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10 Things to Consider Before You Buy a New Rug in 2022

The soft, luxurious feel of an area rug under your feet is far from comparison with hardwood floors. Kids are safe and comfortable when playing on the carpet, and it reduces the risk of injury if they fall. There are no substitutes for a rug in terms of sound absorption, warmth, and overall comfort, even though it requires a bit more maintenance than vinyl or tile.

Rugs add visual appeal to a room and make it cozier and more comfortable, as well. But a new area rug is also a huge investment. Before you cough up the cash for that new rug, you’ll need to consider how you plan to use the space and what you need from the rug.

What must you consider?

You need to consider more than just finding an affordable rug that matches your furniture and décor when shopping for a new rug. Choosing a new rug for your home is an important decision, as it will become an integral part of the décor.

Determining the best carpet for your home can be challenging with so many different styles, colors, and materials available. It may be difficult to clean certain materials regularly because they require frequent maintenance, and others may require costly maintenance. Some may even have health effects.

When choosing the right area rug for your home, consider these MAT Living, India 10 tips and pick the ideal new rug.

1. Choose the perfect padding



Don't try to save a few bucks by skimping on rug padding/ plagiarized sentence. The padding on carpets serves the same purpose as a building's foundation - to provide strength, support, and a bit of extra cushioning. Even though your new carpet won't show the padding, you'll certainly see how worn it becomes if you choose an inadequate padding material.

Carpet padding is a rubber or foam material that camouflages subfloor imperfections for a better-finished floor appearance. A floor covering acts as insulation to control indoor temperatures, as well as absorbing sound to create a noise-free environment for you and your neighbors. Pads extend the life of your carpet by preventing the backing and fibers from deteriorating.

The experts at MAT Living, India can help you choose the right padding for your room. The typical requirement is for a firm, dense padding in heavy-traffic areas while less protection may be needed in light-traffic areas and guest bedrooms. The type of padding that you choose should also be based on the type of carpet you plan to use.

 2. Consider Multiple Carpet Styles



Plush rugs come in many styles, including Saxony, Berber, textured, and frieze. These terms apply to the pile that makes up its surfaces. They are made of tufts of yarn either folded over into loops, cut straight across, or both. Despite the unique appearance of each rug style, that shouldn't be your primary concern. Instead, consider how well your lifestyle fits together with the style you are considering.

The pile of a plush carpet is tightly twisted, which results in an extremely thick, soft, and inviting carpet. However, the plush area rug also shows footprints and vacuum tracks, as well as a phenomenon, is known as "pooling." This is when the fibers in the carpet appear shaded in one direction, and it is the most common type of carpet. Generally, these carpet styles suit areas with a low volume of traffic, such as formal living rooms and master suits.

Contrary to this, Berber area rugs or carpets are constructed from continuous fiber loops and are flat and dense. They can be designed in any loop pattern, including multi-level loops. The materials used in the Berber area rug make it extremely durable and will not show soil, stains, or tracks which makes it a good choice for high-traffic areas or places that a lot of kids frequent.

A textured carpet has fibers that have different heights, so they reflect light, making track and dirt harder to see. This type of carpet is also good for high-traffic areas. You can add a textured hand woven distressed carpet from our collection that is best suited for high traffic indoor areas and outdoor location. /an irrelevant sentence has been omitted.

Friezes are cut-pile carpets made from slightly twisted fibers that tend to be less formal than plush and more luxurious than textured area rugs including Berber. They feel soft and comfortable on the feet, yet they hide dirt and footprints well.

 3. Don't Blow Your Budget



Rugs can be quite luxurious, but you don't need to spend a fortune on them. Explore MAT Living India collection to find a new carpet that fits your needs and budget. Look for separate quotes for installation and materials so you can compare apples to apples among various suppliers.

Choosing the right rug for each room can make a big difference in your budget. If you are looking for carpet for your guestroom, you might want to opt for less expensive, low-traffic carpet to save money. For example, stain-proof rug might be worth the splurge in your family room.

To keep costs as low as possible, consider lifetime maintenance and replacement costs. Try carpet tiles instead of rolled carpeting if you have children or pets. When your carpet starts to look worn and soiled after a few years of spills and stains, you should replace single tiles rather than the entire room.

When buying a new carpet, look at your options before you make your purchase to determine the right balance between price and comfort. Wool is the best carpet material, but it is also the most expensive. Nylon and other synthetics are comparable to wool, and they are available at lower prices. Try cut-rate options like Olefin or polyester for moisture-prone areas such as basements and stairways.

 4. Choose Your Carpet Provider with Care



You can purchase a new rug from different places – online or offline carpet stores, for example, but you can also buy it from flooring companies, furniture stores, large department stores, or even from online retailers. Regardless of the option you choose, you will end up with a gorgeous rug that is expertly installed. However, your best bet is to go with a reputable establishment that specializes in carpets.

MAT Living, India carpet store offers a large variety of carpet fibers and fiber blends, such as wool, jute, coir, jute, linen, sisal, and synthetics. Our rug experts are always ready to answer all of your queries and let you take home samples. You can install an area rug on your own, but still, some rug retailers provide installation services.

 5. Rug Maintenance Matters



Certainly, each type of rug requires its cleaning method, but there are still a few tips you can keep in mind if you want your rug to look great for many years to come while still maintaining its quality. A new rug can be used for many different purposes and will require different types of care.

Generally, medium-pile and high-pile rugs require deep cleaning at least once a year to remove hair, dust, and allergens. However, you can vacuum daily to maintain them. On the other hand, flat weave and low pile rugs must be blown outside regularly.

If you plan to buy a carpet, make sure you check out the cleaning instructions carefully. Note that natural fibers like jute and sisal are notoriously difficult to clean. Therefore, big spills may permanently damage the carpet. Fibers such as these do not show dirt and spills as readily as other types of rugs.

The cleaning instructions must be kept in a secure place. As some rugs last for many years, you might forget their best ways of cleaning and maintaining them after a while. Because some rugs can last for many years, it's important to keep all cleaning instructions in a safe place. This is why it is important to keep all the cleaning instructions in a safe place.

 6. A Word on Rug Warranties

This part is mind-numbing. There are so many different warranties available for carpet, including five- and 10-year options, matting and crushing warranty options, and warranties that cover stains, wear, and even overall appearance.

Most warranties offer little real coverage - so buying a new area rug solely based on the warranty seems great won't be worth it. However, the better quality the carpet is the more coverage and stain protection you're offered.

 7. Rug Pattern and color



Choosing the right finish from so many options might be the most challenging part of your carpet purchase. Choosing colors that match the mood or tone you are trying to achieve for your rooms will help you narrow your rug search.

Ensure that the rug is the focal point of the room or fades into the background before choosing a neutral shade. Only pick a neutral shade if the walls, furnishings, or artwork serve as main focal points, as that will prevent a plain, monotonous look.

You can choose from rugs that have art on them if you want to liven up your living room, office, or any other place in the house with some playfulness and art. And you shouldn't feel intimidated to choose rugs with amazing colors and patterns. There are a lot of bold pattern rugs that add a lot of uniqueness to your room. You can use these rugs around your furniture, so make sure that the arrangement of your furniture doesn't hide the rug design.

As an alternative to area rugs, you might consider carpet tiles if your room is unusually large or you wish to create a pattern. The positive aspect is that you can choose from a variety of designs and colors for carpet tiles. Therefore, you should have no problem finding the right tile within your budget.

 8. Rug Sizes Matters



Rug size is an important consideration before placing it in a living room or family room. Small area rugs are one of the most common mistakes homeowners make. However, you must be certain your area rugs are large enough to fit underneath the furniture in the room.

If you cannot afford this, then it's good to have the rug fit at least the major upholstered pieces. However, it's good to have all the small pieces' legs on the rug too. Also, think about the layout of your room before selecting a rug. When you have a large house that is divided up into a few different areas, such as conversation areas, then choose rugs that will complement each area instead of matching. /irrelevant piece of information has been removed

There should be at least 10 to 20 inches of bare floor between the walls of a medium-sized room and the edges of the new rug. However, the distance can vary as much as 24 inches high or even as low as 8 inches, depending on the size of the room. Additionally, you should place the new rug in the center of your room. When doing so, you should ensure that there is an equal distance between the four edges of the new rug and the sides of the wall.

In any case, you should make sure that it is properly positioned, especially when it is in high-traffic areas. Your cherished ones shouldn't be walking with one foot on the rug while the other is off. In other words, there should be sufficient space to walk on.

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9. Add your own sense of style



We feel comfortable in a home that is tailored to our tastes and personalities. What better way to cozily add to the atmosphere of a home than with a rug, and a personalized rug is perfect for doing just that!

When choosing a rug, the most important factor to consider is your taste. You will spend most of your life with the rug, and if you have to invest a lot into it, you might have to live with it for years. If you are selecting the right rug using easy steps, consider whether you are looking for something traditional, contemporary, or transitional.

 10. Consider the room interior before placing a rug –



To make your dining room area look more organized, you will need to figure out how big the room is and draw a floor plan. If you choose a rug, you will probably put all of the chairs and the table on it to define space. If you're choosing a rug for your family room, you may want to choose one that accommodates just the coffee table. For an entryway, you'll probably want something long and narrow. Under the bottom two-thirds of the bed, a large rug works fine. But you can also use two long runners positioned on either side of it. However, consider traffic patterns the rug will get under doors, as well as whether it will cause tripping hazards.

Don't forget to check out coupons and promo codes before you shop to get the most out of your purchase. Accentuate your space today with the perfect rug from MAT Living India on-site or in-store.

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