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Best Carpet Type For High Traffic Family Rooms In 2021?

Certain spaces of your dwell, such as family room, conversational area, or nearby staircase, where you get tremendous measures of pedestrian activity consistently. While introducing a new carpet in high traffic areas, checking the rug is slip-free and snag-free carpet materials that can hold the shape for a long time. Luckily, there is great news for property holders: with simply a modest bunch of special cases, most modern and contemporary carpets are perfect for heavy traffic areas. It shows that choosing the best carpet for your heavy-traffic family area comes down to some rug factors such as style preferences, the texture of the rug, easily washable, and budget. 

MAT Living, India is here to assist you in making a choice; we'll think about some commonly-used sort of rug strands, including nylon, wool, and polyester. Check out some Best carpet type for high traffic family rooms in 2021 at MAT Living, India 

What is the Best Carpet Type for High Traffic Areas in 2021?

Area rugs are created and weaved from thousands of rug filaments appended to strong and durable backing by modern machinery. These rug strands can be sewed into tightly looped circles ("loop rug") or can be cut toward one side ("cut-heap") to make a plusher, more liberal surface. Low-heap or medium-heap looped family room carpets are smooth, firm, and level, while "high-heap" cuts are taller, relaxed, and feathery.

Types of Carpet Fibers

While words like "heap" and "loop" portray a rug's filaments' shape and thickness, they don't clarify what those strands are produced using. It's imperative to understand what materials were utilized to build the rug you're buying since it will affect how you keep up and care for the rug later on. There are four fundamental sorts of filaments to look over in 2021

  • Nylon Carpets
  • Polypropylene Carpets
  • Polyester Carpets
  • Wool Carpets
  • Cotton Carpets

Let’s have a closer look at every of these rug classifications, alongside a portion of the advantages and disadvantages you should consider when gauging your choice.

Nylon Carpets & Rugs 

Nylon rugs are extraordinary for heavy-traffic living spaces like conversational areas and outdoor seating areas. Nylon is another durable engineered carpet material like polypropylene. It is very impenetrable to abrasions, static, and mold. Nylon family room rugs are highly flexible, which implies they can reach out under goods and still hold their shape. It's like a fair choice for using under furniture since it won't show spaces in the wake of holding the weight for broad time frames.

Nylon Carpets & Rugs


When appropriately treated, the nylon carpet is an uncommonly balanced fiber that conveys the greatest aspects: sturdiness, stain obstruction, and practically limitless scope of examples, tones, and styles. In addition to the fact that nylon keeps its shape, it also shields against spills, pet stains, and children's wrecks. Upgrade your trends in 2021 and explore a nylon area rug that works perfectly for your high traffic areas at MAT Living, India.

Polypropylene Carpets & Rugs 

Polypropylene carpets turn out impeccably for windy, soggy, and sodden living spaces. Another durable rug material is polypropylene, a particularly suitable option if you're on a tight spending plan. Routinely used as an outdoor carpet, polypropylene goes against obscuring in the sunlight. 

Polypropylene Carpets & Rugs


A polypropylene cover is maybe the sturdiest and low-upkeep decisions out there. If you're looking for a high-traffic family rug, polypropylene carpet is the best option for you.

In any case, this material may not be a stylish option as other rug materials. MAT Living, India, has a tremendous determination of polypropylene family room carpet at the best costs in 2021.

Hand-Tufted Solana Bermuda Grey/ Multi-Family Room Carpet

Balanced rug design in theoretical arrangements and an assortment of shades free flow over this contemporary style carpet. It is an exquisite, energetic, and remarkable rug design that is incredible; if you are looking for a vivid carpet for a heavy traffic family room carpet for your home.

Hand-Tufted Solana


This could be your day of reckoning for your dwell. This modern rug is entirely hand-made; this fun and current style are produced using Polypropylene and earns consideration from any who meander by. Accessible in a few measuring choices. Hand-Tufted with 100% polypropylene.

Polyester Carpets & Rugs 

The official term for polyester is polyethylene terephthalate or PET. Olefin and polyester are artificial carpet materials, while sensibly sturdy, are less robust than wool or nylon when subject to long stretches of heavy wear. Polyester family room carpets have comparable benefits and hindrances as polypropylene/olefin floor covers are hardly less solid.

Microfiber carpets, which are light, intense, and sensitive, are, for the most part, made of polyester. It is pleaser and tender than nylon and known furthermore for its sensitive quality. Polyester is a good carpet material for those looking for affordable family room rugs.

Polyester Carpets & Rugs


Polyester carpets are normally stained repellent, strong, and delicate than nylon mats moreover. Polyester can be slanted to pilling or shedding and doesn't shock oil-based stains.

Intended to offset cost-effectiveness with performance, polyester conveys the extravagance look and feel — however, without the extravagance cover sticker price. We, for the most part, suggest polyester covering for medium degrees of people strolling through. You can checkout MAT Living, India for every kind of high traffic area, whether you are looking for indoor carpet or outdoor carpet.

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Hand Woven Shaggy Sunshine Black Family Room Carpet 

Sunshine Black carpet for high traffic family room induces surprisingly luxurious and shaggy texture with a dazzling radiant sparkle that welcomes one to stroll upon it in your bare feet. Utilizing a super delicate mix of Lurex and polyester, this area rug is hand-woven by skilled artisans and accessible in multiple size choices and colorways. An ideal carpet for a passage, standard room, or main room, this plan is an incredible expansion to any home stylistic layout assortment.

Hand Woven Shaggy Sunshine

Wool Carpets & Rugs 

Best for family room and high-traffic territories. Perhaps, wool is the most popular area rug material gathered from animals like goats and sheep. Wool carpet rugs are eco-friendly, and that is the coolest thing about it. Wool carpet material is utilized to make sturdy rugs. It will overall shock stains and clamminess. The moral of the story: it's liberal to stains, yet it's not insusceptible!

Wool Carpets & Rugs


Wool is a solid contender for any of your heavy traffic rug material needs, such as flooring for your steps or front room. A traditional favorite used for many decades, wool carpets are ageless and durable that never appear to lose their suffering allure. It's likewise ideal for keeping your feet comfortable during those crisp cold weather months!

Textured Loom Knotted Pinstripe Indoor Bronze Carpet

Loom knotted bronze carpet generally appears glamorous and sophisticated in color. The copper carpet provides you an alluring space that is breathtaking yet classic outlook. It includes a 100% pet heap with a loomed loop to give a gleaming sparkle look. Occupy, and surface adds additional complexity and extraordinary trademark to the floor covering.

Textured Loom Knotted Pinstripe carpets


The enhanced visualization will carry warmth and surface to any stylistic theme and embraceable with the climate. This textured carpet also works great for your outdoor areas. 

Cotton Carpets & Rugs 

Cotton is an affordable choice of wool carpet. These handwoven rugs are truly strong yet fragile and can even be put in the garments washer. Cotton carpets are sturdy and generally and good for high traffic areas of the home. Generally braided rug and flatweave carpets, these floor coverings are much milder than some other regular material decisions like jute and sisal.

Cotton Carpets & Rugs


While cotton floor coverings are not fragile and rich as wool or silk carpets, they are moderate. Cotton rugs are amazingly easy to great, and most are machine washable, mulling over significantly more straightforward cleaning. Utilizing a mat cushion underneath your floor covering will hold the mat protected back from tearing.

Jute Carpets & Rugs 

Jute is a material that looks easy and clean. Like a sisal cover, jute can be beige, tan, or splendid natural hued in concealing, which matches well with any color plan of your home interior. Never try to incorporate a jute floor covering nearby damp or moist areas of your home.

Jute Carpets & Rugs


Jute carpets can be great for outdoor family gatherings and living spaces. Purchase now jute area rugs at MAT Living, India Carpets collection.

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Summary of the Article

In this Article we Discuss about the some Best carpet types for high traffic family rooms in 2021 at MAT Living, India. MAT Living, India is here to assist you in making a choice; we'll think about some commonly-used sort of rug strands, including nylon, wool, and polyester.

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