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How to Decorate an Indian Home With Handmade Rugs?

India is widely known for its classic styles. Presently, people love to revamp their interior with a contemporary or modern touch but the way of Indian living is known for its traditions. Handwoven traditional rugs, carpets, and kilims are available in multiple patterns and designs with specific color combinations.

Every carpet has a “One-of-a-kind” design pattern and this is the best thing about traditional carpets. Traditional rug designs are formerly from various countries such as Persia, India, and Afghanistan, etc. in the 12th century.

In India, handmade Indian traditional rugs are the best option for your home décor. Handwoven carpets are a great approach to rejuvenate the beauty of your dwell. Placing a rug is one of the most important things that is essential to upgrade the entire look of your home.

You don’t require other decorates to embellish your living space floors after placing a traditional handwoven area rug. It is like changing a dress can change the entire look of an individual.

A handcrafted carpet is an inviting or appealing dress for your living areas doesn’t matter whether it is your living area, dining area, bedroom, or kitchen. When you are revamping the entire home décor or doing the interior of a new home; first you need to decide the layout of each and every room to give your living space a completely new look and style. Here are some decorating tips that will tell you – “How to decorate an India home with handmade rugs?”

Add a bold statement to your home and floor



Before revamping your home, you need to create different time frames for individual rooms according to the traffic for a perfect interior. For an ideal living space, you have to create a perfect décor plan. To find the best-fit carpet for your living area, you need to determine the exact size of the floor where you want the rug to be placed. Apart from the rug size, you also need to pay attention to the color, pattern, and texture of the carpets based on your room's interior. Check out some luxurious handmade carpets at MAT Living India.

Once you find the perfect carpet for your space, remove all the furniture, layer your rug on the floor and then place all the home furnishing accessories on it such as the sofa and center table. I would love to suggest you go for an oversized rug for the living room; so the maximum area of the living area will be covered and you will ample space on the rug after putting all the furniture on it.

You can also take the advantage of medium-sized handmade carpets; if you have an average-sized living room. With a medium-sized rug, you will be able to put only the front legs of the furniture on the rug. If you have a small living room, opt for the small-sized carpet where the only center table will be placed on the rug. If you want to introduce some designs and patterns to your living area; opt for some geometric or pattern carpets such as floral area rug.

Introduce a cozy and comfortable area with a handcrafted rug in your bedroom



A bedroom is one of the most important areas of your home as you spend almost one-third time of your life. To make it more cozy and comfortable, you can introduce a shaggy carpet to add an extra layer of comfort and just let your feet have a deep dive into the strands of the rug. Look for a handmade shag area rug at MAT Living India to give a luxury touch to your bedroom décor.

I would like to suggest that you should go for a medium size bedroom rug and place it in a way that the quarter part of the rug should be below the bed and 1/3 part of the rug should be visible outside the bed. This is the best approach to décor a bedroom. You can also choose a small rug or runners to improve the interior of your bedroom.

Add perfection to Your Dining Room



There are two methods to revamp the décor of a dining area with handmade carpets. First, you can use a handwoven runner rug in the center of the dining table to enhance the look of the eating table. Second, place a handmade carpet under the dining table. Measure the dining area with the chairs out and add 24 inches to 36 inches from every side to determine the right size of the dining carpet. Adding extra inches to the dining carpet will give you enough space to pull out the chair when you have done with your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Try to introduce a handmade rug to the dining area that area stain safe.

Looking for a handmade carpet for your bedroom, living room, guest room, dining room, or kitchen; MAT Living India has an extensive carpet collection, explore to find the best fit for your individual living spaces.

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