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10 ways to Décor Your Floor With Carpet & Best carpet shop online

If you have questions like this "Which is the best carpet shop near me?", "Where to find the best carpet flooring in India?" "How to decorate my floor with the best carpet flooring India" or "Where can I find the most exclusive carpet flooring near me?" then you have arrived at the right spot. Matliving India has the finest collections of carpets and rugs. Before moving ahead with our ten décor tips for carpeting, let’s first understand what carpeting entails and what makes a good carpet, material, and the making process.  

A carpet is a soft and thick sheet made of fibers, consisting of an upper layer of pile attached to a backing to cover or protect the flooring. The pile was conventionally prepared from wool, but since the 20th century, synthetic fibers such as polypropylene, nylon, or polyester are used generally, as they cost less. Carpeting refers to the coverage of the whole area mainly indoors and can be placed in both high and low traffic areas. It adds the right balance of safety, comfort, performance, and pleasure to your flooring. 

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Decorating your floor is an integral part of interior design. Doing it right will display your style and personality to attract everyone who visits your place. Here are some efficient ways to decorate your floor with Matliving’sonline store of "best carpet flooring India".




One of the best ways to decorate your floor is to place all the items to complement the rug and fit well. The key to properly arranging them around an area rug is to consider it the focal point or anchor of the room. Make the rug as the base, and you will easily arrange all the other items accordingly.

Giving a touch of nature



Decorating your floor with area rugs surrounded by some plants or flowers is a great way to add the touch of nature to your home. Placing the plants in more than one corner can make your room look green. It will also bring some freshness and fragrance to the air when it has grown some aromatic flowers. You can find one of our floral rugs to give a more natural look to your space.

Minimalism is better



Minimalism is about being simple and putting bare essentials in your space. It allows you to keep it open, airy, and free of clutter. It may help you bring your creativity and tranquility. Many homeowners love the concept of minimalism and they also apply this in the decoration of their floors. Placing the small-size area rugs wherever required and not overstuffing your room with big-size carpets is the right way of minimal approach for your rooms. You can get all kinds of ideas for your minimalism approach from the best carpet flooring India collection on our website.

Floor Seating



Floor seating options are also a great way of using your floors rugs. You can opt for different types of floor seating arrangements. You can place some cushions, bean bags, and ottomans on it so that you can relax, play card/board games, and have fun with your friends or family. For floor seating, you should go for shaggy rugs from our online store. We have a wide variety of shaggy rugs suitable for your floor seating.

Complementary colors



Before placing a rug on the floor look around the color of the surroundings of your room. The surrounding includes the walls, curtains, furniture, wall rugs, doors, and windows of the room. Make sure the colours in the surroundings are complementary to the colour of the rugs you buy. The darker colour goes with the light walls and surroundings and the lighter ones with the dark surroundings.

Kids and pets friendly



Our rugs are composed of fibers that are sturdy and durable. These rugs have the capability of bearing the pressure on them without getting affected. They are bendable, stainproof, dustproof, and noise-proof. Placing these rugs on your living room or any room that has more traffic can be favorable. Hence, go for carpets with these traits that make them kids and pets friendly.

Appropriate material



Choosing the best material for the rug or carpet is essential for your comfort and uses. If you want to create a harmonious and calm atmosphere, go for a wool rug in a muted palette. If you wish for a vibrant look, you may place an abstract or a textured rug.

Pay attention to the room temperature



Mostly the area rugs and carpets are used to bring coziness and warmth to the room. They give comfort to your bare feet and prevent them from direct contact with the cold floor. But you should know that they might also bring heat to the room in the summers. Make sure your room is air-conditioned and has proper ventilation before you plan to place a rug or carpet.

Stay artistic



Adding a touch of art to the flooring will give a positive vibration to the room. You can choose a rug from our collection of abstract rugs to give an artistic touch to your home or office. The idea of abstract rug patterns is similar to abstract painting. The abstract rugs have no definite form or design in the pattern. Thus, it forms uniqueness along with a great style statement for your room. The abstract rugs are used to make your room colorful, trendy, and elegant. The abstract rugs can be used as area carpets, carpet for rooms, floor carpet for living room, area rugs for all the rooms.

Choosing the correct shape and size



Choosing the correct shape and size of the rugs is an important factor for the decoration of your room. You can choose various shapes from Matliving's "Best carpet flooring India" collection. Shapes like circles, rectangular and irregular shapes are popular these days.

In conclusion

Therefore, while looking for the best carpet seller, decorating your floor with Mat Living’s online store with the best carpet flooring in India collection will give you exceptional results. Choose the best carpets and rugs according to your style and needs. 

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