile rugs.

Long Pile Rugs

The long pile rugs add more comfort to your room as they are more shaggy and bring coziness to the flooring. They also bring textural depth because of their long, luxurious fibers.

Hand-knotted Rugs

The hand-knotted rugs are made with an extremely time-consuming and hard handcrafting process. The technique is typically used to create fine oriental rugs using cotton, pile knots of wool, or silk fibers. These rugs can take months or years to create as they are hand-knotted intricately. They have 400 or more knots per square inch and allow for highly intricate patterns.

Hand-tufted Rugs

The process of preparing the hand-tufted rugs is not as complex as knotting, yet it requires effective work for impressive designs. The tufted designs give the luxurious effect and at the same time are not as expensive as hand-knotted.

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