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9 Reasons Why You Are Not Finding The Perfect Rug in 2021

Rugs or carpets are one of the most important factors you need to consider to improve the home interior. Unfortunately, shopping for an area rug online feels like riding a roller coaster as a carpet should fit perfectly with your furnishing accessories and existing home décor.

What mistakes are you making?



Finding a perfect area rug in 2021 online seems an extremely easy task at first sight. However, apart from the look of your rug, there are so many other things you need to consider while purchasing a carpet, like interior, size, pattern, style, weave type, material, and budget.

Here are some significant mistakes most of us make while choosing the right rug in 2021 –

Only Paying Attention to The Rug Not Home Interior –



The rug is the most crucial part of your interior, but it isn't easy to define a virtual look for any room by seeing a carpet online. Prediction can’t be accurate every time. The colour of the carpet can be slightly different from the colour shown in the pictures; you will be able to see the exact colour of the rug when you will receive it.

No matter how beautiful the carpet is, it is really important to consider the overall look and feel of the living space before bringing any rug to your room.

Looking for a luxury rug at a prius price -



Maybe you are looking for a luxurious carpet at nominal prices, which can be one reason you cannot find the perfect rug in 2021. If you are looking for a luxury vintage carpet within a specifically targeted price range, you will end up with no ideal carpet for your home every time. The lower prices can lead to low quality and less durable rugs. There are minimal chances to get a fantastic rug at low prices.

Not sure about the kind of rug you are looking for -



You have so many choices when it comes to carpets, and finding the perfect rug can be more challenging if you do not have any idea about what you are looking for. So first, ask yourself what kind of rug you want to lay down in your living area—sometimes sorting the rug choices on behalf of rug pile, styles, colours, textures, weave types, patterns, and budget. Narrowing down the carpets choices help you to win half the battle.

A carpet can introduce softness and define any particular area, but it is also necessary to consider the existing design and scheme of the room. The rug sorting process defines the primary aesthetic of the rug and gives you a clear understanding of how it will improve your entire space.

Don’t know where to begin -



There are numbers of websites to begin your rug search. However, MAT Living India is one of the best places to find the perfect rug in 2021, whether you are looking for Contemporary, Leather, Shaggy, Traditional, or Performance area rugs.

Choosing the wrong rug size -



Opting for the wrong rug size is one of the common mistakes. Measure twice or thrice to define the carpet area and rug sizes. Wrong carpet size can ruin your entire home décor, whether the carpet is too small or too large. Keep in mind that every room has different measurements, so one size rug is not going to fit your bedroom, living room, and guest room. Differentiating the size of the rug according to specific areas will enhance the home interior. We are here to help you get the right size of carpets for your every space at MAT Living India.

Afraid to introduce color & pattern - 



Carpets are the best way to introduce playfulness and fun to any living space, so try to accommodate some colours and patterns while choosing the ideal area rug in 2021. Cost-effective rug options are also available online. They are easy to replace if you upgrade your home décor in a defined period of time. Explore the collection of MAT Living India.

Not careful while buying a rug on sale -



Rugs on sale is a huge opportunity to buy a carpet at lower prices. But, unfortunately, this is a prevalent mistake most of us make. We all know that high-quality carpets are not cheap. But that doesn’t mean that the rug on sale is about to meet your home décor requirements. First, you need to ensure that the carpet if fulfilling your interior needs. So don’t rush while choosing an area rug on sale.

Don’t know about the rug material - 



Purchasing the wrong type of carpet can ruin your space. Multiple types of rug fibers are available out there in the market, from wool to polyester. If you don’t know about the rug fibers means you don't know anything about the carpet. It can turn into the worst nightmare you can dream of. Organic rug filaments include wool, sisal, cotton, jute, and silk, while synthetic rug fibers include polypropylene, acrylic, polyester, etc. Different kind of carpet materials requires different types of cleaning and maintenance services. Decide the rug materials based on the cleaning process, durability, and area you want to introduce, such as high traffic or low traffic.

Trying to match everything - 



Most people like to match each and everything from the colour of walls to the colour of furniture and rug. But matching the colour of everything is not the solution to improve the décor; it can only make your room interior monotonous. So instead of matching the colour of your sofa, love seat, and chairs, try to create coordination between your rug and home furnishing accessories. Showcase your lifestyle by combining decorative home accessories with rugs.

It is highly likely that your reasons for not being able to find a perfect rug coincide with one or more among the nine reasons listed above. Besides, at Mat Living India, we are always up at lending valuable support and expert guidance in selecting rugs that could do wonders to one’s home décor.

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