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What determines the floor carpet price in India?

If you've done any internet research for carpets in India, you've probably discovered that carpets are, more often than not, expensive. Even if we exclude handcrafted oriental ones, which can easily fetch several more thousands, a standard 8×10 size from a popular retailer can cost you a lot.


There's, of course, a great deal that goes into the determination of the Carpet price in India, and it goes the same for any work of art. However, it is critical to purchase a carpet of appropriate quality for the floor. Using the information in the product brochure, you can learn the factors that affect the performance and quality, and thus the price, when selecting a carpet. One can choose the appropriate one based on the values provided in the brochures and the intensity of use of the floor.


As stated, several aspects of carpets will drive the cost of a carpet up or down. The three most important factors are construction, material, and size.


What materials do carpets use?


The material used is one of the most critical factors because the material used to make a carpet affects how long the carpet will last. The material's durability and cleanability and its difficulty to work with and obtain determine the cost. To help you decide which is best for your space, here are some common carpet materials:




Wool is by far the most durable carpet material, making it the most expensive option in the market. It is due to the longevity of wool carpets and their ability to retain colour and pattern over time. Wool carpets are also more comfortable than synthetic ones, providing a softer, plusher foot feel.




While cotton is soft and easy to clean, it has a shorter lifespan than wool carpets. As a result, they're not ideal for high-traffic areas, but they can be an excellent choice if you're looking for natural fibre at a lower cost. And, of course, they are a perfect option for homes with kids and pets! 



Jute carpets have a lot of visual appeal because of their chunky, eye-catching weaves that anchor a room nicely. As a natural fibre, jute carpets tend to shed a little, which may be bothersome to some. They can, however, be dyed in a variety of colours and are highly durable.




Silk carpets, one of the most expensive materials, are in high demand because they have a high level of shine and appeal. For crowded homes with children and pets, we recommend avoiding silk. While less durable than wool, Silk Carpets require professional cleaning and are unsuitable for high-traffic areas.




Nylon is a synthetic material known for its durability and is a less expensive alternative to wool and silk carpets. While nylon carpets can withstand high foot traffic, they are also highly absorbent. So, use caution when handling liquids near this material, as a spill could ruin the carpet.




Polyester is a low-cost, stain-resistant alternative to nylon. However, polyester carpets have a shorter lifespan due to the material's lack of durability.




Polypropylene carpets are an excellent option for low-income households because they are soft, durable, and a less expensive alternative to wool. While the material is stain-resistant, some people are concerned about the number of chemicals used in the manufacturing process of polypropylene carpets.


How is the carpet made?



This one is a crucial factor. Carpet prices are affected by the manufacturing process, as they can be completely handmade, completely machine-made, or a combination of the two (known as a hand-tufted carpet).


Entirely handmade carpets are the most expensive option. Because these require far more time, labour, and skill to create, it's easy to see why they'd be more expensive. These are often hand-knotted carpets because they take days to months to make. These intricate carpets are highly durable and can last a lifetime when properly constructed. The higher the knot count, the more expensive and durable the carpet.


A machine-made or power-loomed carpet is less expensive than a handmade carpet. While machine-made carpets are less costly to produce, they have a lower knot count and a looser weave, making them less durable than handmade carpets. However, high-quality machine-made or hand-tufted are still available. If you are tight on budget, a hand-tufted one from a good manufacturer is ideal. They are less luxurious than entirely handmade carpets, but they are more affordable and provide you with many years of carpet enjoyment.


The designs and patterns




It is also an essential determining point of Carpet price in India. When you buy a hand-knotted carpet with a high knot count, you are investing in exclusive, rare designs that would be impossible to achieve on cheaper ones with a lower knot density. The rarity of the design and the colours used (naturally dyed carpets are more expensive because the colours do not fade with time) are two crucial factors in determining why carpets are so costly. If you consider purchasing an antique one, you are purchasing a work of art that bears the stamp of time and cultural influences. It's no surprise that some people pay thousands of dollars for it at auction as a family heirloom that becomes the focal point of their homes.


What size carpet do you need?


The larger the carpet, the more expensive it is. Larger ones, for obvious reasons, necessitate more materials, labour, and dyeing. The same we see in the price. To avoid overspending on a carpet, carefully measure your space before purchasing. You might need to go up or down as per the installation demand of the area.


The last words


While the price may come as a surprise at first, the quality of the carpet you purchase determines the price. Other factors include materials, dyes, production, size, and origin. Keep in mind that if you invest in a high-quality carpet, you will have a piece that will last for decades.


Craftsmanship at MAT Living has been providing high-quality handmade carpets for years now. Contact our experts today if you need help finding a durable, beautiful, and affordable carpet.


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