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What entities and features make high traffic rugs?

The term “high traffic” essentially convey road jams and sometimes more visitors on a website. In the context of a rug, a similar idea is catered. Rugs are made keeping in mind that certain areas of a house see more people walking over or frequent visits.

Now, it feels a responsibility to make you aware of the thought process of making such carpets that can withstand frequent visits. Accordingly, what features are they accessorized with and what material or weaving technique is employed in their making. Also, with high traffic rugs, you certainly don’t have to tip-toe around your home to protect them.

Whatever you throw their way, they can withstand. Also, the more traffic, the more is the chances of staining. Hence, one characteristic that must not go uncompromised is the property to be dust repellent and in favour of vigorous cleaning for stubborn stains.

The “must-look for” aspects

Material and weave are the two must-attain aspects that determine how resilient a rug would be to intense foot traffic.


The material employed account most for features that make high traffic rugs. The durability of the material gets mirrored upon weaving. Some of the most durable fibres that have contributed to high traffic rugs making are wool, cotton, polypropylene and other synthetic materials.



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What rug materials should you avoid?

Rug materials one must keep away from when looking for high traffic rugs are those that are vulnerable to wear and tear. And which require one to tip-toe while walking on it. A few rug materials show a considerable footprint when you walk over. Prominent of these materials one must resist include:

  • Silk – Undeniably, silk is the most delicate weaving material of all. Hence, it is an unsaid rule to refrain from using silk rugs in areas that receive high foot traffic. A silk rug will get matted frequently, require one to tip-toe while walking through, show footprints, and cannot be hard-cleaned for stains.
  • Viscose – Undoubtedly, plant viscose add delicacy to the rug. But they are not resilient to wear and tear. Owing to their delicate nature, they show footprints more evidently, and cannot be hard-cleaned for stains.




The second most important thing to consider is what weaving technique is employed. While a certain kind of weaving is more favourable, others are less preferred. 

  • Flatweave

By far flatweave rugs have been the most favoured choices for use in high traffic areas owing to the low pile, and material used that can withstand high foot traffic. They are hand weaved durries, thin and durable. They are suitable for almost any area in the house. Hence in high traffic areas, they function as dust repellent and can be washed vigorously for stubborn stains.  

To the advantage of rug buyers, high traffic rugs are not restricted to flatweave ones. Also, other weave types like loom-knot and hand-knotted ones with uncut loop piles could be laid in a high traffic area. Their weaving technique lends such rugs the necessary strength and durability. Besides, they are generally made of wool, cotton or a blend of the two.

While the above weave techniques form the preferred choices, when it comes to durability to withstand a good amount of foot traffic accompanied by affordability wool made hand-tufted ones tightly weaved for quality could be a decent choice.

What kind of weaving should you resist?

As seen above, almost any weaving type that forms low-pile could be employed as a high traffic rug. However, cut pile rugs and rugs that feature considerably high piles are not suitable for high traffic areas.

  • Shag – What will not go well with shag rugs in high traffic areas is the unusual wear and tear. Besides, they are not easy to clean for dirt, drink spills, and stains from repeated pet and kid’s shenanigans.

Colours that can invite trouble

Certainly, you must keep bright and light-coloured rugs out of your preference. Colours like white, cream, bright yellow and sky blue may not like dirty shoes stepping now and then.

You must lean on finding darker shades that can mask dirt and mild stains. However, you may consider buying a lighter shade if you want to lay it over the high traffic areas that you walk over barefooted.

Also, high traffic rugs are customized to meet the needs of specific areas of a house. You may avail one that is suitable for high traffic and also specially made to feature in a living room, hallway, kitchen and other family rooms.

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