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How do you get the custom carpet of your dreams?

Have you ever considered making a custom carpet? It can be a picture of a beautiful pattern you saw and clicked while walking through the streets and wished you could bring it home. MAT Living can help turn your dream carpet design into reality. You can create interiors with a unique style by adding a custom carpet.

We can customize traditional carpets giving them a modern touch to suit your interiors, ensuring a hassle-free and enjoyable experience!

Having the ability to design, customize, and choose the colours and shape of your rugs is the key to creating custom rugs. MAT Living makes it possible for you to create a carpet and lets you see the whole process from start to finish! We have devised a simple approach to help you choose and design your custom carpet easily.

Our team has mastered the art of custom-made rugs, creating masterpieces that are unique, creative, and rare. Furthermore, our rug buyers continuously surprise us with their personalized creative ideas!

Design Your Own Custom Rug



Don't settle for the next best thing - make your custom rugs right from your browser! Have you already set a unique colour scheme, design theme, or style in your home but cannot find rugs to match? You can design custom rugs for your home at MAT Living and have them delivered to your door. A custom design rug won't only blend seamlessly into the rest of your home decor's style, but you will also feel proud to add your distinctive touch. You can go limitless when it comes to a custom rug.

When To Choose Custom Area Rug For Your Home

Many of you would question whether there is a need for a custom rug when we already have a lot of carpets in the market. Some of the reasons why you should go for custom rugs are listed below:

You need a size that is not available in Standard Rug Sizes



The standard area carpet sizes are 5 X 8, 8 X 10, 9 X 12 and etc. What if the size of your room demands a rug that is not one of the common sizes? Standard sizes come in fixed shapes, and it is possible to get the perfect length and width for your space by purchasing a custom area rug. As here you can easily measure the room and get a custom carpet that fits the space.

Multiple rug material choices

The diversity of materials implies that rugs can be customized to reflect your lifestyle preferences. Rugs can add vibrancy to a room by blending colours from around. To make the spaces more appealing, you can incorporate colour from the elements around like the walls or curtains.

You Want to Match your Existing Carpet



You want to place a rug on top of the wall-to-wall carpet in a room. Having your carpet customized gives you more options to achieve the perfect match for your existing flooring rather than something that "almost" does.

A custom rug that's unique to your needs

Ultimately, a custom area rug can be just as unique as the person who owns it. Neither two homes are exactly the same nor could the feeling behind two carpets be similar. Unlike standard rugs, you can have the opportunity to experiment with different colour combinations that match your custom styles. Get your creative site up and running then test the boundaries and materials.

Things You Should Consider For Your Custom Area Rug

MAT Living provides an extensive and diverse selection of fine carpeting. Our experts are happy to help you create your dream custom area rug if you cannot find the perfect carpet for your space. You are free to choose the carpet pattern, design, weave type, colour, material, and size of your custom carpet.

1. Choose Your Unique Custom Rug Design

It is not always a fan of patterns, but if your furnishings and walls are all the same colour, a patterned rug can liven up your room. Likewise, patterned furniture can benefit from a neutral carpet. When searching for a rug, keep in mind that you should consider the space you already have furnished.

Make the perfect rug to match the theme, colour scheme, or pattern of your room by choosing from one of many custom area rug designs. Make an entirely new customize rug that will match the design of an existing carpet or create an altogether new one from scratch.

2. Choose the Type of Weave



Rugs have many qualities that they strive to achieve, starting with the weave. A luxurious-looking carpet and a long-living carpet come from the woven method. Four varieties of knots are incorporated for your custom rug: 60, 80, 100, or 150. The number represents the knot count per square inch (the bigger the number, the denser the rug).

The style and pattern of your carpet will determine the weave you should select. Those rugs containing significant design elements or open areas will require fewer knots, while those with intricate designs will need more. MAT Living India rug experts will help you choose the right knot weave for your design or pattern, allowing you to compare knot weave counts and densities directly.

Significant types of rug weave types are –

  • Hand-knotting
  • Hand-tufted
  • Flatweave
  • Braided

 3. Choose Specific Rug Colours



Pick the right rug colour for your living room to change its appearance. Custom rugs anchor any room and help transform its look. If you are unable to find the colour you need, we can help create exactly the one as per your requirement. The MAT Living can also enhance a room's appearance by weaving and blending yarns with different shades of the same colour to create stippled or brindled effects in a carpet.

 4. Choose Custom Rug Materials



You can choose wool as the primary material in many hand-woven rugs or add silk, mohair, or hemp as an accent to create the look of your carpet. The carpet pile refers to the carpet's tufts, and one can completely customize the carpet pile height.

Most rugs are cut-pile, in which the stitches of yarn are cut, producing thick, soft rugs that are very comfortable under the feet. Loop-pile rugs are made when the stitches of thread are left undone.

5. Consider the Pile Height



The short length of low-pile rugs makes them durable and provides relatively low wear and tear over time. Meanwhile, high-pile rugs tend to be softer and fluffier but are less suitable for high-traffic areas.

Our design experts can offer their expertise in helping you create the perfect custom rug for your specific needs and specifications.

6. Order a Sample



Before owning the custom rug, we send a swatch for approval by the client, known as a "strike-off." You can check this sample in your home to ensure that the design and colours are just the way you want them to be before your final rug is woven.

With MAT Living you can have hassle-free custom rug designing. We have easy and worth appreciating shipping and delivery to save you from experiencing inconveniences.
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