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Best Online Carpets to Buy During Summer Season Sale: Buy Rugs Online India

Nothing gets along with a hot warm day. The same warmth has been incorporated in the designs and decorations of our homes, with rooms saturated with natural brightness and blurred borders. A well-chosen rug can provide design flair and comfort to your house all year, even in the sweltering summers.

What should be an ideal rug for the summer season?



A floor rug gives an extra layer of insulation to your home, and it works in two ways, just like the insulation in your walls and ceiling. A rug will keep your room warm in the winters, and it will keep the hot air out while retaining the cool air-conditioned air inside in the summers.

While buying a carpet for sale online for a tropical setting, you must always look for the intricacies of the weaving style. Low pile rugs such as flat weaves and dhurrie rugs, which do not absorb and hold too much heat, and natural fibers such as cotton, wool, and jute, which are light and cool underfoot, are ideal for hot summers.

Here, we've handpicked several of our popular rugs for the summer season sale collection. This collection, which is designed for warmer locations, clearly embraces the notion of summer and amalgamates it with the house décor via natural textures, coastal-inspired color palettes, and durable rugs and carpets.

1. Contemporary Luxury Rug (Dusk Hand Loom Print Taupe)



If the décor favors dark wood, a light-colored rug can add to it. This gorgeous rug's exquisite pearl white and dove grey tones will go well with almost any décor style. MAT’s loom knotted printed rug with a classic design has gentle colors to provide a luxurious and vintage impression. Rugs work well with a wide range of décor styles and are perfect to buy in the online carpet sale.

2. Contemporary Luxury Mystique Denim Blue Rug (Hand Loom Print)



This loom-knotted rug carries an excellent printed design. The rug's plushness is enhanced by the old vintage look. It looks great in any setting. Bedrooms, living rooms, entrance halls, and other high-traffic areas in most homes will look great in this denim blue color scheme with grey accents.

3. Contemporary Bee Handwoven Grey/Charcoal



In a soothing combination of gentle greys and white, this rug showcases subtle oriental motifs. It has a medium pile, so it's perfect for high-traffic areas in your home. An exquisite pixelate design is woven into this modern hand-woven rug. The soft grey and white pixels blend seamlessly with the textured white ground. It goes with any type of décor in your home.

4. Contemporary Small Box Flat Weave Multi Rug



The combination of bright colors and contemporary geometric hand-woven flat weave rug with precise color placement will elevate the overall look of the house. This textured design gives the rug a luminous appearance that is quite appealing. The rug blends in beautifully with any décor.

5. Contemporary Ombre Border Handwoven Turquoise Rug



Continuing with a delicate ombre scheme, this is a trendy abstract rug with silk designs pitched well. The colors are arranged in such a way that they blend and produce a lovely pattern on the rug. It looks great in any setting.

6. Contemporary Lotus Hand-Woven Beige Rug



A perfect rug with the florals to bloom indoors. A lovely flower rug with a striped background, the fine yarn, and the vibrant color of the rugs give your area a pleasant and elegant appearance. It looks great in any setting.

7. Contemporary Tulip Flat Weave White/Multi Rug



The soothing light color of this rug is perfect for the décor in the summers. It is a lovely hand-woven flower rug in a modern style. This flat weave rug's design has a really elegant feel to it. The rug's undyed white foundation gives it a unique flavor that looks pleasant in any setting.

8. Contemporary Jumble Box Handwoven Natural Rug 



This modern contemporary rug is a hand-woven rug with colorful striped blocks all around. The white-created ground adds a luxurious touch to the rug while also aiding in the design's appearance. Therefore, the style is elevated with this rug.

We’ve presented the best picks from our summer season sale collection. Beautiful natural materials like cotton and wool are ideal for barefoot summer days when you don't want to forgo a rich, smooth underfoot feel. Our Summer Collection natural fiber rugs have been painstakingly woven by hand by trained artisans. The uniqueness of each rug is an assurance since each style is manufactured by hand to carry a lovely natural uniqueness.

To add some wonderful natural texture to your area, we propose a low-profile wool mix or flat weave cotton type with tufted features for a perfect summer look.

Make the best use of our carpet for sale online and buy rugs online in India.

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