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10 Modern Area Rugs That Make Your Home Beautiful

Do you know- an area rug if chosen properly can make or break a space. Picking the right rug can be a tedious activity. From selecting the pattern to narrowing down the style and color to decoding the right size for your aesthetic adobe, all this can be hectic. However, area rugs are worth every effort and penny as they wonderfully define the space along with adding a decorative element to your home décor.

Some basic tips

It's imperative to follow the simple golden rule when picking the right rug: your rug should be 3 feet away from the wall and should be at least 6 inches. To avoid the terrifying task of buying and returning the rug, we have congregated the best 5x7 modern rug for your dwelling interior transformation.

1. Charming Traditional Rugs 



These marvelous traditional rugs have their own stories, from brightening up your ultra-modern space to accentuating your décor accent. Rugs are gorgeous and often manufactured with silk and wool threads.

To add, traditional rugs are crafted in myriad colors and also come with a hefty price tag. Besides, these rugs can last thousands of years.

2. Multicolor Floral Rugs



These are the exquisite rugs for those who are contemplating adding a modern yet minimalistic captivating charm into their small living area. A modern area rug 5x7 will breathe life into space alongside and works well with every part of your nook. They are available in a plethora of sizes – you can find the right fit easily.

3. Hand-Tufted Indian Rugs 



These stunning hand-tufted area rugs are crafted by skilled artisans in India using wool and yarn who construct them with a medium pile height in a soft and blue tint. And these highly durable rugs are easy to maintain and clean and can be positioned in high traffic areas such as front entry. They are available in 5x7, 6x9, and 8x10 sizes. 

4. Bold Geometric Rugs 



Do not matter if you have 8x10, 9x12 large spaces, or 5x7 and 4x6 small area spaces- geometric rugs can seamlessly anchor in any room. And they are available in contrasty and vibrant colors and look and feel bold, making an enthralling big statement for your space. Do try these trendy patterned rugs for entryways, guest rooms, dining rooms, and living areas. 

5. Handwoven Textured Rugs



Interior designers often extolled the virtue of handwoven textured rugs, undoubtedly nowadays they are a popular pick. These simple yet enchanting rugs bring the earthy tone into the rooms; easily blend with myriads of den designs. Additionally, they are affordable rug options that not only make the room more inviting but also retain the calmness of the space. 

6. Hand-Tufted Abstract Rugs



Another astounding carpet option for home is Abstract. The abstract is all about being in vogue! It’s a hugely popular rug that effortlessly outshines other pieces of décor in your space. Additionally, these subtle hand-tufted abstract rugs are a great way to add a calming and soothing feel to a room, complementing the design without overpowering it. 

They are available in umpteen sizes that you can a place in a library, living area, and bedroom. So, if you want to create a striking nest, they are best suited.

7. Dazzling Flat weave Rugs



These rugs are the toughest and enduring due to their low-pile height. The weave also makes these rugs appropriate for crowded or high traffic areas such as hallways. Besides this, unlike other rugs, the flat weave rugs are not seasonal as they go all year around. Apart from functionality, there is another huge advantage that these rugs offer i.e., whatever your home décor, style, theme, and color be, it is the guarantee that you will find a flat weave rug that will surely compliment your living space. Plus, if you are planning to balance the color story of your room, do opt for potent flat weave rugs.

8. Comfy Shaggy Rugs



These super comfortable, soft, and cozy shaggy rugs are back in fashion with a bang. Now they are more breath-taking and better than in the 1970s. Also, carpet designers have embraced these rugs in almost every material including wool, leather, fur, and faux fur. In addition to this, shag rugs can also be used as layer rugs on any type of carpet. If you are aspiring to add a personal touch to your space, choose a shag rug.

9. Luxury Contemporary Hide Rugs Carpets



You might have heard about the ever-rising familiarity of leather rugs at some point in your life. Let's have a glance at them in a quick brief.

These game-changer leather rugs are also often called hide rugs. Leather rugs are also made by combining leather with cotton, jute, recycled leather, polyester, and leather strips. 

What's more, a leather rug is less fluffy but proffers the polished feel to space. A well-crafted rug is available in all sizes, colors, and shapes – adding an unparalleled luxury feel to your home. 

Along with being durable and high-quality, they are a timeless addition to your décor.

10. Irresistible Performance Rugs



Add elegance to your décor and bring the world to your space with highly durable performance rugs. Simply put, it is a flat weave performance rug that is woven on a loom rather than knotted as is the case with other categories of carpets. The modality of interlocking warp and weft threads is employed to formulate a textured performance area rug. 

For your enlightenment, the majority of performance rugs employ synthetic fiber as their primary material. Mostly, these rugs are available in simple and bold geometric designs that effortlessly transform the area. 

Choose the modern area rug that is beyond appearances - as they are an excellent option to add undeniable warmth, comfort, style, and beauty to your space!

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