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How To Choose Carpet Color in 2021

Placing a carpet in your home can be one of the most difficult decisions of your home interior because there are so many considerations you need to focus on to find the best carpet for your home. Some of the major considerations are – carpet style, rug material, the pattern of the area rug, quality of the carpet, and last but not the least, the color of the carpet.

Carpet color is one of the toughest decisions for people while buying a rug. A color change can give your home a dramatic impact on your home décor. Sometimes, a color upgrade is necessary, but it can also be scary as it impacts the entire décor.

There are multiple carpet color options available in the market. The color is one of the many attributes to choose, others include the pile type, rug material, cost, and more. If you are uncertain about where to start to find the carpet color, here are some suggestions and tips to choose the right rug color shadings for your home interior in 2021.

Understanding Carpet Color Tones



A carpet color usually portrays the shade used to color the carpet material. Since you need to determine the right area carpet color for your living room, bedroom, dining room, and guest room before making a carpet buying decision, you need to understand the hues. Every carpet color has multiple shades that are usually known as carpet tones. The carpet hues signify the visual impact of colors. Try to complement your living space by contrasting the color tones of the carpet according to the other home décor items such as furniture, painting, and wall colors.

Study the colours, trends and Suitability

There is no hard and fast rule for choosing a carpet colour. One need to build an idea about colours that are most offered in carpets of different kinds. While some materials are embedded in carpet-making in their natural colour, others are dyed to meet choices for colours that are not naturally available.

Additionally, you must learn to consider every aspect for 360 degree consistency in décor, colour of the carpet being one of the aspects. Here are some considerations that may guide you in choosing a carpet colour in 2021:

Turquoise Color Carpet For Beach Side Home 



If your home is near the sea, next to the sunny beach, you have a pool near your living area, or you love the seaside, turquoise color home furnishing is a must for your home in 2021. This variation is contemporary and classic and exudes charm. It can be an ideal choice for your carpet because it can bring a daring hue and astounding appeal to your home. It may need more care too. This carpet color is best for the living rooms.

Neutral Colors for Carpet



Neutral color carpets are the biggest seller in the carpet industry. Carpet can create quite a stir in the room décor, and bright color carpet in large areas can be overwhelming. Additionally, changing the old carpet with the new one is expensive.

If you plan on changing your carpets every few years, then you can look for trends. If you don’t have enough resources to replace your old carpet when the weather or trend changes, go for the neutral color area carpet for your hard surface. You can introduce the bolder, brighter, and trendier colors in other home interior components of the living space – wall paints, bedding, sofa cushions, and other home decoration items such as lightings and framed arts.

Trends change but neutral color carpets have a timeless feel. So if you want to always follow the trend with changing interior designing trends, opt for the neutral color rug. Grey, beige, brown, and shades of blue are some neutral colors that can be the best for your home. Opt for a neutral color rug that has some texture to add personality to your rug and make your interior appealing to others. Cut and loop pile gives depth and character to your area carpet while keeping it delicate enough to create a center of attraction in your living area.

Upgrading Your Home or Starting Fresh 


If you are moving to a new house, you will get more carpet color options than those who want to revamp their existing home décor with a carpet. While there are so many carpet colors, designs, patterns for any style of home interior, beginning from the start gives you an empty slate to design your home.

If you have not chosen any pattern, color, or design for your home interior, we will suggest you choose an overall color pallet, a furniture sample, and flooring color. And then paint respectively. It is really easy to paint the walls or change furniture when it comes to replacing the flooring, so pay attention when deciding about the perfect carpet color options.

Follow The Carpet Color Trends 



One criterion that gains weightage while picking the right carpet color for your home interior is to pay attention to current carpet trends. Check out the current carpet trend to make your home appealing and functional. While deciding the carpet color, following the carpet color trend is also necessary to introduce texture to your home. Trendy carpet colors can vary from bold colors to deeper color tones with unique patterns and styles.

Don’t Always Opt for Black and White

Don’t always go for black and white carpet color for living areas. No doubt choosing a rug color is dependent on personal choices. Still, we will suggest you avoid the entire black or white rug for high-traffic areas. If you have young kids or pets, the black and white carpet can get dirty with spills, stains, and hairs. Up-keeping of a white-tone rug is also a bit difficult, so spend less time vacuuming by choosing other rug colors. Additionally, introducing bold and bright colors can upgrade your home aesthetics most appealingly.

Think About Your Lifestyle



If you love a quiet lifestyle, choose carpet colors like beige, light neutral, and white. But these carpet colors are hard to maintain when it is about liquid spills, pet hair, and debris. If you have kids, we will suggest you opt for a dark neutral color with a pattern such as deep grey, shades of blue, and green. The dark neutral colors are best for home if you have a busy lifestyle.

Avoid Color Options You Don’t Like

This looks like a very simple tip, but still the most important one while selecting the carpet color to determine the perfect color for your home. If you don’t like a carpet color, don’t waste your time on that. Move forward to other carpet shades. It is great not to waste time on rug colors that aren’t likely to make you happy.

Order Some Samples, Test and Visualize Them



It’s great to find the ideal carpet after pinning on the color for your home but wait before making the purchase. Ask for a sample first. Carpet color can be different from the images displayed on the website due to the yarn and how they react to light. Also, carpets can look different from different angles, and in different room settings. A sample helps you to determine the look and feel and helps you visualize the carpet even better. Moreover, sample swatch may come with more options, thus making the choice even easier.

If you are interested in determining and buying the perfect colored carpet for your home, check out the Mat Living India carpet collection. If you want any specific rug color and pattern, go for MAT Living India custom rug services. Experts are always there to assist you in the best possible ways.

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