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How To Find The Best Carpet Designer Store In India?

Let’s face the truth: finding the perfect carpet for your space can be a daunting as well as a frustrating task similar to buying a new house.

That said, rug stores have a slew of carpet designs to pick from, endless rug designers to work with, and it’s not difficult finding the one that matches your style and budget. However intimidating the shopping experience is, the reward is that - “rugs add the welcoming feeling and an undeniable warmth to your space”; they are worthy of the effort, knowledge, and research you put in while buying a new carpet. 

So, if you are a first-time carpet buyer or going through a home revamping process, you must be perplexed on how to embark on the carpet shopping journey. Is there any best carpet store near me? Who is the best carpet retailer? If you have these questions in mind, go through the blog post to get the best resolution without encountering any hassle.

First, where to buy the finest rugs and carpet?



In this era where everything is available online, rugs and carpets are no exception. There are a plethora of brick-and-mortar carpet stores in India and quality online carpets stores. These online stores sell everything from aesthetic Persian carpets to vintage Turkish carpets to handcrafted Indian carpets to brighten any living space. However, it can be challenging for individuals to figure out how to decipher the new online rug world. Plus, it’s easy for consumers to get baffled and end up buying a carpet that is not appropriate for the existing décor.

So, before choosing the best carpet e-commerce website pay heed to the below aspects:

  • Platform That Matches Your Needs

As mentioned earlier, the internet world is laden with myriads of online stores. Every rugs store has its terms and conditions. Thereupon don’t fall into the rat trap of companies without knowing about their existence, shipping cost, refund policy, and payment mode. Always trust a brand online that suits your prerequisite.

  • Examine In-depth Details For Payment

For online transactions, the payment mode plays an imperative role. If PayPal or digital wallets are your preferred method that the online store doesn’t accept, you might have to arrange for the funds. It’s better to check the payment mode beforehand.

  • Think Twice Before Paying For

Once you scroll the internet for the best carpet store online you will see there are myriads of varied options available with different price points as all these depend upon the carpet manufacturing industry. Simply put, handcrafted or knotted rugs are usually made of natural fibers like silk or wool. And it is labor-intensive work that may take months to accomplish. Additionally, they are the most expensive carpets and rugs in the market starting from Rs50000 to 200000 according to size, material, and quality. 

  • Correctly Measure Your Space

One of the most crucial steps when buying a rug is measuring the space correctly. Online stores display carpets next to furniture, making it easy to estimate the carpeting requirement. However, don’t get bluffed, as it is for the best to measure yourself. If you get the wrong size of your carpet, chances are your room may feel smaller. Or space looks lumber some. Therefore, buy the carpet according to your dimensions, theme, types of rooms, and furniture. 

Lastly, if you decide to buy carpet online- it’s prudent to examine the online seller’s details, how seasoned they are, customer feedback on the online portal, and ratings. 

Now, How to buy rugs and carpets offline?



Undoubtedly the times and trends are changing. Online shopping has changed the sphere largely, but some buyers are still skeptical about investing hefty amounts online, especially for costly rugs. They still prefer exploring carpets in an offline store. Here are some factors to consider when heading towards an offline store:

  • Premium Seller

Carpets fall under the category of premium products and accessories, it is pivotal to choose a brand that delivers the best-quality, versatile, and in vogue patterns. Branded stores have years of experience in selling the carpets that befit your space, budget, and style. 

Furthermore, the store should have in-house experts to answer all your carpet queries. It is worth mentioning that well-known brands offer quality installation also because ill-fitted carpets may have bumps as well as seams. It may spoil the complete feel of your decorated space.

  • Ask For Maintenance 

To keep the carpet's longevity it is quintessential to ask queries on cleaning and maintenance. If you clean the carpet without knowing the method you may scar the material. With that said, every carpet is unique in style, color, pattern, quality, and life – it is vital to ask the seller about the preservation and launder procedure. What's more? For high-traffic areas, it's ideal to select rugs that are tough, durable, and stain-resistant.

  • Padding Is Key

If you found the right carpet, then the next step is to invest in a rug pad. To save a few bucks people often leave out the carpet padding. Furthermore, laying a solid foundation rugs pad helps in laying the area flat and safeguards the carpet from daily wear and tears. Plus, it provides solid support for the carpet.

Without padding, the rug fibers may get compressed and display signs of eroding. Ask your seller in-depth about the material of the carpet and padding to shun future woes.

  • Warranty Matters

High-quality carpets come with a hefty price tag. Also, these modern rugs prerequisite is expert installation, so it’s always better to ask for a warranty for it. Most sellers offer a typical warranty like bald spots, fiber loss, and minor damage. So, to avoid any future snag, it’s advisable to read the terms and conditions carefully.

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