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Choose The Perfect Area Rug or Carpet for Your Every Room in 2021

Rugs have amazing features. Apart from bringing warmth and homeliness to any room, they also connect the color plan and home interior. Carpet can make an area look more spacious – it all depends on the size of the rug and where you put them. To add an extra layer of protection to your floor, layer down an area rug in the high traffic areas such as hallways, entryway, family room etc. To bring some luxury to your home décor, introduce a high-pile shaggy area rug to your living room, bedroom, and guest room.

It is completely fine that you have decided the color, size and pattern of the rug, but most importantly, where do you use the rug in your home? There are numerous styles to consider, such as luxury, contemporary, shaggy, traditional, performance, and hide rugs. Here, MAT Living, India, we are providing a short guide that will help you to choose the perfect area rug or carpet for your every room in 2021.

Living Room Area



When we talk about the living room, less is not more. If you have a large living area, a small carpet will look cluttered and make your living space look smaller. While large carpets help you create more streamlined living room that is visually appealing and more spacious. Introduce a luxury area rug in 2021 in the center of your conversational area with all legs of the furniture on the carpet to create a focal point.

For the smaller living area, you can place a 5 by 8 feet rug; for mid-size living space, you can go with 8 by 10 feet; for a larger living room, you can choose 9 by 13 feet area rug respectively to connect your family room with home furnishing items.

When selecting a carpet for a living area, if it is really important to focus on the kind of living space you have, consider kids, pets, and the traffic in your family room. If you want to make your living room more luxurious, try to go with MAT Living, India leather rugs or shaggy carpets.

Dining Room Area



When it comes to dining, people become more doubtful about introducing an area rug in their eating area. The confusion is mostly about the size of the dining room rug, what will go well with the dining room furniture, wall colors, the table size. Here is the tip: measure the correct size of your dining table and add 60 cm from each side of the rug to define the right size of the carpet for the dining table so that the people get enough room when they move out of their chairs. 

Try to avoid wobbly chairs and table; choose dining chairs and table which perfectly sits on the carpet, even when the chairs are moved out from the table. Focus on a rug that is spill-proof, easy to clean, comfortable and increase the appeal of your dining room. Go and opt for a flat-weaved rug or low-pile carpet. Standard dining room rug size is 8 by 10 feet for a small dining table and 9 by 12 feet rug for a large dinette. Explore MAT Living, India to find the perfect area rug for your dining room in 2021, or get the customized one according your needs.

Kitchen Area



Kitchen rugs are gaining popularity nowadays to revamp the look and feel of your cooking area. Make your kitchen space more inviting; layer down a rug to create an intriguing look and feel. A carpet protects your kitchen floor from spills and scratches, and echoes and provides a bit of padding for your feet to make you comfortable without slippers. An area rug also helps to reduce the echo and noise of your hard kitchen floor.

Introduce a durable kitchen area rug that correlates with your existing kitchen décor, easy to maintain and perfectly go with your lifestyle. For a large kitchen, opt for a 9’ by 12’ or 8’ by 10’ rug; for a medium-sized kitchen, go for 5 by 7 feet carpet; for a small kitchen a 3’ by 5’ feet floor covering is enough; for island or a long layout kitchen, you can choose a runner rug to layer down. At MAT Living, India, we have a vast collection of Kitchen area rugs and runner, browse now.

Bedroom Area



There are lots of option available in the market when it is about bedroom area rug. Bring coziness and comfort to your sleeping area with a bedroom carpet. Bedroom floor covering protect your feet from chilly hard surface and safeguard the floor from scratches and stains. It also transforms your personal space into a warm, quiet, and comfortable place.

To know the best placement of the bedroom rug, you need to measure your bedroom area. The standard size of a bedroom rug is 8’ by 10’ to keep your bed 2/3 under the bed and build an illusion of more space in your restroom. You can also flank the bed and add comfort beneath your feet when you walk out from your bed using a runner on both sides of the bed. To make your bedroom more luxurious, you can take benefit of a leather area rug from MAT Living, India.

Bathroom Area



Want to play pretty in shaping and decorating your bathroom, it is necessary to pay attention on the color, size, material, and durability. A bathroom rug is important for your family’s safety during their regular routine. A carpet in bathroom make it a safer, brighter, and welcoming places of your home.

Bath rugs introduces a touch of luxury to your bathroom and keeps your feet warm in chilly winters. If you have a large bathroom, layer down a large rug in front of your bathtub or choose multiple rug to define different areas of bathroom; for smaller area, you can add a small bath carpet to the sink area. Bring a functional and stylish addition to your bathroom in 2021, choose an ideal bath carpet at MAT Living, India.

Hallway Area



Hallways rugs runners are long rectangular carpet that you can place in your hall area to protect your hard surface or wooden floor from wear and tear. You can also place them in any high traffic area such as kitchen island, entryway, staircase etc. Runners are available in different colors, patterns, lengths and widths; so before purchasing a rug runner measure the hallway space and define the color and pattern that goes with your existing wall and furniture. Shop runner carpet for your hall at MAT Living India to make the space more inviting.

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