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How Much Money Should I Expect to Spend on New Carpet in 2022?

Finding the right area rug is a matter of research and right assistance. And it's especially vital when pulling together pieces of furniture and anchoring a room. Our experts at MAT Living can (sign-up link) lead you to the right selection, construction, size, and placement - along with its cost.

The uniqueness, intricacy, and complexity of a carpet are only limited by its creator's imagination. Skillfully made and intricate area rugs can take years for making. It is because of this that there is no ceiling on the possible price for a high-quality Kaleen.

Factors Which Determine a Rug’s Worth



The size, knot density, materials used, design, and color of a floor covering, as well as its age and condition, are all factors to consider when determining its value. Learn more:

Area Rug Size

There is a wide range of shapes and sizes available, ranging from a smaller rectangular 1'1" x 1'8" to a grander 12' x 20'. The larger the rug, the more materials, and effort are needed to produce it. Hence the higher carpet price.

Rug Knot Density

An area rug's knots per square inch determines the complexity and tightness of its weaving. To measure knots per square inch, measure the area that is 1 inch by 1 inch on the reverse side of the rug and count both the vertical and horizontal design. To find the knot density, multiply the two numbers together. In general, the more densely bound the rug is, the better the quality and therefore the higher its price will be.

Materials Used in Rug Weaving

Among the most widely used materials for carpet production is wool, cotton, and silk. The material choice is important not only for the look and feel of a carpet but also for its durability and ability to last for an extended period. It is more common for top-end rugs or carpets to be silk on silk or silk with a fine wool blend.

Rug Design & Color

Rugs deserve an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Their color should be pleasing to the eye and design should keep viewers focused on the intricacy and detail. Have you looked at your rug from afar and up close? Does the detailing cover the entire rug or just a few portions? A carpet's degree of complexity and range of colors is determinative of its value. Some high-quality Kaleen have medallions, portraits, repeating patterns, and heavily blended colors.

Area Rug Age & Condition

If an area rug is more than 100 years old, it is automatically considered antique. Of course, due to the design of floor covering, there is a good chance a carpet this old will be in fairly poor condition. But what if you have an antique rug that has been meticulously preserved?

Area Rug Construction

Also, the way a rug is constructed has a great deal to do with its cost. Carpets can be made in several ways, including:

  • Machine Made Area Rug
  • Handmade Area Rug

The most affordable carpets are those made by machine, as this method is highly efficient, needs minimal labor, and is most affordable. Usually, machine-made floor covering are in the middle range of price because, while the machine aids efficiency, some tasks are still completed by hand, requiring additional labor costs. Additionally, hand-made area rugs are usually considered to be of the highest quality, because they are so durable and labor-intensive to make. For this reason, hand-knotted carpets are the most expensive kaleens.

The rug’s knot count is a measure of how many knots are woven into the rug per square inch, similar to the thread count of sheets. The price of hand-knotted floor covering can further differ based on knot count. If the number is higher, it takes more time and materials to make it plush and pliable, therefore increasing the overall area rug cost.

Area Rug / Carpet Styles

The style of an area rug can also influence the cost of an area rug, as styles and trends in design change over time. As such, the size, materials, and construction of an area rug play a major role in the final price tag. Therefore, an area rug style may have a high value while it aligns with the latest trend, but lose some of its value when the trend changes. The rug style can vary from vintage, traditional, shaggy, modern to contemporary.

Area rugs are often set at a higher price because brands often match styles in magazines for high-end fashion and home décor, boosting their cost. Its demand and price will decline as the rug's style changes and evolves.

Carpets Overall Quality

In addition to these factors, the overall quality or value of the area rug will determine the price. For example, a handwoven carpet featuring intricate patterns and dyes that are imported and very well crafted will be considered high in quality and therefore, very expensive. The price of some area rugs reflects the fact that some are considered works of art.

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How much money you should spend on an area rug?

The rich and noble no longer have exclusive access to area rugs, but that doesn't make them all in your price range automatically. Choosing the right brand name can make a huge difference in how well you find the right floor covering for your home the first time you go shopping. Knowing how much you need to define a budget for your kaleen makes a huge difference toward buying the right one the first time you go shopping.

It is important to note, however, that there are more affordable and more expensive lines of rugs available as well. The final decision, however, is entirely up to you. Our goal is to help you better understand what to expect when you shop for your new floor covering.

A carpet's size is a huge factor in adding to its price. If you compare a small rug and the largest one in a style, you'll find a difference of many thousands of dollars. Here, at MAT Living India we are sharing an idea of average cost and comparative value to guide you.

Lower-Price Affordable Rugs



The best part is that you can find anything you like in this category, including carpets with floral patterns or red, black, and gray area rugs, which have become popular with modern decorators in recent years. Carpets can be found for a lower price, and finding them does not require much time or effort. However, you may have to spend more time looking for specific patterns or designs. It is generally true that low-priced floor coverings are more associated with transitional or contemporary styles. But there are still some excellent traditional rugs available at more competitive prices.

Lower priced carpets can be a good deal, but you should remember the materials they're made out of will probably be less durable. However, you may have a more difficult time finding wool area rugs that are affordable, since these floor covering are almost always made out of man-made colors and fibers, rather than wool fibers. These carpets are also usually made by machines rather than by hand, which makes them less expensive. This is not a hard-and-fast rule, but it is not very likely that you will find a handmade wool rug that is exceptionally inexpensive.

Moderate Area Rugs / Mid-range Rug



You have a wide variety of options when shopping for rugs in the moderate price range. Area rugs in the moderate price range are available in a wide variety of sizes, colors, patterns, and styles. Both machine-made and hand-made options may come at this price range. Materials available include wool, bamboo, cotton, jute, cotton, synthetic fibers, and synthetic fibers. Traditional, transitional, or contemporary styles are possible, and large enough to furnish a living room is most likely to be handcrafted or machine-made as well.

The oval carpets that are often found in country kitchens will probably fall into the moderate category if you want to find a rug like this one. In general, these carpets do not use expensive materials, but if they are hand braided, they can cost a little more. As an example, a small area rug made from wool fibers that are machine-made may also be expensive, which would place it in the moderately-priced category. A great number of great options are available to you if you can afford the moderate price range.

Generally, you can find rugs in this category for around $100 to $400, depending on size. Although they are not in the luxury category, mid-range rugs can look good and have textures that are comfortable to walk on. You are bound to find a pattern or color that you like.

Expensive Area Rugs / High-end Rugs



In the final category, we have expensive area rugs, which are almost always made of natural fibers like wool, and sometimes they are even hand-dyed. The person who made an expensive carpet usually has given it a lot more attention one-on-one.

However, if you're seeking a specific design over another, take your time when browsing area rugs in stores and paying close attention to the descriptions. Expensive floor covering is typically traditional, though it can also be contemporary or transitional.

In general, good-quality rugs will cost you about $500 and can cost as much as $10,000 or even more for a very high-end, luxurious Kaleen. Beautiful antique area rugs fall into this category. Handmade carpets are always more expensive due to the high level of craftsmanship and the time-consuming process. It's one of the many benefits of owning one of these superior rugs to be able to purchase one made by skilled artisans who have honed their skills for years.

Almost all floral area rugs, made of wool, fall into this price range. Also, forest green rugs that are in the traditional or oriental rug style. An expensive rug is not for everyone, and it's important to consider that it's an investment that needs protecting against kids, pets, and foot traffic. Depending on your specific needs and situation, you may want to consider buying expensive area rugs.

MAT Living India is one of the carpet stores offering decent rug value and good prices. And our promises sums up nicely what we have to offer. 

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