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10 Tips - A Quick Buyer’s Guide To Rug That Flaunts Your Style

Rugs aren’t a necessary purchase for your living spaces – you can easily do without them – but your experience will be less snug, cushiony, colorful, and chic. Rugs can definitively pull a room together and even help dampen the sound of footsteps if you have a hard floor. Buying rugs can be a daunting task, especially with the large selection of sizes, shapes, styles, and colors. Different rugs also have varying care and maintenance procedures – from ones you can hose down to clean to ones that require professionally performed hand-shampooing. Rugs can also be ambiguously expensive. As a buyers may ending up purchasing the wrong rug for their décor because of budgetary issues.

To make things easier for you, we have integrated 10 tips to create a carpet buying guide for 2021 which will help you choose the right rug for your home or living space décor:

1. Get the right size – bigger is generally better:



Purchasing a rug that is too small can be considered a cardinal sin. Rugs that are too small just make you look like you made a miserly decision. Generally, size is determined by room shape and furniture placement. A large rug is said to be the best choice for pulling the room together. Placing all the furniture on the rug can unify décor and create a designated seating area or any other area you want to define.

2. Make sure the pile (content and texture) fits your lifestyle and décor:



A must-have aspect of the carpet buying guide for 2021, is the suitability of the pile. You should choose the content and texture of your rug depending on which area of your room it is to occupy. For a highly traversed area, you must purchase a low-pile wool rug. It will be easier to clean a low-pile one than a plush or fluffy one. Flatweaves are considered the most low-maintenance as they don’t allow spills to puddle on the rugs. Ipso facto, they are more kid and pet friendly as they are easier to clean and maintain. For a private area or bedroom, you can consider soft hair shag or silk rugs. These rugs look amazing and feel incredible under bare feet. Jute and fiber rugs are also easily maintained but they have a scratchy texture that might harm babies or pets. So, in this carpet buying guide for 2021, we have recommended the right pile (content and texture) you need to choose for your particular needs.


3. Always consider the amount of care the rug needs:



Flatweave rugs, wool yarns, and acrylic yarns are the most suitable for indoor and outdoor use. They are both cleanable and durable. Another surprising aspect of durability is the pattern of the rug. In this carpet buying guide for 2021, we would like to inform you that colorful rugs with busy designs are more durable and stains from spills are less noticeable in these.

4. Get the right rug design and color profile for your décor needs:



Solid and textural rugs tend to be neutral and grounding, while geometric patterns can be bold enough to command a room. Rugs of bold colors can also be used to add contrast to and completely transform staid room décors. Even rugs with colors that contrast with the rest of the furniture can hold a room together uniquely.

 5. Decide between Vintage and Machine-made rugs:



Vintage rugs are unique, one-of-a-kind items that tell their own stories. Many vintage rugs are true works of art. This artistry makes them perfect heirlooms that pass from generation to generation. Vintage handmade rugs are more detailed, durable, and have eccentricity. Oppositely, machine-made rugs have synthetic and less durable materials. The beauty, durability, and individuality of vintage rugs are lacking in new/machine-made rugs. Vintage rugs are also more ecologically responsible than machine-made rugs.

6. Get the right rug-furniture placement for the room:



Keeping all furniture legs on the rug: This placement helps create a unified look in your room with an area rug large enough to accommodate all your furniture.

Keeping the front legs of the furniture on the rug: This placement allows you to tie the room together when the rug is not the size of the room. 

Keeping all the furniture legs off the rug: While this is not the recommended placement, it is a budget-friendly option. Sometimes, even a small rug can add style and comfort to your room.

Rounded rug arrangement: Even though this is an unconventional option, our collection of large round rug can also distinguish your room. You must choose a rug size that is large enough to accommodate all your furniture for this kind of furniture placement and décor.

7. Look at physical stores as well as online ones:



You can rely on our carpet buying guide for 2021 for every bit of information concerning carpets. However, while purchasing, you need to focus on the website’s photos, transparency, and responsiveness to determine its credibility. Always look at the close-up photos to discern the texture of the rug. The online stores should also have a flexible return policy in case the rug’s design or pattern doesn’t go with the space.

Checking out physical stores is a smart way to avoid the pitfalls of buying online. There is no substitute for touching or examining a rug up close and these old-school stores can help you be certain about the material and texture of the rug you are purchasing.

8. Don’t skimp out on a rug pad:



A rug pad is not just a way that gets you to spend more; a good rug pad is a must as it protects the rug from shifting when walked on and provides extra cushioning. Consequentially, it increases the life of the rug by reducing the friction between the rug and the ground. It lets the rug breathe and allows dust to percolate to the floor.

9. Be prepared to pay more than you expected:



Most buyers of rugs don’t expect them to be expensive. A lot of rugs, especially handmade vintage styles, can be expensive. Even simple cotton rugs can be costlier than you expect. You can use various carpet buying guides for 2021 to research the price of the size and style you want. It can also help you ascertain the budget you need to spare for your purchase. You have to consider the rugs you buy to be an investment. A well-made rug can turn out to be a cherished family heirloom passed down for several generations. Prices can be arbitrary as is the case with most art.

10. Negotiate hard and long:



Since rug-making is an art form, the prices of the rugs can be subjective. Remember to bargain hard when buying rugs from brick-and-mortar stores; especially if you are buying multiple rugs. The same principle applies when purchasing rugs online – always wait for a discount code, holiday sale, or other promotional periods. Online stores have lower overhead costs than physical stores and they tend to pass on these savings to their customers. So, you can get a better deal when shopping online; just ensure that the online store has lenient and flexible return policies for when the rug you purchased does not go well with the rest of your décor.

We hope this carpet buying guide for 2021 was trenchant and informative and that it will help you go forth and buy a rug if you are in the market for one.

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