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How will the year 2022 affect your carpet buying strategies?

With its cosy-chic, soft underfoot feel, carpet offers something that hardwood floors simply cannot. While hardwood flooring would not go anywhere, carpets are gaining popularity. Envisioning in 2022, we will be expressing our creativity boldly and innovatively regarding our carpet buying strategies.

The floor is no longer a secondary consideration while decorating your home. You can design the entire room considering the floor as a focal point. Carpet is an excellent way to bring colour and pattern into a room. Some carpet trends are ageless and elegant, while others demand a little boldness, resulting in a luxurious and stylish finish.

Carpet Trends for 2022

Now, don't escape just yet. We're not going to take you back to shag carpeting and 70s designs. There's a lot more to persuade you that carpets are making a comeback, from natural textures like jute and sisal to luxurious deep pile carpets in lush jewel tones that can quickly revamp a room.

Bold patterns will be the most popular carpet theme in 2022. Statement carpet is becoming a huge trend, similar to statement wallpaper making a comeback. However, you don't have to worry if you don't want to introduce much colour or design to your space since neutrals (especially those in the tan or brown family) are still popular.

Bold Dramatic Patterns



2022 carpet trends aren't simply about dipping your toe into a beautiful neutral colour from one extreme to the other. Bold colours and patterns have been trending in recent years, and the gorgeous and macky carpet prints we've seen reflect this desire to embrace the maximalist approach.

Bold patterns are no longer just for accent walls. Carpets with vibrant patterns and colours are becoming increasingly popular. Animal print carpets, brightly coloured flowers, and maximalist geometric designs are popular patterns.

These patterned rugs are introduced to make them the room's focal point. If you're worried that wall-to-wall carpeting with a specific design will be too much for you, start with an area rug to nail the art of designing homes.

Carpet tiles

Patterned carpets were once associated with pubs and hotels due to their ability to absorb stains and spills rather than aesthetic appeal. New patterns are lifting the bar for wall-to-wall patterned carpets these days, as evidenced by the incredible carpet tiles becoming more popular than ever in the market.

If you want the floor to be the main canvas of the space, you must go for carpet toles since designers are competent at creating carpet tiles and forms that mimic abstract art for the floor.

Go for stripes

Whether comprehensive or thin, a stylish stripe is a traditional pattern that visually elongates and widens a room. When the first collections hit the market roughly ten years ago, striped floor coverings were cautiously introduced into houses.

Stripes were once restricted to high-traffic places, such as stairwells, due to their dirt-defying character, but their popularity gradually spread. Flooring has finally caught up, taking cues from the fabric world, where stripes abound and now provide a more comprehensive range of options than ever before.

Staircase carpet ideas with stripes create a style statement right when you walk in the door, but they don't have to be limited to this area. People are gaining confidence to experiment with various sizes, ranging from broad to pencil stripes.

People are far more eager to experiment with the range of living room carpet ideas, and big wall-to-wall stripes work nicely. You may soften the effect by layering things on top while keeping the area bright and lively.

The forever trend



If you enjoy minimalism, you'll be happy to learn that neutrals are here to stay like always, just like the forever trend to follow.

While carpet trends suggest that we can be more daring with our colours and prints, there's also a significant trend toward using carpets for their most well-known quality: adding cosiness, warmth, and comfort to a space. And these comforting vibes are only added by the toasty, earthy tones. These deep terracotta and ochre tones are perfect for adding depth to a neutral space without overpowering the softer, gentler hues.

Choosing a traditional base note carpet will give your living room tranquillity. A neutral colour is also a sensible investment because it adds value to your home due to its versatility and longevity. It allows you to mix plains and subtle patterns while maintaining a continuous flow throughout the house.

What do we recommend?

As you can see, there is a lot to explore when it comes to adding a carpet to your living spaces. For 2022, the mats are making a triumphant return. Paying attention to the floor in any area you're decorating is crucial. Many unique options are currently popular and will likely remain so for years to come, so your possibilities are virtually limitless. We recommend getting soft, plush, and durable carpet in the living room. It will ground the space, but it will also serve as a beginning point for the plan. Buying a rug for your living spaces is an investment that will give you benefits in the form of cosiness and warmth, especially in winters. Try a bright pattern or colour if you love experimenting.

Choose a neutral hue or a subtle geometric design if you want to play safe, and choose a carpet that will be in style for years. Carpet tiles are a great way to bring carpet aesthetics without having too much on your hands.

The right kind can really make any room look classy and sleek, so if you don't want or need an entire wall covered in plush fabric-line-up! Lastly, it all comes down to your taste and preferences. If you still feel confused about where to head up to, MAT Living experts are here to help you anytime. Happy purchasing!

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