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Textured rugs are one of the most popular types of rugs. These rugs are made with the cut and pile process combined with uneven and twisted fibers. This style makes them both tough and less likely to show up dirt, tracks, or dents. They are one of the most effective for the high traffic areas or anyone with kids or pets. A genuine textured cut pile has fibers uneven in lengths that create a fuller, more textured surface.

However, the durability and the dirt/stain resistance of your carpet depends on the type of fibers it is made of, how dense are the fibers, and whether or not it has an integrated stain-resistant finish. It also depends on your budget and what texture you desire on your carpet. The uneven pile helps textured rugs to make the track marks and dirt not visible. Therefore, multiple types of materials, varied pile heights, and versatility.

The popularity of Textured Rugs

A good home decoration requires creativity in implementation. We want our home to look appealing to our guests and to accomplish this we try to fill it with various decorative items. From placing the sophisticated furniture to putting a modern wall art, we try to make our home alluring for the visitors as well as ourselves. As time has passed, this trend has made it to the floors as well. Thus, the area rugs have made their place in the market of home decoration.

The textured area rugs are no more infrequent in the rug market. They are preferred by every rug lover these days. People nowadays are preferring a more natural, organic style when it comes to decorating the floor. They are no more interested in the old style of uniformity and structure in their rugs. They want more of a freestyle design. This is where the textured rugs fit perfectly with today’s casual lifestyle.

The textured rugs are known for the value of their fibers, their thickness, and their quality. They are mostly hand weaved and create irregularities, imbibing the natural appearance of fabrics. People who value craftsmanship and natural ­looking rugs and carpets would love the charm brought by textured rugs.

Characteristics of textured rugs


The textured rugs complement all types of furniture, wall arts, or décor. They can fit into any room or space of your house. They are so multifaceted that they can give a different look and energy in different rooms of your house. It completely depends on you how you are going to place that rug. They can be used as minimalist decoration or contemporary.

Carved Borders

The textured rugs may have the carved narrow channel in the pile of a rug. This is used on the edges of piles to separate two areas of the rugs. It's a great way to make a higher and lower pile that creates a good texture of the rug. This technique is effective in geometric textured rugs where there is a uniform pile height and works well in both wool and silk rugs.

Cuts and loops

When the rug is knotted, the pile is made in the loops and then cut, giving a pile that stands upright. The rugs may also feature a ‘loop pile’ created in Himalayan Wool. This is made when the yarn is knotted around a metal rod and the loop is left intact, giving a ribbed effect. The cuts and loops process can be used in several different ways on the textured rugs.

Mixed Material

Textured rugs are made up of many mixed materials. They are mostly made with a combination of wool and silk. The properties of both silk and wool provide a rug to display the contrast between different areas of the design. Silk helps in giving a luxurious look whereas wool adds softness to the surface of the rug.

High and low pile style

The textured rugs that have high and low pile textures are getting popular nowadays. This style is used to add definition to a design or to emphasize certain patterns or materials. These rugs may also feature several layers of subtle patterns, merging the traditional and modern styles to give a beautiful impact.


This is one of the main features of textured rugs. The texture is added to a rug once it is dismantled from the loom. This process of hand carving is also called the finishing process. This is a time taking process and requires manpower. Around 6 to 7 people are involved in the completion of this process. If we use silk and wool, the silk is carefully hand-carved and kept at one pile height whilst the wool of the rug is cut down to a lower pile height.

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