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Top 10 Stylish Rugs Designs that never go out of trend?

Regardless of the pattern, each area rug style has something distinctive to offer that holds your home decor together. Well-designed rugs come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns, so which are the new rug styles 2021? It doesn’t matter if you have wall-to-wall carpets, tiles, or wood flooring, the addition of a stylish carpet from the carpet trends 2021 to your home will not only protect the floors but also add the finishing touches to your decor.

Here is a list of stylish and new rug styles 2021 that never go out of style:

1. Shaggy:



Shaggy rugs comprise a high-pile construction that is soft, plush, and luxurious to the touch. These were the iconic carpets of the 1970s. Shaggy carpet trends 2021 come in a huge range of materials, colors, and designs. These rugs can add texture and upscale sophistication to any space. Real fur rugs are on their way out as people have started protesting their non-vegan production. Nowadays, faux rugs are being produced that are much more popular. Fur and faux fur rugs add extra luxury to a room during the winter season. To make fur rugs look their best, make them the centerpiece of the room, and don’t let them be overshadowed by other furniture.

2. Contemporary:



It is known that the landscape of contemporary rugs shifts often but they are still among the new rug styles 2021. But practically, true contemporary style adopts a softer appearance in comparison to the stark lines of modern design. Contemporary carpets tend to sport popular patterns like a trellis, chevron, abstract, and graphic prints. Contemporary carpets also often redefine traditional motifs by adjusting the scale of the pattern or updating the color palette.

3. Vintage:



Vintage rugs and carpets of the vintage style are never out of trend and are among the most trending new rug styles 2021. Vintage carpets can make a statement in a variety of decors. Whether it is traditionally styled homes or bohemian lofts, vintage rugs can be the revelation new rug styles 2021 for all decors. If you are looking to splurge on a truly vintage carpet then you should be prepared to pay as per the quality of handcrafting. A quality vintage rug is sure to add the allure of an antique and add interest to your décor and style to your space. A distressed old-fashioned rug is a trendy yet classic option in the vintage rug segment.

4. Traditional:



Among area rugs’ carpet trends 2021, traditional area rugs are easy to identify and a popular and predominant decor accessory in many tastefully decorated homes. These rugs have a classic, patterned, and yet not overpowering rug design. Traditionally styled rugs’ salient features include intricate Persian designs such as vines, flowers, and scrollwork. Traditional rugs generally have inner borders consisting of intricate patterns that make them great for defining and centering spaces like dining and living rooms. An authentic traditional carpet will primarily be made of wool or silk. Traditional carpets, like the Persian carpets, are perfectly suited to be placed in high-traffic areas like living rooms where they wear down in a beautifully subtle way. These rugs are the perfect expression of skilled craftsmanship.

5. Bohemian:



With Bohemian rugs being both whimsical and stylish, they usually feature vibrant color palettes, bold designs, distressed patterns, flatwoven techniques, and natural fiber constructions. They are among the major rug trends 2021. One of the keys to achieving the Bohemian look with area rugs is to layer antique traditional carpets with flatwoven, natural-fiber rugs. To truly capture the Bohemian vibe, opt for carpets with fringy details and distressed designs.

6. Modern:



If you want to center a living space, modern rug area carpets are a great neutral design element. Most connoisseurs of modern carpets lookout for low-pile hook-and-loop or cut-loop rugs in neutral hues and with either solid or very subtle patterns. The key to embellishing a space with a modern carpet from the new rug styles 2021 is to let the rug complement your furniture and decor rather than overpower it. These rugs are great for high-traffic areas as they are easy to clean.

7. Transitional:



Rugs of the transitional style fall directly between the traditional and contemporary designs. These rugs incorporate both classic and updated design elements and are simple yet sophisticated. They tend to have muted color palettes and updated traditional patterns like distressed oriental motifs or large-scaled vines and scrollwork.

8. Hide:



Hide rugs are made from several animal hides. Hidecarpets can often be in the form of woven strips, whereas hides and sheepskins are complete animal hides. These hide rugs are great for decorating ornaments for small spaces and awkwardly shaped rooms. They add luxurious layering to your rooms.

Sheepskins are relatively easy to clean - they can be washed like hair - and they are especially splendid for layering on furniture or placed next to your bed as a soft mat where you can place your feet when you wake up every morning.

9. Textured:



When you make a plan to buy a textured rug for your home, you will not think much of it; but when you have to go about selecting the rug, it can seem incredibly daunting. Not all rugs are the same. Textured rugs are very similar to plush-style carpets. What makes textured carpets different is the uneven tuft heights. Due to this varying tuft height, vacuum marks and footprints are less visible on textured carpets.

Textured carpets mainly comprise of a multi-toned texture, but are available in solid colors as well. It is an excellent carpet for busy families.

10. Performance:



Performance rugs are unmistakable, recognizable, and distinct. Regardless of their distinctness, they complement a range of decor styles. Patrons of performance carpets look for designs that feature the usual loom knot pattern.

Performance carpets have the appearance and feel of real wool while providing exceptional durability and spill protection. They're created from finely spun man-made yarns, so they're comfortable underfoot and can withstand regular use.


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