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Blanc Carpet Collection

Our Blanc collection of hand-tufted rugs is made from exclusive materials such as exquisite wool from New Zealand, mixed with European wool. Leather, artificial silk, linen, and polyester are other materials in our colorful collection, all meeting a long list of customer-specific requirements.

The pattern for a tufted rug is made to full scale. The pattern is traced onto the backing fabric, which is stretched onto a metal frame and is the base for the tufting.

The rug is always tufted from the back, onto the front, using a hand tufting gun. It works either as a needle, making loops on the front or as a blade, producing a cut pile.

A tufted rug is always finished with backing cloth. This is done in two stages. First, a think net, covered with high-quality latex. Thereafter, a backing cloth is attached, which forms the underside of the rug.

The quality of our latex complies with the directives of IWS (International Wool Secretariat) directives and provides excellent durability. All sewing of edges, pile work, and embossing is done by hand.

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