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Flat Weave

Flatweave Rugs Guide

So subtle, yet most desirous flatweave rugs are a first choice and a no-brainer for most home décor enthusiasts. They are a perfect pick for first-time rug buyers who stand unaware of the ins and outs of rugs and how to match them with one’s existing décor.

Flatweave rugs could enhance the visual appearance of home décor while keeping it minimal and beautiful.

Read on to explore what makes flatweave rugs so popular and things you must know before you can buy one.

Flatweave Rugs – A gift of ancestral Turkey, Persia, Kurdistan, & Europe

Initially painted in traditional Turkish and Persian designs, today flatweave rugs come in volumes of modern design, pattern, colour, and texture.

Flatweave rugs or dhurrie rugs are a go-to style for almost any area at home. Think of high traffic areas, flatweave, low-pile rugs are an apt option with a blend of underfoot comfort and visually pleasing aesthetics. Also, they are an ideal choice in terms of maintenance. Hence, suitable for families with pets. 

Material Options

Flatweave rugs are weaved of a range of materials, from visually pleasing cotton to durable jute and wool. At Mat Living India, we ensure that the materials are employed at their best in terms of quality and purity and at the same time contribute to being sustainable:

  • Wool - superior quality wool helps us keep a class apart in the quality and longevity of our flatweave rugs.
  • Cotton - Premium cotton fabrics are segregated to weave flatweave rugs that reflect quality.
  • Jute – Unaltered jute fibers are employed to keep intact the richness of the natural fiber.

Why must you buy a flatweave rug?

Flatweave rugs have found their applicability in almost any kind of floor decoration. This makes it a universal style. They can be laid in the bedroom, the living room, and even outdoor for a fun experience and glorified aesthetics.

Also, we have them categorized as per style. They form a collection of contemporary, luxury, traditional, shaggy, and texture rugs. 

Find your perfect flatweave rug at Mat Living India

After you have decided on the style and material, it’s time to traverse through options of colour, size, and shape. At Mat Living India, we have them categorized to narrow down your search and save you from hectic browsing.

Chances of making mistake in choosing one from plenty of options could be confusing, but trust us you’ll never regret it. Besides, people at Mat Living India will only guide you right to help make that selection less confusing.

We house a plethora of rugs in different patterns, colors, styles, and sizes. Additionally, we love counseling our customers for confusion regarding one or more aspects while choosing and other concerns that may come when they are willing to make a purchase. Further, we have best-in-class shipping and delivery services to keep away from inconvenience.

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