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My 7 Favorite Carpet Colors Trends in 2021

Carpets add a royal touch to every space, making it look exquisite and enchanting. Not only are they an essential accessory for personal style, but they can also speak for you. 2021 is all about trends in the rugs and carpets industry. Here, we have consolidated the some of the most appealing carpet colors that are in trend in 2021.

Other aspects specific carpets to consider when planning to buy a carpet

It’s not just colour that need to been chosen carefully. There are other aspects that come together to make a carpet visually aesthetic and soothing at the same time. Let’s have a look at these few aspects that you must consider when planning to buy a carpet:

1. Plush

Plush is a popular kind of cut-pile carpet in which all the loops of the carpet are cut evenly at the same level. It is also called Saxony carpet and is known for its luxury and softness. 

2. Textured



This is yet another most common type of carpet in the market. The surface of the carpet is twisted to a larger extent to make it softer. Moreover, this carpet type is the most durable and stain-resistant one.

3. Pattern



This type of carpet is best known for its styles and designs. It is a blend of both cut and loop yarn spots. Abstract pattern rugs and carpets also look very unique and artistic when placed anywhere in the home. 

4. Berber

Berber is a common yet popular type of loop pile carpet. In this kind of carpet, the fibers are bent into a series of loops, thus establishing a durable carpet that can resist stains. 

5. Multi-Level Loop

In this type of carpet, all the loops are of varied height, forming an attractive design. You can choose from different designs of multi-level loop carpets and make your house look more than amazing. 

7 Most Appealing Carpet Color Trends:

To assist you to make informed decisions, we've compiled a list of the current fashions and latest carpet color trends 2021 below.

1. Grey



A neutral color like grey has always been the most sought-after color when it comes to carpets and rugs. Grey rugs or carpets just look smart, stylish, and high-class. The best part is they can go with any sort of furniture and look exquisite in all rooms, living or dining room. They are best suited for a boho interior, and spaces with white interiors. 

2. Dark Brown



Brown color rugs are evergreen in nature. These colored carpets and rugs will never go out of fashion. Especially, when you have a vintage house, these carpets are sure to add more glam to your house. Homes with wooden flooring can add a brown carpet anywhere and make the space look vintage or retro.

3. Blue 



Shades of an unconventional blue can add an extra glow to your space. Blue is the best color scheme when dealing with non-neutral colors. Blue rugs work well within simple apartments or white-colored furniture. 

4. Dusty Brown



Another common shade of brown in carpets is dusty brown. It looks extremely subtle and classy everywhere. Dusty brown carpets can be easily found in the market and are pleasant looking. It looks luxurious against a white, cream, or yellow décor.

5. White 



White color carpets have a spellbinding effect, yet are sophisticated. Though the maintenance of these rugs can be a difficult task, they can work wonders in houses with dark interiors.

6. Burnt Orange



The trendiest rug color, you can opt for burnt orange for an extra-stylish house. This shade is somewhere in the middle of red and brown and looks very delightful. Spaces with light-colored interiors can easily incorporate a carpet in a burnt orange shade. 

7. Copper



A copper color carpet can be easily available in breathtaking designs and textures. A carpet or rug in this color is sure to look super fancy, chic, and elegant. Copper color can work well with almost all interior décor and color schemes. Be it a vintage home or a bohemian house, a copper color carpet will undoubtedly look incredible. 

Other Trendy Carpet Colors in the Market:

If you already own these carpet shades and are looking for some more phenomenal shades, then have a look at the below colors. 

  • Ivy gold 
  • Moss green
  • Saddle
  • Charcoal
  • Plum
  • Blue-green
  • Sunset glow
  • Olive green
  • Fawn
  • Coral

Carpets enhance the beauty of space more than the other elements. Therefore, it is important for you to choose your carpet designs, patterns, sizes, and colors carefully. You can easily make use of MAT Living’s blog for understanding the intricacies of the rug designs, colors, and styles. In addition, they also serve a huge inventory of rugs and carpets for various designers, rug specialists, and interior boutique stores around the world. Customization and wholesale shopping can be utilized from their stores to make the visions of a dream house come true!

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