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What is called Rug in different language in India?

Rugs are known for revamping the home interior and exterior. Nowadays, it is important to introduce a rug to your home and office to improve the aesthetic of that particular area. Rug is pronounced differently across the world. But if we talk about India, there are more than 19500+ languages or dialects are spoken as Mother's tongue. So, carpet is pronounced differently in each and every city of India.

Here, MAT Living India is showcasing some of the rug translations on different languages that are majorly used in India.

Andhra Pradesh – రగ్గు, Raggu



Hyderabad – Tivāci, Raggu, Farsh, Nēlapaina

Kurnool - Unniduppaṭi, Raggu, Kārpeṭ

Rajahmundry - Unniduppaṭi, Raggu, Tivāci

Secunderabad - Raggu, Tivāci, Farsh, Bichana

Visakhapatnam - Unniduppaṭi, Raggu, Tivāci




Faridabad – Dhurrie, Galeecha, Rug, Kaleen, Carpet

Gurgaon - Dhurrie, Galeecha, Rug, Kaleen, Carpet

Kurukshetra - Dhurrie, Galeecha, Rug, Kaleen

Panchkula - Galeecha, Kaleen

Panipat - Dhurrie, Galeecha, Kaleen

Rewari - Dhurrie, Kaleen

Rohtak - Dhurrie, Galeecha, Kaleen

Sonipat - Dhurrie, Galeecha, Rug, Kaleen, Carpet

Delhi - rug, carpet, kaleen  



New Delhi – rug, carpet, kaleen                                                              

West Bengal – রাগ, Rāga



Kolkata - Mējhēẏapātabārakambala, Rāga, Mējhēśiṭa, Kambala, Gālicā, Kārpēṭēābaraṇa                                                         

Tamil Nadu   



Chennai - Kampaḷam, Camukkāḷam, Kampaḷi, Jamakkāḷam

Coimbatore - Kampaḷam, Camukkāḷam, Kampaḷi, Jamakkāḷam

Madurai - Kampaḷam, Camukkāḷam, Kampaḷi, Jamakkāḷam          

Erode - Kampaḷam, Camukkāḷam, Kampaḷi, Jamakkāḷam

Salem - Kampaḷam, Camukkāḷam, Kampaḷi, Jamakkāḷam

Thanjavur - Kampaḷam, Camukkāḷam, Kampaḷi, Jamakkāḷam

Tirunelveli - Kampaḷam, Camukkāḷam, Kampaḷi, Jamakkāḷam




Chandigarh - Dhurrie, Rug, Carpet, Galīcā                                                               




Jaipur - Dhurrie, Rug, Carpet, Farsh, Kaleen

Bhilwara - Dhurrie, Kaleen

Bikaner - Dhurrie, Farsh, Kaleen

Hanumangarh - Dhurrie, Farsh, Kaleen

Jodhpur - Dhurrie, Rug, Carpet, Farsh, Kaleen

Udaipur - Dhurrie, Rug, Carpet, Farsh, Kaleen                     

Karnataka - Kambaḷi



Bengaluru – Kambaḷi

Mysore – Kambaḷi                                                                  




Pune - गालिचा, जाजम, जाडकांबळे

Mumbai - गालिचा, जाजम, जाडकांबळे, rug                                

Punjab – ਗਲੀਚਾ, Galīcā



Ludhiana – Kaleen, Galīchā, Kārpēṭa

Amritsar – Kaleen, Galīchā, Kārpēṭa

Patiala - Kaleen, Galīchā, Kārpēṭa

Ambala Cantt  - Galīchā, Kārpēṭa

Jalandhar – Kaleen, Galīchā, Kārpēṭa

Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar - Kaleen, Galīchā

Sangrur – Kaleen, Galīchā, Kārpēṭa

Gujarat – ગાદલું, Gādaluṁ



Ahmedabad – Kāmaḷō, Gādaluṁ, Kārpēṭa

Surat – Pātharaṇuṁ, Gōdaluṁ

Rajkot – Kāmaḷō, Gādaluṁ, Dhābaḷō

Vadodara – Kāmaḷō, Gādaluṁ, GōdaḍuṁDhābaḷō

Anand - Kāmaḷō, Gādaluṁ, Dhābaḷō              

Uttar Pradesh



Lucknow – Kaleen

Noida - Kaleen, Galeecha

Ghaziabad – Galeecha, Durrie

Greater Noida - Kaleen, Galeecha                     

Sikkim - Sikkimese Carpets



Gangtok - asans                 

Kerala – paravatāni, putapp



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