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11 Amazing Benefits of Carpeting in 2021

As human beings, we are always hunting for new things to discover and bring home which could enhance the aesthetics of our home and decor. And if you are new to the concept of carpeting, you probably are unaware of some of the amazing benefits that carpets can bring to your home. However, 2021 could be a great opportunity for you to discover gems of carpets that have flourished over years and come in plenty of options carrying some appreciable and amazing benefits. 

How Rooms Would Benefit From Carpeting in 2021



Many carpet options are available in the market today; it is tough to decide which rug will work wonders for your floor. If there would be a debate about the carpet vs hardwood floor. The carpet has so many reasons to get considered when you start decorating your room. Here are the top 10 reasons why a floor covering will be the best decision from safety to comfort. Here, at MAT Living, India, we will showcase you some amazing benefits of carpeting in 2021 –

Improve Appearance



Adding a carpet to your home will improve the home aesthetic with its color, pattern, and texture. Make your dream home décor in real with the help of a high-quality shaggy area rug. Try to introduce an area rug in front of the fireplace. It will make the space cozier and welcoming. Nothing feels more comfortable than stepping on a high pile carpet after a long day.

Bring Style



Carpet and rug have their own style from luxurious to contemporary, casual to comfy, and classic to modern. A rug can change the entire ambience of your home by just changing the style of the rug. To create a formal space, you can use a short-pile carpet or make it more casual to ‘fulfil’ your style statement. There are thousands of carpet styles that can reflect your lifestyle. At MAT Living, India, you can choose rug style from traditional to contemporary, vibrant colors, and bold patterned rug according to your home furnishing to create a focal point.

Great Insulator

Carpet works as an excellent insulator. It keeps your indoor environment cooler than outside during the summer, and in winter add warmth to your home. It helps you to lower down your heating bill and make the floor more comfortable for your feet. A carpet can save approx. 4-5% energy in summers and up to 10% in winters. While buying a carpet (Kaleen), pay attention to the thermal resistance feature to find the perfect rug.

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Improve indoor climate



A rug or a carpet makes your indoor climate better as it hides airborne allergens, dust particles, contaminants, and hair in its strands until you vacuum it. So, a person who is allergic to dust must own a carpet or a rug. A Number of studies also show that a carpet is really beneficial for those who have breathing problems. Kaleen traps the particles, eliminates them from the breathing area, and reduces those dust particles circulating in the air. Carpet filters all kinds of airborne pollutants like pollen, dust mites, and dirt in order to keep them away from the breathing zone.

Add comfort & luxury



Suppose you are a person who does not like to wear slippers while roaming around in your house. In that case, you should introduce rugs in some parts of your home such as the living room, dining area, bedroom, kids room, kitchen, and guest room to let your feet feel the most comfortable and convert and make your interior more luxurious. Rugs and carpets are really soft as compared to hardwood or tile flooring. To increase the carpet's level of comfort and lifespan, you can use a quality rug pad.

Reduce noise



Can you hear the echoes and noisy sound while walking on the hardwood floor? A noisy floor can be really annoying when guests visit your home. Hardwood surface will not consume the sound of floor whereas carpet absorbs and significantly reduces the echo and noisy sound of the floor while walking or if you drop something. Rug or a carpet works as a barrier between the room and floor that blocks the sound transmission on footsteps and echoes which come from TV, speakerphones, and computers. You can also notice the difference after layering down a carpet.

Introduce warmth



Introducing a rug will immediately improve your home interior, warmth, and comfort. A rug or a carpet keeps your home insulated and maintain the temperature in chilly winters. A wool carpet also helps you keep your feet warm when you walk barefoot on the floor. So, if you have concrete or hardwood floor, introduce an area rug to bring cushioning relief to your body.

Increase safety



Kids like to play here and there around the home. Hard surfaces can be highly slippery sometimes; they can cause slips and falls of your child. Accommodate a carpet to the kid’s room in the first place and in the area he/she likes to play, and especially a runner rug on the stairs. A flat weave carpet can also be introduced to avoid kid’s falls and slips.

Anchors furniture



Whether it is a family room, bedroom, guest room, or dining, a carpet make the room interior visually appealing and revamp the entire look and feel of the home. A rug helps you to create a center of attraction for each rooms. Carpets also play the role of a divider if you have a large living room. To make your home furnishing items connected and cohesive, a luxury carpet is enough. You can always bank upon the luxury rugs and carpets collection at Matliving India that anchors furniture.

Protect floor



Carpets protect your hard surface by handling the stress of daily traffic, furniture rearrangement, and many more. Everything is true – carpets safeguard your floor from sunlight damage, furniture scratches, dust, pollens, spills, etc. You can also take the advantage of runner rugs in your hallways, and entryways. Keep in mind that Kaleen not only takes care of your floor but also works as a cushion for every individual to reduce falls and minimize injuries.

Easy maintenance



Carpets are easy to maintain and clean. Regular vacuuming once a week is enough to quickly remove the dust particles from the rug. You can also look out for the weather. If it is sunny and there is no sign of rain, take out your rug in an open area, hang it and beat it.

If you spilt anything on the rug, such as wine, coffee, or tea, try to remove the spill stain immediately with the help of tissues or cloth. To completely clean the stains, we will advise you to use professional cleaning agents with the manufacturer’s instructions.

At Mat Living India, we are always up with our services. We hope to have been of help in producing genuine advice and presenting before you the true benefits that carpeting can bring in 2021, thereby helping you in choosing the right carpet.

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