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How to Clean Carpet by Hand?

No matter how much effort you put into maintaining your carpet clean, it will eventually accumulate deep-set stains that are impossible to remove using a vacuum cleaner.

Cleaning a dirty carpet can be a bit complicated, but it is almost always possible to do it on your own to achieve a clean, shiny, dirt-free carpet.

There will eventually be a time when a deep cleaning is required for your removable carpet or area rug. If there are deep-seated stains or problems with dust, it is time for a thorough cleaning. 

Tools & materials required



There is no need to hire a professional to deep clean your rug; you can do it yourself. With the right tools and cleaning approach, you will be good to go. Use the below mentioned tools and follow the steps given in this artige going forward to remove all bad odors, stains, and general dinginess with ‘Mat Living India's’ Do-It-Yourself rug cleaning routine.

    Types Of Rug Cleaning Methods

    A carpet can be deep cleaned using four simple cleaning methods which you can achieve all by yourself.

    • Wet-cleaning 
    • Dry-cleaning 
    • Using a liquid soap mixture for deep cleaning
    • Deep cleaning a carpet naturally

    Let’s have a look at every rug cleaning method. 

     1. Wet-Cleaning A Carpet or Rug



    Rug wet-cleaning is the first method for deep cleaning a carpet. Here are a few steps you need to follow:

    Step 1: Buy a carpet cleaner

    A carpet cleaner can be purchased from your local hardware store. Carpet cleaners are relatively inexpensive and can be viewed as an investment that can last a lifetime. Their appearance resembles a vacuum cleaner. But wet cleaners have a water tank as well, which is a major difference between them.

    A carpet cleaner works as follows:

    1. A mix of water and carpet cleaning detergent is sprayed onto the carpet.
    2. To rid the carpet of dirt and grime, the rotating brushes of the cleaner ensure that the carpet is scrubbed thoroughly.
    3. Afterward, the carpet cleaner will collect the dirty water.

    Step 2: Obtain the rug cleaning solution

    Selecting and buying the right carpet cleaning solution is the next step. Be sure that the cleaning solution you choose is eco-friendly and doesn't contain any ingredients that will irritate or cause an allergic reaction. Use a soapy solution designed to clean your carpet effectively.

    Step 3: Clear the area

    It is important to remove everything from the carpet first. Dispense with anything that is on the carpet, including books, toys, shoes, and papers. If there are any wrappers, empty bottles, or other trash on the rug, be sure to throw them away.

    Step 4: Move the furniture

    Make sure there are not at all or a very few furniture in the carpet area. Move the tables, chairs, and other small items to other rooms. Place small pieces of aluminum foil beneath heavy furniture if it is difficult or heavy to move.

    Step 5: Vacuum the carpet

    Cleaning your carpet thoroughly involves treating each spot and vacuuming. This will ensure that you won't have to worry about adding dust to your rug as you won't be dealing with individual spots.

    Step 6: Spot-treat the rug stains

    It is important to remove stains on your carpet before deep cleaning it. Here is how to do it:

    1. Spray a carpet cleaning solution above the stain.
    2. Let it sit for 25 minutes.
    3. Blot the stain with a sponge. Avoid rubbing the stains in.
    4. If you don't have a rug cleaning solution, you can opt for baking soda, shaving cream, or a vinegar-water-soap solution.

    Step 7: Check a small rug patch test

    Check a small piece of carpet first to make sure the carpet cleaning solution won't damage or stain it. If possible, use a patch of carpet that will be covered by furniture so that even if it gets damaged, the whole carpet won't have to be replaced.

    When checking the carpet, spray a small amount of carpet cleaner on the carpet, wait 15 minutes, and notice any discoloration or staining. If so, don't use the carpet cleaner.

    Step 8: Fill the carpet cleaning machine

    You will now need to mix water and cleaning solution inside the carpet cleaner's tank. Be sure to go through the instructions that are included with the carpet cleaner and the cleaning solution. You need to know the ratio of water to the cleaning solution that will be appropriate for successful carpet deep cleaning.

    You can add white vinegar instead of the cleaning solution if you have allergies or are sensitive to the cleaning solution once the tank is full. Plug the carpet cleaner in once the tank is full, but don’t set it up before adding the water and the cleaning solution.

    There is the possibility that this may not give you the results you are looking for, and you will likely have to clean more than once.

    Step 9: Keep yourself away from the entrance

    To clean the carpet, go from the innermost part of the room outwards slowly. If you clean from the door, you will have to step on the carpet again to exit. If you start at the door, you will have to step on the wet, clean carpet again to leave.

    Let the rug dry for a few hours and then clean it again if the rug isn't as clean as you wish it to be.

    Step 10: Let the carpet dry

    Having cleaned the carpet, you need to dry it. Doing this may take several hours. Make sure that there is plenty of fresh air circulating throughout your room during this process. Keep the windows and doors to allow the proper air circulation.

    In addition to turning on your fans and dehumidifiers, use some mildew and mold prevention equipment. This will help to speed up the drying process and reduce the likelihood of mildew and mold growth.

    Step 11: Dispose of the water

    Now, it is time to flush the carpet cleaner, and the water should be full of chemicals, dirt, and dust. Don't pour the dirty water down the drain unless it is safe to do so according to the manufacturer of the cleaning solution. Do your best to dispose of dirty water responsibly to avoid damaging plants or other living organisms.

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     2. Dry-Cleaning the Carpet



    Secondly, you can deep-clean your carpet by dry-cleaning it. Dry-cleaning doesn't remove stains - it only takes out dirt and dust embedded in your carpet. Here is how you can dry-clean your carpet yourself.

    Step 1: Buy a dry-carpet cleaning solution

    It is possible to purchase dry cleaning solutions from hardware stores or supermarkets. They are usually a powder that breaks down dirt accumulated in the carpet.

    It is important to do your research before purchasing any dry-carpet cleaning solution, making sure that it is within your budget, doesn't contain ingredients that irritate you, and that it is compatible with your rug material.

    Step 2: Disseminate the cleaning solution over the rug

    Spread the cleaning solution over your carpet as per the instructions mentioned on the bottle of cleaning solution. Sprinkle the solution evenly and leave it on the area rug for a specific time. Most powders recommend 15-20 minutes. When it gets slightly dirtier over time, you'll see the powder do its magic.

    Step 3: Vacuum the carpet

    Cleaner instructions often recommend using a vacuum to remove the powder. If a vacuum is not recommended, then a carpet brush can be used to remove dirt and dust. When you have removed the powder from your carpet, you have completed the deep dry cleaning process.

     3. Deep Cleaning a Carpet Using Liquid Soap Mixture

    To clean your carpets, you don't have to invest in a steam cleaner or rent one. A vacuum can do the trick. Here's how it works:

    1. Add a small amount of liquid soap to warm water.
    2. Fill a spray bottle with this mixture.
    3. Add baking soda and salt to the surface you wish to clean.
    4. Spray the mixture over the surface.
    5. Let it stand for 15 minutes.
    6. Using a soft brush, start brushing the carpet until dirt and hair accumulate in the brush.
    7. Apply towels to the carpet and let them soak with water.
    8. Spray clean with water and allow new towels to absorb the water.

     4. Deep Cleaning a Carpet Naturally

    You can also deep clean your carpet naturally if you are sensitive to cleaning products such as soaps, detergents, and other cleaning products.

    Deep clean rug with vinegar

    You can also clean your rug with a mix of vinegar, dish soap, and water –

    1. Mix 1/4 tablespoons dish soap with 1/4 tablespoons of vinegar.
    2. Keep this cleaning mixture in a spray bottle.
    3. Spray the mixture on your carpets to clean them thoroughly.

    How to deep clean a rug with baking soda

    Besides being an extremely effective carpet cleaner, baking soda is also a versatile product with various uses - one of the best of which is the clean carpets it provides. Another advantage to using baking soda is that it is highly affordable as well as being eco-friendly.

    Here’s the process:

    1. Make sure to spread a generous amount of baking soda all over your carpet.
    2. Put the baking soda into a spray bottle and spray the mixture.
    3. Leave the mixture for at least 3 hours. The baking soda will soak up dirt and odors from your carpet.
    4. Make sure your carpet is clean of baking soda present in it with the help of a vacuum cleaner.

    How to deep clean an area rug with a vacuum and brush

    In addition, you can also remove dust, soil, and other pollutants from your carpet by using a carpet brush and vacuum. Here's how:

    1. Use the soft-bristle brush to remove dust, soil, and other pollutants from your carpet.
    2. You should vacuum your rug once the whole rug has been brushed to remove any remaining dirt.

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    Conclusion –

    A carpet can be cleaned in four different ways, including wet cleaning, dry cleaning, liquid soap mixtures, and naturally. Wet cleaning is best when you have a nasty stain, while dry cleaning is the best way to remove dust and dirt. Liquid soap and natural methods can be used for more routine deep cleanings.

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