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How To MixUp same Rug in Living Room, Bedroom & kitchen?

The contemporary era sees varieties of the population paying special heed towards the flooring of their households. Consequently, they seem to be incessantly hunting for ways that can uplift the appearance of the floor furnishings. They also don't mind when it comes to squandering money for procuring bling products.

That said, whilst there might be numerous floor covering options available, the one that is acclaimed to lead the race is none other than the finest and the most fashionable: rugs. The aesthetics of these carpets can effortlessly transform the look and mood of any living space. Additionally, rug floorings also furnish an eclectic range of practical perks-from bestowing warmth to pruning unwanted noises for instance. 

Fortunately, with many best carpet brands in India thriving presently, setting the seal on carpets is no longer an expensive alternative. You don't have to remain perturbed thinking about your budget when clinging to carpets as you won't be required to layout your arm and leg.

Types of Rugs 

The following is the list of rugs that you are privileged to employ in your living, bedroom, and kitchen space. Keep reading to get acquainted with them!

Hand-Knotted Rugs



This particular genus of rugs employs elite quality fibers primarily made up of silk or wool. The making involves intense craftsmanship by professionals in setting up thousands of knots, which collaboratively are termed as braids. What shines through are those intricate designs that give a glimpse of the effort that has been put into producing them. According to aficionados, hand-knotted wool rugs are considered to be the most extravagant among all the rugs.

Experts entailed in the process of hand-weaving may take up several months in producing a single piece of this area rug. Interestingly, it is not possible to make knock-offs of the original pieces, meaning that no two hand-knotted rugs are the same.

Hand-Tufted Rugs



For creating tufted rugs, a special tool in the shape of a gun is wielded to punch strands of wool or silk on a cloth canvas. The user glancing at these carpets initially may get an illusion of hand-knotted rugs as the two appear quite similar. However, if you see the back of a tufted rug, you won't realize the presence of wool knots and will be a complete white latex canvas.

In comparison to their other counterparts, a tufted rug is an affordable alternative that won't strain your tight budget. 

Accent Rugs



When we talk about accent rugs, these are renowned for their smaller sizes. Hence, such carpets can easily fit in places where larger ones do not get the space. If you come across accent rugs, you will, more often than not, recognize them by their simpler designs. 

Wondering which parts of your home they can effectively mask? The accent rugs can be utilized in kitchens to amplify the looks of your scullery. Plus, they can serve as a modality to greet guests at the front door.

Flat weave Rugs



Rugs with no pile are given the name "flat weave". These are fundamentally crafted on a loom instead of hand-knotted. The procedure instigated in the making renders these carpets quite thin and splendidly ineffable.

About the designs, generally, you'll come across these rugs in geometrical and diagonal patterns. Once again, an affordable option that you can readily snap up for your home!

Machine-Made Rugs



As the name suggests, rugs are manufactured with the assistance of heavy electrical machines. Since automated gadgets are entailed in the making, the time consumed is pretty less. Regarding the material, the combination of several pieces of stuff in the form of wool, nylon, polyester, art silk, and acrylic are utilized.

For your enlightenment; the blend of materials fundamentally takes place because pure wool alone is quite a fragile fiber. So, when it is mingled with others, the output is a soft and firm rug.

Hide Rugs



Any rug that wields the skin of animals is termed as "hide". Distinct creatures have different furs on their skin. These quirky patterns and textures are utilized in the production of "hide rugs''. And since the mane of animals is implied, it gives these carpets a supreme look. Consequently, hide rugs continue to remain in demand and you can easily realize their presence when paying visits to your near ones.

Above were some well-known classifications of rugs that you can seriously think of for your property. However, before investing, always make a prudent decision to hunt for the best carpet brands for the living room. Implementing this strategy is likely to reward you with laurels in the future.

Can you mix up rugs for your living, bedroom, or kitchen space?

If you are relentlessly contemplating whether you can mix up rugs for your living, bedroom, or kitchen space, the quick answer is: yes. Rather, it is quite easy to do it. However, you must keep in mind that the colors of the carpet are not pretty vibrant in context to those on the walls. Because, if the clash happens, your floor will eventually speak louder! 

Hence, instead of getting perplexed, follow a simpler approach of keeping the colors the same while doing some alterations in designs. 

And yes, you're empowered to employ the same rugs in divergent locations of your accommodation be it in your living, bedroom, or kitchen space. The same carpet can be wielded to combine different portions of your home and bring them all together. After all, you are the proud owner of your space and are licensed to perform things that you're head over heels with. 

To wrap up

Are you someone seriously pondering to completely alter the makeover of your household flooring by introducing the concept of rugs? If yes, we laud your thinking and believe that the notion of such floor coverings is likely to pay you rich dividends.

To buy carpets for the living room in India at high quality and affordable prices, look no further as we've got you covered. Visit the site for an amazing rug shopping experience.

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