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The striated rugs are a distinctive bunch of carpets. When it comes to striated rugs, you may not notice or like them at first glance, unlike other fancy designs, patterns, and texture carpets. They are very impactful when you witness them in the long run, whether in your home, office, or any other place. Like a beautiful Rehman melody, they grow on you. When the striated rugs are placed anywhere, their band-type patterns and streaked material create a sense of a high-spirited atmosphere. These can create a momentous impact on the energy and vibrations of space.

Our striated articles are exclusive as they are made with intricately ribbed lines slicing through the rugs. This gives an up-to-date appeal. All the color options of striated rugs boast a striking undertone that plays up the ribbing beautifully.

Benefits of Striated rugs

Helps in creating a dynamic illusion of plowed field ground

The striae we use in our carpet looks like a plowed field. They give you the same earthy feel that you receive while watching a long-plowed field. They are neither too eye-catchy nor too dull. The dark-colored rugs give a more grounded feel than the light colors, but the lighter colors add different magic.

Have colors and texture that uplifts the calmness of a room

The striated rugs mostly come in either light or bold colors. Both types of colors bring calmness to the atmosphere of the room. The striated rugs, if placed correctly, can also act as a guide to walk in the right direction for the people.

The stripes on the rug draw your eye from one end of the room to another

The striated rugs are helpful, especially in a high-traffic room. The striae used on the rugs are used to convince users to narrow their line of vision, allowing them to focus on the endpoint of the room. The straight lines also help in guiding the placement of furniture and other decors.

The streaks make a good impact on visitors, can stay in their minds for a while

The color of the striated rugs is not usually bright but the combination of the color of striae and the background is appealing to the eyes. They are sophisticated and can be used for your minimal decoration requirement.

Healthy and Hypoallergenic

The striated rugs act as a natural dust absorber. It absorbs all the dust and not holds it on the surface. Some carpets release dust mites that contribute to the conditions of Asthma and Eczema. These dust mites are killed by wool present in a striated rug and can be easily avoided upon placing the rug under sunlight. Handwoven rugs do not emit any volatile compounds.

They are sustainable

Striated rugs have a longer life cycle as compared to other styles of rugs. They are stronger and can retain their properties for many years. Even if they get dirty and not cleaned regularly, their natural appearance doesn't allow them to look very untidy. However, cleaning them consistently is necessary to avoid health problems and an unhygienic atmosphere.

Eco Friendly

Striated Rugs are energy-efficient. They can keep your home, office, or any other space warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Therefore, it can also help to save electricity. The striated rugs are composed of natural fibers and materials that are not harmful. Many rugs may use safe materials but they are often treated with harsh chemicals to repel water and stains. Toxic glues, dyes, and flame retardants are commonly used and are very dangerous. We keep this in mind to use appropriate materials for your daily eco-friendly requirement.

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