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Best Carpet Fibers For Your Home in 2021?

The area rug always helps you to connect your space. The fact is that carpets not only complete the room but also revamp the interior. But buying an ideal area rug for your dwell can be a tedious task or can be fun.

Apart from only considering the look and feel of the rug, you also need to pay attention to the rug material used to produce the rug. From rich, hand-loomed New Zealand wool to durable and brilliant synthetic carpet materials, the best materials and development techniques are utilized all through in creating MAT Living, India’s handmade rug selection. Here are some of the Best carpet fibers for your home in 2021.

    Wool Area Rugs 

    Best for living room and high-traffic areas. Quite possibly, the most widely known rug material is wool, and that is not something awful. Wool is usually collected from animals, such as goats and sheep. Wool fiber is completely eco-friendly, and that is the coolest thing about it.

    Wool is intended for strong and resilient fiber. This rug material is used to create durable carpets. It will, in general, repulse stains and dampness. The lesson of the story: it's generous to stains, yet it's not invulnerable!



    Wool fiber is versatile, and its texture permits the material to rapidly recover from crumbling or indenting achieved by steps or furniture. Fleece is the most well-known carpet material which is utilized to make sturdy and delicate area rugs. Wool carpets are solid, stain-safe, and water repellent. They have remarkable protecting properties and feel comfortable underneath your feet. Wool floor coverings can also be dyed in many cool colors. There are no limits there.

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    Cotton Area Rugs 

    Cotton is an inexpensive option of wool. These flat woven carpets are genuinely durable yet delicate and can even be placed in the clothes washer. Cotton area rugs are durable and most appropriate for medium-to-low traffic areas of the home. Normally braided carpet and flatweave rugs, these floor coverings are a lot milder than some other common material choices like jute and sisal. While cotton carpets are not delicate and rich as wool or silk area rugs, they are affordable.

    Cotton Area Rugs


    Cotton carpets are extremely simple to perfect, and most are machine washable, taking into consideration considerably simpler cleaning. Using a rug pad beneath your floor covering will keep the rug safe from tearing.

    Notwithstanding, cotton will, in general, blur rapidly and doesn't repulse stains, so at MAT Living, India, we suggest you not expect your cotton carpet to keep going for quite a long time. Cotton floor coverings are best utilized in casual spaces and are a decent alternative if you're keen on changing out your carpet according to the season.

    Silk Area Rug

    Regardless of whether 100% silk or a silk mix, the consideration of silk in an area rugs makes an elegant sparkle unparalleled by other filaments. Notwithstanding its sheen, silk floor coverings are frequently meager, fine, and delicate to the touch.

    Silk carpets are extremely delicate and tough to care for & clean, so silk floor covering is the best in spaces with low traffic. Rayon and viscose are the other alternatives to genuine silk and are considered marginally less tough than the genuine article.

    Silk Area Rug


    Silk rugs have been related to extravagance and excellence for millennia. Silk carpets have an amazing sheen and can be colored in a variety of brilliant and inconspicuous tones. The silk fiber is also mixed with wool and other fibers to weave an appealing carpet.

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    Jute Area Rug 

    Jute is a material that displays easy, characteristic polish. Like a sisal carpet, jute can be beige, tan, or brilliant earthy colored in shading, which matches well with any shading plan, and the filaments can likewise grandstand an engaging woven example.

    Generally, upkeep free, a jute area rug settles on a great decision for a home with pets or youngsters. A little vacuuming will get the job done for cleaning the jute carpet. Make certain to try not to clean a jute carpet with water; in any case, the shape will start to develop after some time. In like manner, avoid steam cleaning or shampooing.

    Jute Area Rug


    Thicker than other natural rug material, a jute mat can be easily combined with chenille or sisal in case you're searching for a gentler touch. Don't hesitate to utilize a jute area rug in any home décor to look for a modern and traditional interior.

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    Sisal Area Rug 

    A sisal floor covering can bring warmth and welcoming touch to complement any room. Sisal is the strongest and durable organic rug material. An eye-satisfying weave or mesh features most sisal floor coverings, making profundity and surface in any room. A sisal carpet would be ideal for a mudroom or lobby, which gets a ton of indoor-outside traffic. Maintainable and 100% biodegradable, a sisal area rug is an amazing harmless to the ecosystem decision.

    Sisal Area Rug


    The downside of this material is that it might stain effectively, and it can regularly feel somewhat coarse underneath. Likewise, it is best to utilize a sisal floor covering in a room that isn't much of the time wet, so make certain to try not to utilize a sisal carpet in a kitchen or restroom.

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    Nylon Area Rug 

    Great for heavy-traffic living areas such as conversational space. Nylon is another sturdy synthetic rug material such as polypropylene. It is extremely impervious to abrasions, static, and mold. Additionally, it dries rapidly, making it ideal for restrooms or works best as an outdoor area rug.

    Nylon has high versatility, which means it can extend under furnishings and still hold its shape. It's likewise a decent decision for utilizing under furniture since it will not show spaces in the wake of holding the weight for extensive periods.

    Nylon Area Rug


    Initially created as a substitute for silk, nylon displays tones perfectly and still looks after delicateness. Simple to clean and stain-safe, nylon might be the toughest fiber of all. Nylon carpets are costlier than polypropylene, yet if you're searching for a lovely visual tasteful alongside flexibility, the nylon area rug is a shocking decision and simpler on the wallet than spending lavishly on a silk rug.

    Polypropylene Area Rug 

    Works perfectly for a stormy, damp, and moist home area. Another tough floor covering material is polypropylene which is an especially decent alternative if you're on a tight spending plan. Regularly utilized as an outdoor area rug, polypropylene opposes blurring in the daylight.

    A polypropylene carpet is perhaps the sturdiest and low-upkeep choices out there. In case you're searching for accommodation, this is the floor covering for you.

    Polypropylene Rugs


    You can keep this floor covering outside the entire summer with no concerns since it's impervious to mold and dampness. You could even utilize a polypropylene mat by the pool or in a restroom. Polypropylene rug is another good decision for families or those with pets since it is very stainless and simple to clean. Hose off with water and utilize any cleaning item on it. Be that as it may, this material may not be as stylishly satisfying and rich as different alternatives.

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    Polyester Area Rugs 

    Great for dry weather. Like olefin, polyester carpets were created as a substitute for the wool area rug. Polyester carpets have similar advantages and disadvantages as polypropylene/olefin floor coverings are marginally less strong. Microfiber rugs, which are light, tough, and delicate, are generally made of polyester.

    Polyester Area Rugs


    It is gentler than nylon and known additionally for its sheer quality. Polyester is a genuinely decent rug material for those searching for a budget-friendly area rug. Polyester carpets are usually stain repellent, durable, and gentle than nylon rugs also. Polyester can be inclined to pilling or shedding and doesn't repulse oil-based stains.

    Acrylic Rug 

    Perfect for high-traffic sunny areas. Acrylic is another excellent rug material known for its strength. Acrylic is a brilliant material to utilize because it closely resembles wool; however, it is more affordable.

    Acrylic is likewise simple to clean. The tones in acrylic rugs are splendid and won't blur in the sun. Try not to be hesitant to buy a perfectly hued acrylic carpet since it should have the option to hold its tone for you to appreciate for a long time.

    Acrylic Rug


    Acrylic isn't probably going to be harmed by moths like wool. Since acrylic area rugs dry rapidly, they are famous washroom carpets, even though you can put a pleasant acrylic mat anyplace in the house. This mat would glance decent in a cutting-edge study or library. Low traffic regions are a decent decision since certain stains are difficult to escape acrylic carpets. Remember these when searching for a mat that can hold its tone for a significant period. Find out your perfect acrylic rug at MAT Living, India.

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    Many different kinds of carpet fibers can be durable and perfect for your high-traffic areas, but at MAT Living, India, we will suggest you go with these two rug materials nylon and wool.

    These address the strongest synthetic and organic rug filaments. Remember, the construction of an area rug will, in any case, become an integral factor, yet picking these materials will be your smartest choice. Additionally, try to introduce a rug pad beneath your carpet since it will affect your carpet sturdiness and the floor underneath it. 

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