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Get custom floor carpets at the best Carpet Prices and the best carpet flooring price in India

Everyone desires to decorate their home, or workspace according to their style and give it a personalized touch. Therefore, MatLiving India has introduced the option of custom floor carpets at the best carpet prices available in the market. Although the carpet prices can vary as per your demands, you can rely on our quality to get the best results.

With our perfect in-house design techniques, we distinctively make custom carpets with suitable carpet flooring prices. Our well-trained carpet weavers bring life to the designs created, not just for the rooms, but also for their owners. A rug design that is born out of a personal touch, a décor idea, or the freedoms and limitations of the space can stand out from the crowd. All of this brings innovation, not only in the designs but also in the ever-evolving rug market.

We have been preparing bespoke carpets for our customers since the beginning of our production. Our experience in bespoke carpets is wide and varied. We have designed and woven carpets for many occasions and events such as seminars, stage shows, concerts, weddings, award ceremonies, etc. The carpets are also prepared for large spaces such as halls, ballrooms, and lobbies, and compact spaces such as living rooms, personal cabins, offices, and yachts. Our carpets can be created on a vague vision, inspired idea, or a traditional approach which might be not very common these days. The stimulus may be unique or inspired by anything whatsoever, whether it's fancy, natural, artistic and cultural, regional history, a brand, or even an emotion. Our designers are ready to understand your vision and put it into reality. 

The energy of a space and its physical attributes such as size, materials, and colors used in the background determines the production techniques. The type of weave and the material used for the carpets are according to space.

The Customized décor for your home with the best carpet prices



At MatLiving we encourage your vision to make the home décor of your personalized style and convert your imagination into reality. We have reasonable carpet prices for the customized category to fulfill your home décor requirements. Our carpet prices are categorized into two types. The categories are based on the type of customization you choose. You can either go for full customization or you can customize your carpet partly. 

In full customization, the customer gets to choose their style for the carpet design. They may build and customize their dream rug in the timeframe and get them in a competitive price range.

In part Customization plan, our designers and weaver go through your ideas and discuss the best ideas for the carpet designs. In this case, you don't have to work on any design or style. You may just convey your ideas and converting them into beautiful carpets is the task of our designers and weavers.

Our criteria to design and weave in the best carpet prices available



Whether it's for residential purposes, a corporate building, or a large hotel project, we produce custom floor carpets tailored to specific needs. We modify sizes, shapes, colors, and materials to suit the needs of our customers. We believe in giving freedom to personalize a carpet, down to the very last detail.

We develop customized carpets based on a design provided to us or work according to our large library of original designs. Our handmade collections are introduced frequently as this enables us to provide the latest designs to take orders.

Share your rug design with us and we'll quote the most reasonable carpet prices



Our extensive array of designs can be adapted to create a perfectly tailored rug as per your requirements. 

Colors can be changed, shapes and sizes can be ordered, yarns can be substituted, and patterns can be scaled up or down.

We customize the carpet and the carpet prices are based on the following aspects:

  • Material: Most of our rugs are composed of natural materials and all are 100% original out of respect for carpet manufacturing traditions. Our rugs are prepared from various materials and combinations. The material includes wool, silk, polypropylene, nylon, polyester, acrylic carpet material, and leather.
  • Color: We mostly prefer natural materials for dyeing carpets. The design and customization depend on what color combination you want to use. The more intricate colors you go for, the more vibrant it will appear. 
  • Size: Map your space before you decide the size of the carpet or a rug. We have all the standard sizes of carpet that are available in the market. We can also arrange the customized sizes according to the area of your room.
  • Shape: You can go with the common shapes such as rectangular, circular, etc or you can choose an irregular shape of your style.

Choose MatLiving for the custom designs at the best carpet prices



If you have the style of home decoration you want to apply, you will certainly find our designers that will help you out. Get a perfect outlook of your room floors with your unique choices, with our carpets that are vibrant, exclusive, and beautiful.

In the end, it all leads to an exceptional carpet that's truly one of a kind. So, if you have a unique idea about a carpet for your space, connect with us.

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