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10 Rules for Carpets That Everyone Should Know in 2021

Carpets are essential if you wish a promising home décor. Everybody loves to add personality, warmth, and color to the living space. They can transform your dull space into a beautiful living area.

So many questions come up to mind when you think about placing a carpet in your home. Like – what should be the material of the carpet? How much durability should they have? What kind of maintenance and cleaning does the carpet require? Which are the pet-friendly carpets? Which are the best indoor-outdoor carpets? What are the benefits of using an area carpet pad? And a few more.

To answer these questions, we are here with the top 10 carpet rules that everybody should know in 2021 to answer all these questions and a few others.

1. Choose the right carpet material

Multiple carpet fibers are available in the market from wool to polypropylene ranging from organic carpet material to synthetic carpet material. Pay attention to the traffic your living area is getting to decide the perfect carpet material for your living area. When finding the right area carpet, consider your lifestyle, look around your home and the décor.

For low-traffic areas, opt for an appealing carpet that is low-maintenance and easy to clean. For high-traffic living spaces, look for an area carpet that can handle a high level of pedestrian traffic.



Wool – Common and most popular carpet fiber. Comfortable, highly durable with great insulating powers.

Silk – Very soft, best for the low-traffic area, and brings luxurious touch to your home décor.

Cotton – Best for dhurries and kilim, easy to clean, and affordable.

Leather – Accessible in the form of hair-on-hide, it is soft, durable, and best for low-traffic areas.

Nylon – Best for high traffic area, durable, and colorfast.

Polyester – Stain resistant, best for the dry climate and high traffic areas.

Polypropylene – Man-made carpet fiber great for a stormy and moist climate.

2. Check for durability



If you are looking for an area carpet that lasts long and justifies your investment, go for area rugs made with natural fibers, especially wool. Wool filaments are long-lasting than cotton, synthetic, and silk. The density of the carpet depends on the carpet pile and the knots per square inch. You can say the higher density it has, the more durable it is. Examine the density by softly pressing your fingers on the carpet until you reach the backing. The low backing carpet has a denser carpet. More density means more durability.  

3. Vacuum and spot-clean regularly



Most people look for a long-term value carpet. Finding an area carpet that can be effortlessly maintained in an enclosure will not only improve the aesthetics of your home, but also save money, and time.

High-maintenance carpets are expensive to clean with a shorter lifespan. Thankfully, there are so many carpet options that are easy to clean and maintain. Wool is the most robust carpet fiber that can handle heavy foot traffic and still be in shape. Wool carpets are exceptionally easy to spot-clean by regular vacuuming.

4. Look for a pet-friendly carpet



People love to have animals as a pet. But most of us are afraid of having pets as they shed a lot and their hair sticks to the carpet. Removing those fur is the real pain for the homeowners. So, here, we will let you know how to keep both the pet and the carpet.

Material – Some preferable carpet materials are polypropylene, wool, and cotton-based carpet.

Polypropylene Carpet – Polypropylene carpet is best for indoor and outdoor if you have pets. Pet can’t demolish by scratching because this carpet material demoralizes chewing. It is easy to wash up any stain, hair, and odor by regular vacuuming and cleaning with soap and water.  

Wool Carpet – Wool carpet is best for home and pets. These carpets are usually stain-resistant and easy to maintain using a vacuum cleaner and beater bar. You can use a broom to clean the pet hairs. Avoid using loop piles carpets as they can snag your pet nails.

Cotton Carpet – Cotton area carpets are flat weave and handwoven. These dhurries are lightweight and can be easily moved anywhere in your home. These carpets are scratch-proof and durable, and pets can’t chew on them. Still, attention, nevertheless, as it’s a carpet and not a toy.

At MAT Living India, you can browse a collection having multiple options of pet-friendly carpets.

5. Deep-clean area carpet when necessary

For keeping an area carpet new and maintain its longevity, it is necessary to clean and vacuum the area carpet regularly. Weekly vacuuming keeps it free from dust and odor for a more hygienic living space. Vacuuming eliminates the loose dirt particles from the carpet surface and prevents the dust from settling down in carpet strands.

Still, your carpet demands professional cleaning in 12 to 18 months to preserve its quality. Go for professional cleaning when your carpet is noticeably dirty, emits a smell, or looks dusty.

6. Watch out for chemical release



Synthetic carpets use man-made fibers. They release two types of chemical styrene and 4-phenyl cyclohexane (4-PC). It is because of the latex backing in 95% of carpets.

The “new carpet” smell due to the 4 – PC off-gassing causes irritation in the eyes and respiratory tract. It also impacts the central nervous system. Also, the adhesive that is used to fix the carpet comprises benzene, toluene, and harmful VOCs.

Some other health problems are headache, nausea, dizziness, and asthma, etc. These problems can stay for the long term.

7. All legs on the carpet or front legs on the carpet



The size of the carpet can make or break the interior décor. An area carpet should be big enough to accommodate the legs of the furniture in place. If it is not possible to put all the furniture legs, try to opt for an area carpet size to put the front legs of the furniture on the carpet. 

For a large living room, you can opt for 10’ X 14’, 9’ X 12’, or 12’ X 12’ carpet sizes; for a king-size bedroom, go for 8’ X 10’, 6’ X 9’, and 5’ X 8’ carpet sizes.

The perfect size area carpet creates a visually appealing look that can attract your visitor. An ideal size carpet can connect the entire furniture piece to improve the aesthetics of the living space.

8. Use one or more carpet in a living space



While introducing an area carpet in your living space, it is not compulsory to limit to one. So, don’t limit yourself, as interior designers also use multiple options to define different areas in a bedroom, living room, or dining.

For smaller living areas, you can go for only one large carpet. But if you have a bigger living space and want to use different sections for different purposes like open-concept spaces, try to choose multiple options to showcase your individuality.

9. Want to use the carpet indoor or outdoor areas



If you are worried about spills and stains, it is best to buy an indoor-outdoor area carpet, made of synthetic carpet fibers such as acrylic, polypropylene, polyester, or nylon. Its 'man-made' filaments are usually soft and fascinating.

Synthetic carpets complement both kinds of décor: whether it is indoor home décor or outdoor home décor. Generally, they are stain-resistant, fade-resistant, and highly durable for medium to high-traffic areas in your home. Explore MAT Living India carpet collection to get an indoor-outdoor carpet.

10. Use an area carpet pad

Everything feels so lively when we buy new home furnishing items for home décor. Most homeowners love to introduce it immediately after purchasing it. So, in that hurry, they forget to buy a carpet pad for carpet support. No one likes to slide, so, a carpet pad is required to protect your area carpet from unnecessary slips and wear and tear.

Additionally, a carpet backing keeps it in place, softens the floor, makes the cleaning process effortless, facilitates airflow, and reduces noise. For maximum protection and grip, trim the carpet one inch from all sides. This will make the carpet look more appealing.

Besides, there could be so many things to consider that suit your kind of decor and architecture in place. Despite this, these ten carpet rules are sure to assist you in buying the perfect fit area carpet for your home décor.

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