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White Rugs

White carpets are versatile floor coverings that make the spaces look elegant. One can go for a white rug without considering the furnishing and other elements as it aligns with almost every surrounding. White carpets can effortlessly change the vibes of an area by adding a touch of positivity and freshness to it. White rugs generally have a longer life due to minimal or no treatments and hardly any usage of dyes. Those who prefer quality over anything else must go for a white carpet from our collection and feel the immense luxury.

White Carpets at MAT Living

MATLiving offers a wide range of White carpets. From our collection of white rugs, you can easily find one that suits your interiors and taste. MAT Living delivers white luxury carpets with varied patterns, including abstract, floral, geometric, and chevron. The contemporary white rugs here are sophisticated and one-of-a-kind pieces. Size is no restraint here, as we offer customizable shapes and sizes under our bespoke services for almost every shade.

Layering with White Carpet

White Rugs are the best option, while one plans for layering with different rugs. As white is a universal colour and balances any extravagantly bright spaces, You can also layer it with a darker solid rug. Irrespective of the shade, the white carpet adds elegance to the living space. While layering, one needs to be careful about the size and pattern. Never use two patterned carpets while layering. 

Weaves in White Rugs are more Evident

White carpets are the best pieces to explore different weaving techniques. Those with that keen eye can endeavour flat woven, loom knotted, hand-tufted and leather rugs with white as the base colour. The weaves and knots are noticeable in a white carpet, thereby adding to the aesthetics of any living space. Picking up a hand-knotted white rug could make your rooms more luxurious, with the delicately done knots and minute handwork more palpable.

Pile Variations in White Rugs

Just as techniques are evident in a white carpet, types of piles are also significant in white rugs. Undertake the Geobox and pinstripe from our collection for the electrifying combination of cut piles and loop piles in a white area rug. White floor coverings enhance the texture formed by cut and loop piles. Khema 6 multi is one of our popular rugs. With white as a base, it has a broad border of gorgeous colours, spicing up the neutral shade.

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