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Modern Carpet For Modern Home

Today, most people tend to think of floor coverings like tile, hardwood, or vinyl. Carpet, however, is considered more of a traditional choice. But it can still provide a more contemporary aesthetic than rivals and those of its modern counterparts.

It is easy to tell why warm, sumptuous carpets are so comfortable and how much fun it is to walk barefoot across them. Rugs have insulating properties, as well as a substitute for the couch when you need to stretch.

A carpet can deliver both comfort and warmth at the same time while providing an aesthetic that's fresh and modern. If you make the right choices, you don't need to sacrifice style for comfort. You can have the best of both.

We've put together this guide to help you find the right carpet for your modern home. Before you disregard the idea of a softer, luxurious floor covering, consider the many options at your disposal.

Why must you buy a modern area rug?



Rugs available in modern designs come in an assortment of styles and colors. These modern carpets are known for their abstract designs, bold colors, and geometric or free-form design elements. They are best suited for informal settings.

At MAT Living India, we have listed few reasons you must use modern area rugs to beautify your home:

1. A modern area rug helps to define a space –

When you have an open floor plan living space, there is a lot of space and plenty of light, making it difficult to define the area. With no separation, the living space can be directly connected to the dining space, while it can also blend with the kitchen.

Living, dining, and sleeping areas usually form a single entity in studio apartments. Modern area rugs, however, can serve as a defining feature of these spaces. Keeping one beneath and around the dining table creates a cozy atmosphere while keeping another under the living room will help separate the spaces.

2. Rugs with modern designs convey a variety of moods –

The modern rugs can evoke different moods, which may seem surprising, but it is true. In addition to being comfortable, they can also create an atmosphere you wish to establish. Choose neutral colors when bringing rugs for modern homes and offices.

A bright yellow or green room can create a cheerful and exciting mood for a toddler, while a dark room will make a child feel tired and restless. However, a bright-colored modern area rug can help bring order and color to a child's room.

 3. Modern Carpets Bring Variety to Your Living Area

The modern area rugs come in various shapes, sizes, colors, patterns, and textures. Thus, they add variety to the space they occupy. Rooms with large areas have difficulty getting the right size, which is where the varying rugs come in handy. Regardless of the rug choice, keep in mind the room's layout. A rug of the same size and shape will make the room seem divided, which is why there should be varied combinations to give the room a sense of unity. Try using different sizes of rugs in a space to add balance. For example, a smaller circular or rectangular one next to a door may be more appropriate, while you can use a large square rug in the rest of the living area.

4. Enhances the visual appeal of your room

Some modern area rugs are also available at pocket-friendly prices and /extra come in all textures and patterns to enhance the visual appeal of a room. These area rugs are a great way to bring out the best in any room. They can be picked up at convenient locations and look great in any room.

Choosing a modern carpet that is stripy will automatically make the room appear spacious and modern. Simple rugs in modern styles provide a minimalist look, while stripes add a contemporary feel to the room.

5. Using modern area rugs in your room will make a significant difference

Modern area rugs can be placed differently depending on the style and look you want them to portray. You can achieve this enhancement by laying the area rug offset from the bed. An example would be positioning the bed in a third of the rug which are heavily patterned.

6. Area rugs in modern styles add comfort to your home

A modern area rug gives you the much-welcomed relaxation you need in your room. Therefore, you should always consider the room when choosing a Modern Area Rug. A bit busy room seems unappealing and under no circumstances should you choose too many patterns and colors.

If you have brightly colored furniture and patterned wallpaper in your living space, a neutral-colored rug will offer a subtle complement to these styles. If your decor is predominantly neutral, a bright-colored rug will create a stark statement in your space.

7. The Right Size Modern Area Rugs Improve the Look of Your Room 

When it comes to picking a rug for your living space, choosing the wrong size can cause difficulty in the flow. A small-sized rug installed under furniture shall feel cramped and one that's too large can make your furnishings seem small and cluttered.

To buy a rug, you should subtract three feet from the size of your room. For example, if your room is 12 x 20 feet, you should choose a rug that is 9 x 17 feet.

8. If you have a rug, it must have a liner

There is no difference whether you have a large or small, bold or neutral modern area rug. Putting a liner under it is essential because it can get slick on hardwood floors. A liner will prevent this from happening.

The six most popular modern area rug

Here are some most popular modern area rugs or floor coverings, you can find at MAT Living.

1. Contemporary Loom Knot Astro Diamond Grey Modern Rug Carpet



A loom knot modern carpet with an astronomical design. This Astro diamond features a beautiful sheen and contrasts beautifully with the sober, glossy grey shade, creating variation within the rug. This contemporary rug is appropriate for any bedroom and any decorative setting throughout your home.

2. Luxury Soft And Silky Dubai Shaggy Hazelnut Modern Area Rug 



Shaggy Hazelnut modern area rug is relaxing to sit on, as it is in a living room to lounge upon and watch movies. It is at home in a formal, rarely-used common area as it is in an ordinary, everyday family room. The chic, contemporary modern floor covering is constructed from handwoven polyester material and is available in a variety of neutral hues and sizes.

3. Hand-Woven Striated Surface Goa White Modern Carpet



By classification, the Goa modern rug design is contemporary. Nevertheless, it is versatile, if need be, making it a fantastic addition to any room that could use the finishing touches this modern carpet will provide. This hand-woven modern area rug is made from New Zealand wool and boasts a contemporary look with its intricately ribbed lines. It comes in several size options and features a striking undertone that plays up the ribbing.

4. Hand-Tufted Stylized Floral Milano Fauna Spring Modern Area Rug Carpet



The oversized florals in a range of green coloration are enhanced by a soft indigo complexion that creates a modern carpet that fascinates with its symmetry and indigo shading. Each Milano contemporary rug is hand-tufted and hand-dyed in India, and each rug is unique. Contemporary hand-tufted floral Milano fauna comes in a variety of seasonally appropriate colors that are sure to add charm to any room.

5. Hand-Tufted Abstract Floral Drawing Vinson Inari Modern Floor Covering 



A cozy modern carpet with an eastern style to compliment a loft in the city, the Inari would be a great addition to a downtown condo. A simple botanical motif sets it apart from the rest and stands out from any other area rug. Colored cotton and wool are combined in a cotton and wool blend by expert craftspeople in India to make the Inari collection.

6. Transitional Floral Hand-Tufted Blanc Santoor Turquoise Modern Rug 



A romantic floral motif gives the brilliant Santoor modern carpet collection a sophisticated appeal that can add just the right amount of color to any room. The collection's softly swirled leaf patterns make it a great addition to any master suite or walk-in closet. Crafted by hand by skilled craftspeople using wool and viscose, this modern area rug is available in different sizes and colors to suit your preferences.

A modern area rug can be one of the most desired elements of a room's design, and you should think of it as art for the floor. Modern design can be neutral or colorful, but it's anything but boring. Gather pictures of the wide variety of expressions of mid-century modern style before you spend a dime on accessories or furnishings. If you're looking for a new rug, take the risk of going with an area rug that speaks to your heart and is not the safe choice. You won't regret it.

The gorgeous selection of transitional, contemporary, and traditional rugs at Mat Living India is a must-watch to explore options before deciding to buy one.

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