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A Detailed Room-By-Room Guide to The Rug Sizes For 2021

Whether you have a wooden surface or tile flooring, carpets have a ton of viable advantages for your floor, separated from making your living space intriguing and locked in. Rugs add solace, warmth, and the last little detail to your home's decor. 

Choosing a neutral color carpet for your living room is like buying a pair of shoes to protect your feet and increase your overall personal style. But the wrong size and dull color will not leave the right impression on the others; as well as it can downgrade everything instead of upgrading your style. How to pick a carpet that stands out?

The Carpet Factors to Consider While Buying


The carpet factors you should look at vary from style, color, texture, pattern, size, material, pile to weaving techniques. Pay attention to the size and traffic of every room before picking any rug size. What's more, when you settle on the correct floor covering, putting a grey or neutral color rug the ideal way can be a fruitful undertaking. 

Right size carpet with the perfect color tone and pattern defines the entire look of your room. There is no standard method to find the right size rug, however, it exclusively relies upon your goal of putting a carpet in your room. A contemporary carpet can be a point of convergence to your room or a highlight, depending on the size and arrangement. Hence, the size of the rug is important to define the look of your home.

So, if you want to complement your home interior with the right size carpet and renovate the look of your place to grab the attention of your guests. MAT Living India’s rug experts are here to help you. We are listing some details on how they use different sizes and colors of carpets and what design aesthetics designers follow to revamp their homes. 

This blog will assist you in finding the right size of carpet for every individual room of your house to buy the correct size rug online or offline.  

With the assistance of MAT Living India carpet designers, you will come to know which rug size goes well with your home and what kind of rug style you need to follow to improve the aesthetics of your dwell. In this blog, you will get detailed information about a room-by-room guide to rug sizes. 

Living Room Rug Size Guide in 2021


To define the right living room rug size, you need to follow these three methodologies to make your living area more appealing to your visitors. But there is no ‘right’ answer to finding the correct size of any living room, it entirely depends upon your inclinations.

The first option is perfect for the small living room, choose a smaller rug for the center table and keep all the furniture legs off the carpet. This décor style was popular in the 90’s.

The second way of decorating your living room with a right size floor covering is putting the front legs of your furniture legs on the wool area rug and the backside legs of furniture off the carpet. This is good for a medium-sized living area and a savvy choice as well.

The third approach of buying a perfectly sized carpet if put all the legs of the furniture on the contemporary style rug. It will acquaint a shocking style with your home interior. It is an incredible choice for an enormous living area with minimal furnishings.

Before buying a high pile Kaleen online or offline for your living area, you need to consider the right home furnishing accessories and rundown down the conceivable alternatives utilizing the carpet. Also, if you have an outdoor living space, the size of the carpet will be different from the indoor living area. If you have a huge living area, you can combine two or more carpets to transform your living area more beautiful.

9’ X 12’ Living Room Carpet

A large 9 by 12 performance carpet permits you to put all legs of the furniture on the floor covering, uniting every one of the components of the room and leaving a couple of inches of deck around the rug that gives a glance at the boundary.

8’ X 10’ Living Room Carpet

An 8 by 10 leather carpet is ideal for an indoor living area and gives a luxurious feel. It also allows you to put the front legs of the furniture on the rug with the back legs off, making an appealing living space for your house. It opens up space around your furniture giving an appropriate surface to stroll upon.

6’ X 9’ Living Room Carpet

A 6 by 9 contemporary living room carpet is ideal for a smaller lounge space. With just 2 legs of the seat on the floor covering and the couch off, it characterizes an ideal discussion area in your living space.

5’ X 7’ Living Room Area Rug

5 by 7 geometric living room floor covering is perfect for a small family room, just a footstool is set on the carpet with any remaining furniture lying outside of it. Additionally, it can be used nearby the fireplace where two seats are perfectly arranged on the floor covering.

3’ X 5’ Living Room Kaleen

A 3 by 5 textured mat can introduce an inviting surface to the passageway of your living room.

Dining Room Area Rug Size Guide in 2021


Make a perfect balance with a similar shape of the floor covering as your dining table has. The round about dinette table looks phenomenal with a round or square carpet. Rectangular and oval eating table capacity impeccably with rectangular mats. Typically, a square dinette works best with square covers, nonetheless, the round rug could work for a more carefree feel.

The dining table rug should have a minimum of 24 inches from each side to add satisfactory room for relatives. The carpet should not slide when you remove the seats. You can also choose an extensive dining area rug. To find the right size of the dining carpet, measure the dining table and add extra 24 inches from every side of the rug. Shop for the best dining area floor covering for your home at MAT Living India.

8’ X 10’ Dining Room Carpet

8 by 10 dining area carpet is the perfect choice for an eight-chair dining table. It leaves adequate room on each of the sides for putting chairs on the floor covering. Chairs can be shifted easily with a decent room between two seats. If you have a large dining area, leave a couple of inches off the floor around the mat to anchor the dining space.

For a table with six chairs, a rectangular carpet will require around 30 inches on all sides between the floor covering and the wall to outline the space.

Round Shaped Dining Rug is additionally acclaimed for the variation of a table with 6 Chairs. Round floor covering ties together the whole dining area.

6’ X 9’ Dining Room Rug

6 by 9 Striped dining room rug under the table of four is an ideal alternative of choosing either a rectangular or round rug. Sufficient space on all sides of the table licenses you to effortlessly glide the game plan of tables and seats.


Like grey or black living room carpet, you also have two-three rug arrangement choices with bedroom floor covering. To begin with, put 1/3 of the bed on the floor covering, and the second 2/3 of the bed is off the rug.

A right size bedroom floor covering for your room relies upon the size of your bed and the room. You can try the numerous floor covering sizes and different positions of the carpet reliant upon where your bed is set. Explore MAT Living India to track down the perfect bedroom area rug.

King Size Bedroom Carpet

9 by 12 leather carpet turns out best for the jumbo bed, which has end tables on each side. It lays totally under your bed leaving 2 feet of the mat on each side to give you a delicate and comfortable surface for your feet as you leave the bed each day.

Queen Size Bedroom Carpet

9 by 12 and 8 by 10 Shaggy bedroom floor covering are both perfect as both carpet sizes give adequate room to step on the carpet. With this setting, you can also put the floor covering toward the end of the bed for additional seating.

8 feet round wool bedroom rug fits pleasantly under the queen-size bed. It adds a smart touch and comfort to arrive on any side of the bed.

Single Bedroom Area Rug

6 by 9 or 5 by 7 textured bedroom area rug fits for the single bed, leaving adequate space all around the bed. You can likewise utilize two more modest rugs of 3 by 5 striped floor covering on the two sides of the bed.

Twin Bedroom Carpet

Setting a 3 by 5 loom knotted carpet between two single beds is an incredible alternative. You can also introduce a runner carpet between the two beds.

Kitchen Area Rug Size Guide in 2021


Consider the shape and size of your kitchen to discover the ideal kitchen floor covering. The kitchen space before the sink is the ideal and most practical territory for your kitchen carpet. If you have a huge kitchen, you can settle on various rugs.

If you need a kitchen cover close to your kitchen island, select a 5' X 7' or 3' X 5' carpet on either side. For a more extended apparent space, go for a kitchen runner rug of a size of 2.5' X 10'.

The more modest kitchen gets to more mileage like 3' X 5', 2.5' X 7' turns out best for the open floor. Pick your optimal kitchen rug size at MAT Living, India.


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