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How to Pick the Perfect Area Rug for Your Living Space in 2021?

There are so many good reasons to introduce an area rug to your living space. They improve the home aesthetics, add comfort, and bring warmth and coziness over hardwood or tile flooring. Additionally, they add some artistic values to your living area. Carpets are also considered as a decorative item for your floor that acts as a frame, but here is the catch; the size and color of your area rug matter the most to establish a well-balanced space.

Looking for an instant approach to upgrade the interior of your living area; contemporary and luxury carpets can be an easy and effective way to bring positive changes to your room decor immediately. An appealing floor covering helps you to redefine your dwell interior. You can also use it on the wall as a piece of art to give a contemporary touch to your home.

To improve the living room décor, a rug plays the most important role to upgrade the living room decoration. A carpet instantly put an impact on the color scheme and room texture. Here are some key considerations, you need to follow to choose the perfect area rug for your living space in 2021 –

Consider Room Type –

The style of living spaces can vary from house to house because every home has a different style from another. Entryways, kitchen, living room, and staircases have the maximum footfall. So, it is best to opt for a durable area rug that is easy to maintain. Lightly hued carpets are ideal for the low traffic living spaces while dark hue carpets are more significant for high traffic areas. So, here at MAT Living India, we have categorized living space based on the home style.

Most Popular Living Room Styles –

Contemporary Style Rug For Living Spaces



Contemporary style rugs are in trend. Most people and interior designers are choosing contemporary carpets to revamp their living spaces. Contemporary interior introduces a modern touch to your dwell and goes well with any kind of home décor.

Traditional Style Rug For Living Spaces



Upgrade your entire home with a traditional touch. If you love to bring a classic touch to your décor, a traditional rug is the best way to carry an authentic Indian style. Apart from traditional carpets, you can add some other home furnishing decorates such as artistic lamps, luxe dark colors, and some candles.  

Modern Style Rug For Living Spaces



To introduce modern style to your home, choose patterned rugs that have beautiful artwork on them. Mid-century modern carpet looks more stylish when coordinating with the same kind of furniture and home furnishing accessories. Modern carpet can be also paired with traditional decorates for contrasting aesthetics.

Scandinavian Style Rug For Living Spaces



Scandinavian design carpets are famous for their minimalist designs and neutral colors. Scandinavian homes are simple and practical. The Scandinavian rug is knitted in a way that adds extra character to your décor. One of the most beautiful types of living room ideas to bring some artistic interiors.

Vintage Style Rug For Living Spaces



If you want to feel like you are living in the classic era of the 1950s or 60s; a vintage area rug is a perfect solution for your home. Give your room the dash of velvet or silk sofa sets and candles. While picking the tones for the walls in vintage-styled living space, choose silver, golden, and off-white which display the old times.

Size & Shape –



When it is about finding an ideal rug for every individual room, MAT Living India is the right place to explore and buy an area rug. Selecting a too-small carpet according to the room size will ruin your entire décor efforts. For a mid-size living area, the area rug should be placed on a gap of 10-20 inches from the walls. As per the room size, the distance between the wall and rug can vary from 8 inches to 24 inches. For a centered carpet, the rug distance should be equal from every side of the wall.

Map your living space twice or thrice to find out the actual size of the rug. Here are some rug sizing rules you need to follow to define the perfect rug size.

  • Try to ignore a floating area rug that a small carpet is layered in the center of the room without touching any furniture.
  • If you are unsure about the rug size, lay down newspaper and cover the space to determine the ideal rug size.

Don’t go with only a standard rectangular-shaped carpet. Introduce some different shape carpets such as oval area rug, square carpet, or circular rug.

10’ X 14’ Rug or Carpet: For all leg on the carpet

If you have a big living room, decorate it with a 10’ X 14’ carpet. Try to maintain a distance of few inches beyond your furniture, the perfect rug size helps you to create versatility in a room. Introduce a dignified look with a 10 by 14 area rug to any living space.

9’ X 12’ Carpet or Rug: Front leg on the carpet

Put the front leg of the furniture on the rug to induce more floor inclusion. Create an amazing aesthetics with a 9 by 12 area rug by leaving 18 inches from every side of the wall.  

6’ X 9’ Rug Carpet: All legs off the rug 

Usually, a 6 by 9 carpet is not advised. But if you want to create a small focal area in your home, a small rug can be the best choice. 

Color –



Color is one of the most important things you should pay attention to while purchasing a carpet as it can make or break the home décor. Have a look around your home color theme, and choose rug color accordingly, if you want to maintain the contemporary style with luxuriousness, go with some neutral color carpets. In case, furnishing is still not done, go for a multi-color carpet that brings a contemporary touch to your interior.

Material –



The rug is crafted using different types of fibers. Every rug material requires different maintenance. Also, consider the rug fibers best fit for children or pets. Mainly, there are three types of rug materials used to create carpet -

  1. Natural material - wool, cotton, silk, jute, sisal
  2. Synthetic material - acrylic, polyester, polypropylene
  3. Artificial material – viscose, bamboo silk, banana silk


Acrylic rug strands are easy to maintain. These rug threads are majorly used in hand-tufted and handwoven rugs to depict wool. This synthetic rug fiber is an economical option for wool with minor shedding, hard-wearing, and easy cleaning.


Rugs made with Polypropylene are the best-fit high traffic regions. This rug fiber is mostly used to create flat weave area rug or shaggy area rug. This synthetic rug material is extremely delicate and introduces extra comfort for your feet. Bring some luxury to your home with our fluffy area rugs.


Viscose strands are less durable than other rug materials. Usually, viscose filaments are blended with wool fiber to create a high-quality carpet. But viscose floor covering is not suggested for high traffic living spaces as it is so subtle. Shop viscose area rug from MAT Living, India.


Cotton fiber is used to design and create a no pile or flat weave carpet. If you want to bring some softness to your home with a durable or long-lasting carpet for a high traffic region; opt for a cotton area rug. Browse our endless collection of flat weave area rug or dhurries.


Wool is a highly durable natural rug fiber that is easy to maintain. A wool area rug introduces warmth, decreases noise, and resists the heat to maintain the temperature around your home. Wool is the best fit rug felt for bedroom, living room, and guest room rug. We have an amazing collection of wool carpets at MAT Living India, explore now.


Jute is an organic rug felt that is extremely durable than other fibers. Jute rugs are great for moderate and high traffic areas. Jute filaments have similar properties to sisal filaments. Bring a jute area rug to improve your outdoor space.

High Pile vs. Low Pile Rug



It is important to consider the pile height you need for your rug before introducing it to your home. Low pile carpets are usually durable than high-pile Kaleen and easy to maintain. Low pile rugs are also cost-effective and soft that can give a luxurious look to any living space, make it cozier and revamp it into the most appealing and inviting area of the dwell. Incorporate a low pile rug for a high traffic region, a medium pile rug for moderate traffic, and a high pile floor covering for low traffic areas.  

At Mat Living India, we advise you to introduce an area rug that fits the shape of furniture. Introduce a round floor covering nearby your bathroom or do some experiments with the color, pattern, and texture of the rug. In the bedroom, layer a carpet under the bed with two legs on the rug. Sisal and jute rug can be the best for your outdoor décors such as patio, or outer conversational area.

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