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Make Your Contemporary Den Aesthetic with Spectacular Carpet Trends 2021

Gone are the days when carpets were limited to mono colors and basic beige only. The carpeting trend has hit the market with a bang; they have become an indispensable part of home décor. Nowadays, carpets and rugs come in myriads of texture, color pattern, characters, and undeniable warmth. Rugs, however, are often underestimated.     

Carpet trends 2021 

In reality, carpets not only anchor your space but are the perfect way to add a dash in every nook and corner of your home. Furthermore, if revamping your home is on your cards, read this space. We will give a full lowdown on rug trends 2021 to breathe life in every part of your abode. 

Trend #1 Natural, Warm, and Earthy



The hottest trend ruling in 2021 is being authentic, close to nature, and in touch with earth to add undeniable warmth. Inculcating the natural fiber carpet such as wool, cotton, and linen is the best way to build a sense of comfort at home. These high-quality natural earthy-tone materials are designed to withstand tough times alongside effectively managing the high traffic. 

Not to mention, if you are coveted for hardwood flooring but it’s putting a hole in your pocket, then natural fibers rugs are the best alternative to get a similar authentic feel without a hefty price tag. 

Trend#2 Bold, Vibrant, and Colorful 



The courageous millennial generation is fond of bold, vibrant, colourful, and energetic carpets. From stairs runner to the living room, the art-inspired full of life carpet trends 2021 is here to stay long. Home is the extension of your personality - a space where you feel comfortable and confident. That said, bolder designs incorporate sparks to the area along with drastically redefining the multiple spaces in a home. 

Perhaps the colorful rugs are an ideal pick for those who love being creative with adding a touch of their personality into their area. 

Trend #3 High Performing, Cleansable, and Timeless



Washable rugs will continue to be a top priority for busy and high-traffic households. These rugs are easy to clean; you can put them in a machine for a quick wash to ward off accumulated dirt, impurities, and strains. Also, these low-maintenance rugs come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns, along with being an ideal choice for rooms that get extra dirty. 

From kids’ rooms to entryways and mudrooms to kitchens, they suite every space. Additionally, these rugs save piles of money on deep-cleansing and professional cleaning. With that being said, at home with toddlers and pets where the mess and strains are unavoidable, it’s recommended to embed washable rugs to define the space. 

Trend #4 Longer Pile Lengths



When someone stresses the word pile, he/she is indirectly talking about the length of the strands of the carpet. The material utilized may vary from wool to synthetic for formulating these strands. 

Now, we shall zero in on the density and length of the pile that heralds the genus of carpet you are wielding. In the case of denser and longer pile lengths, it bespeaks the presence of high-pile carpets. On the contrary, low-pile carpets usually deploy shorter strands.

While high-pile rugs are a popular choice amongst congregating individuals, their fibers tend to get thinner over a period, which is the major drawback of utilizing them. But if you intend to set a seal on cozy, soft, and fluffy rugs, high-piles is the correct option. 

Apart from lending comfort, these carpets are also known for enhancing the aesthetics of the surroundings. Additionally, known for their absorbent attributes, the material in these rugs is likely to consume the cold from the room. What's more, being highly durable, investing in longer pile lengths of carpet won't ever make you regret it.

Trend #5 Custom Made



Needless to say: when you visit the local market lane, there are tons of rug options up for grabs in a variety of styles and designs. Either you have the choice of procuring this straight away, or you also have the choice to customize these carpets. The overwhelming part of this approach is that it allows you to design the rug in the way you aspire. Plus, the specifications of these individualized carpets would exactly match the fittings of your room or any other space where you want these to be placed. To put it simply: when you plow your hard-earned money in snapping up a custom-made rug, it is a decision that you're likely to laud in the coming years.

Trend #6 Geometric Patterns



To enliven our interiors, most of us spend exorbitant amounts on clinging kinds of stuff like furniture, cushions, and poufs-to name a few. On top of all these, marvelous rugs also play a pivotal role in accentuating the looks of any household. Available in eclectic designs and styles, these carpets have the potential to fit in any space, besides tremendously uplifting the grace of your home with carpet trends 2021

Having said that; one of the trending rugs options that are a dime a dozen employed by people of this era is none other than the fairest and square geometric patterns. Here are two prime reasons why your accommodation should necessarily have these:

  • Always in trend

Albeit, many fashions last for a while before they get overshadowed by the newer ones. However, the trend of geometric patterns is sure to stay. It stands tall at its position and the dominance is to be carried forward in a similar way in the coming future.

  • Augments the space of your area

When you are empowered with bold patterns in the shape of geometric rugs, these carpets give an illusion of augmenting the space of your interiors.

We are sure to have convinced you with one of these trendy carpet options. You can find out these spectacular carpets in our carpet trend 2021 collection.

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