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10 Ways to Choose The Right Rug in 2021

Carpets or Kaleens, as we call them, can be an incredible décorelement for your home.Whether you want artwork for your marbled surface or introduce a contemporary touch to your hardwood flooring, we have a solution for all problems. Transform your home aesthetics from traditional to modern, or classic to contemporary. 

Do you want to make your home interior more alluring? Start over with a new carpet that completely gets blended with your existing home accessories and furniture.  

From the classic style to the easygoing look of characteristic jute, anarea rug adds character and warmth to a room. With countless styles, patterns, and materials to browse, how would you know which one is ideal for you? It's simpler than you might suspect.

Finding the right carpet is not an easy task for a homeowner or interior designer.The internet provides endless carpet possibilities for your home across the world. However, not to worry! We will discuss belowsomesuggestions to assist you with picking the correct floor covering for your room. MAT Living India brings to you the most definitive guide for choosing the right area rug in 2021.

Rug Styles


One of the greatest considerations while picking a kaleen that you'll want to live with is your lifestyle.Choosing a durable area rug ensures that it can hold up to your way of life. It is perfect to introduce a contemporary style carpet in your home’s high traffic areas such as the living room or dining room. Do you have pets? So, if you have pets, you need a carpet that is durable and perfect for the dogs and cats, most likely you can opt for flat-woven rugs made with organic and synthetic rug fibers, a grey or black color rug will conceal stains or soil in high-traffic areas of your home.

Make sure that the carpet style you are opting for compliments your home décor. Focus on your existing décor and pay attention to your lifestyle to choose the right rug style in 2021. 

Carpet Color


Color is the characteristic starting point while picking the right rug in 2021. Try to define your favorite colors that you would like to live with throughout the day. The color of the rug is extremely important to set the tone and ambiance of the entire room, so choose accordingly. 

If you have recently set your home interior and accessories, consider the rug color tones that go perfectly with your existing home décor. Rooms with paler and basic shades work best with a floor covering that has neutral tones or a solitary tone.

In case your home interior is ongoing, try to incorporate some carpet colors that are a perfect fit and do the décor of your wall, room, and deck accordingly. Kaleen can either stick out or merge with the décor, so consider what impact you need to make when thinking about carpets.

Rug Patterns


Not every person is eager about carpet patterns, but rather if your furnishings and walls are for the most part strong tones, a designed kaleen can truly renovate your room. If your home has some patterned accessories, a bold color carpet can introduce a grounding aspect to your home décor. When it is about home interior, it is all about maintaining the balance between home accessories and flooring. If the carpet is one of the first considerations for you, consider what rug pattern is appropriate for you, consider the carpet pattern to make your home décor more appealing and inviting to others. Do you need something appealing or something more sedate? Rug patterns immediately bring changes to the home aesthetics; if you have a large room you can lay down two or multiple rugs.  

Area Rug Sizes


An excessively large or small carpet can ruin the home interior. So you need to define the right size of your space before buying a carpet for your living spaces. Measure multiple to get the right measurement of your room, and thus decide on the rug size. For a standard-sized room, there should be a gap of 10 to 20 inches between the edge of the rug and the walls of the room. The lowest gap you can opt for is 8 inches and the maximum distance of rug from the wall you can choose is 24 inches. 

Try to maintain an equal distance from all four sides and make sure that the rug becomes the center of attraction of every individual room. You can also utilize carpets to characterize spaces. If you have an open space or you need to layer floor coverings, the size guidelines can be slightly more versatile. Consider the area you need to feature and pick a size based on that, yet recollect that it's smarter to go larger than smaller.

High Pile vs. Low Pile


While buying a carpet, it's important to consider what sort of pile you need: low, medium, or high. Low-pile carpets are mostly sturdier than high-pile carpets and are simpler to vacuum and keep well-maintained. They're also more affordable than high-pile rugs. 

Medium pile rugs are best for a more balanced option. Medium pile rugs are softer than low-pile rugs and easier to maintain and clean with regular vacuuming when the dirt is trapped between the rug fibersthan high-pile rugs. 

Floor coverings with a more extended pile are milder and more extravagant underneath and can help make rooms look cozier and welcoming. When in doubt, a room that gets a great deal of movement will benefit from a low-pile floor covering, for example, a dhurrie or kilim rug, while a thicker carpet will last more in a room that doesn't get a ton of traffic.

Rug Maintenance


While choosing the right rug in 2021, be straightforward about how much time you and effort you can devote to looking after it. Most carpets should be vacuumed and pivoted routinely. Flatweave area rugs are not difficult to vacuum, yet you can also take them outside and beat them, as was done in the old days. High-pile floor coverings are harder to clean, and should be handled expertly, or by professionals.

Right Rug Texture


While picking the rug texture for your homes, focus on the contrast of delicate texture with a mix of soft and hard. A smooth area rug looks extraordinary with a more drawn-out and fluffier pile. You can also accommodate a mix of multiple textured rugs to create appealing home décor for yourself and to showcase to the guests.

Right Carpet Material


Rug fibers can be extensively arranged in two sections: natural fibers and synthetic fibers. Wool and silk are all more broadly utilized while cotton, jute, hemp, and so forth, are a more reasonable choice for individuals on a tight spending plan. They are solid and have a long life. Synthetic rug materials like polyester, thermoplastics, acrylic, polypropylene, nylon, and so forth are considerably less expensive choices and strong. They are broadly utilized wherever there is a prominence of outdoor carpets.                                              

Right Location and Purpose


It is usual to remember the sort of traffic that is likely in the room. Durable carpets are required for high-traffic areas, while shaggy carpets can be utilized in low-traffic rooms. Carpets made of wool are ageless and enduring, yet they are bound to get stained. They can be placedin a versatile manner, which makes them incredible for rooms and studios. Oppositely, kaleen crafted of manmade rug fibers are more reasonable and easier to clean.

Right Rug Cost


The cost of rugs is also among the major things you need to consider while choosing the right rug in 2021. Floor coverings are often an extravagance that a family could consider with the availability of the right budget rugs. There is a wide range of sensible choices accessible on the lookout. Synthetic rug strands are intended to mirror the look and feel of wool and other costly materials. 

Whichever area rug you choose for your home, try to focus on all these important points before having your final decision. We still suggest you measure properly, take into consideration the cost of the rug, keep the rug location in the mind, factor in the rug maintenance and rug style to own the ideal rug for your hardwood flooring. Explore the amazing carpet collection of MAT Living India to get the best carpet deals without putting in as much an effort.

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